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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ignorant beliefs

If you want to really understand why there is no change for the better in America..  why people are victimized by the system and yet keep taking and taking it while people in other nations rebel, its because we as Americans have a very ignorant belief system when it comes to the economy and finance.  Among popular misconceptions and outright misguided beliefs people hold dear:

"I only care about topic "X" if I am affected directly.  If not, I tune out"

"If others' are in a financial bind, it Has to be their fault- they spent too much."

"If someone is unemployed is Has to be because he/she is "Lazy" "

"A strong Wall St is good for everyone"

"It is important that corporations are strong and vibrant"

"US corporations care about Americans and provides good paying American jobs."

"The more money someone makes, the more I admire and respect them because that means 'success' and he/she is obviously better than I"

"My elected leaders care about me and this nation."

"The political party I belong to cares about me and this nation"

"If costs go up and I am paid less, I shouldn't complain- just work harder and longer."

"When victimized by the system, its best to take it stoically"

"Christmas time means I must shop and shop no matter my financial situation."

"It is wrong to declare bankruptcy- even though businesses do it all the time, I'm straddled with high interest, and I barely have enough $ to survive...  all banks and credit cards deserve to be repaid"

"It is important to make as many 'contacts' as possible, not because I actually want to be friends and know them as people, but through networking, I can get ahead easier."

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one"

* "Evil" Spock

~  That last one was from Mr. Spock i.e. "Star Trek".  He's still wrong...

The needs of the Individual- to survive and have a future is Important...

In Europe.. In Africa.. In the Middle East.. they are understanding this.

We in America.. not yet

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