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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gold, my girl.. Oh how you've grown~

This is a posting about gold, but before we start talking about something real, let's focus a moment on something completely pretend..

Stocks keep going up.. based on nothing real other than optimistic fragments of data that when added up still do not amount to jack-squat.  I can't (and won't) keep writing endlessly on it.  After Labor Day, the market will drop, especially as it gets closer to the Fed's September 21st meeting.

Found a funny AP story today..  well, funny to me...

Unemployment rates fell in most US cities in July -- "Unemployment rates fell in a majority of U.S. cities in July, despite a weak economy that is producing few jobs."

According to the article, unemployment rates fell in 193 large metro areas in July, rose in 118, and were flat in 61 which I guess the market took as a good thing and used as an excuse to invest.  The headline is pretty positive for sure...

Funny part comes in paragraph 3 -- "The biggest monthly decrease was in Morgantown, W.Va. The unemployment rate there fell from 6.6 percent in June to 5 percent in July, mostly because people stopped looking for work. The government only counts people as unemployed if they are actively seeking work."

And there you have it...  Ta Da!   Wonder how many of those 193 large metro areas saw a drop in unemployment specifically based on people feeling hopeless and despondent, and simply giving up?

Continuing... "In July, the U.S. economy added 117,000 net jobs... the economy needs roughly twice that number of jobs to significantly lower the unemployment rate...  The economy expanded at an annual pace of just 0.7 percent in the first half of the year. That's the weakest six months of growth since the recession officially ended two years ago."

Well.. I mean.. you know.. the recession didn't um.. ever "end" but AP is doing such a find job today I won't harp too much on this media Lie.

If you want to truly know the state of the US economy, the simplest, easiest way is to follow the price of gold.   To many, gold is used as a hedge bet, a way to invest their money into something real and tangible when they don't trust placing their money anywhere else.  When people are scared about the future and feel no confidence in the government, gold prices rise in value.

Today gold ended August at $1,831.70 per oz.  Remember, that's basically the weight of 3 oreo cookies.  Do you know what gold ended at exactly 1 year ago today?  --   $1248.30/oz.  

Gold increased 32% in value -- $583.40 per oz in just one year!

Shows you a lot of people know the truth about where the economy is headed.

For extra perspective, do you know how much gold was on average per oz in 2001? -- $271.04.  In 10 years, the price of gold per oz, has risen 675% or  $1560.66.

Let's say for 'fun', you bought 20 one-ounce gold coins in 2001-- you paid $5,420.80.   And let's say you sold all 20 coins at today's close- 1831.70?   You would have received $36,634.

Just something to think about..

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Give a junkie a 'score' & he'll want more...

This posting is a brief re-emphasis of points clearly made last week- that Investors and traders are the equivalent of drug addicts and junkies except whereas the government does everything possible to clamp down and incarcerate coke & crackheads, the government in the case of money junkies do everything humanly possible to provide more financial 'drugs'.

In fact the investor is so important, that governments will push harsh austerity- higher taxes, less social services and privatization i.e. selling of national resources like airports and lottery just to insure an investor is protected 100 cents on the dollar on their investments.

Today the market finished at 11,559 (+20) - was an up and down day.

But really that's not important.. this news article kinda says it all...

Stocks Extend Gains on Hopes for More Economic Stimulus (AP) -- "The mere discussion of more economic stimulus from the Federal Reserve was enough to send stocks higher Tuesday."

The #1 cause of the global recession being so wide-ranging and cavernous is Investors seeking profit and that every nation caters and conforms to their needs like they were royalty.  And you can not understand how deep and far-reaching the destruction of the global economy is until you fully understand the psychological behavioral pathology of the Investor.

To read in depth, you can click on link below, which takes you to a posting written last week:

Until you start getting leaders both here in the US and abroad to actually give a shit about their countrymen and women, and put them on a higher level of importance than investors, nothing will improve for the bottom 98% of nations' populations.

Monday, August 29, 2011

How financial news covered Hurricane Irene

~ Hurricane Irene:  Did you make money off it?

As of this moment, what was once Hurricane Irene is now a small patch of isolated storms in northeast Canada.    And though some snicker that the media coverage was overblown or state governments were hyperactive in their insistence that people evacuate, public transportation close, etc, Irene did permanently end the lives of at least 20 human beings who were living and breathing as of Friday, leave many without power for potentially a week or more, and will cost somewhere around $7billion based on original insurance estimates.

But this is not a hurricane blog and Irene is no more..

While it was going on last night I turned on various news channels like CNN and MSNBC- they had weather people stand in the middle of winds and hard rains to show us what was going on.  I think deep down they had more fun standing out in the mess than anyone else had watching it.  And there were human interest stories about people escaping death from falling trees and such.  All in all, your basic hurricane coverage...

And then I turn on CNBC.   They had a different perspective.

CNBC's concern was the markets.. would they open?  Would the floods prevent people from getting to work at GoldmanSachs, JP Morgan Chase and all those other 'wonderful' corporations?  CNBC's anchor interviewed representatives of ConEdison, who provides electrical power for region to see how much power lost and how quick to restoration, to gauge whether daytraders would still be able to buy/sell on monday from their homes.  CNBC then interviewed airline experts- how much would the industry lose due to cancellations, and made economic forecasts for best/worst case due to comparitables like how airlines handle snowstorms.  Later on, experts came on to analyze the investibility of insurance companies, which most saying even though they'll be paying out a lot now, it will allow them to dramatically raise their rates later meaning more cash flow and a good investment buying opportunity.

And I sat and watched... and thought of the family and friends I have living in the affected region suffering through the category 1 Hurricane whom I could not get into contact with all night due to power loss.  And from there I thought of CNBC's "priceless" coverage of the tsunami that affected Japan in March, in which many at the network screamed incessantly at the time what a Wonderful buying opportunity this presented.

And I realized more than I thought possible before the weekend, how much I despise the financial media, and and investors/traders.   And how deeply a major stock correction is Needed where these people lose A LOT of money in the process after 3years of scavenging on the financial 'bones' of the bottom 98%

When the market drops, you should cheer it, not feel sadden.

Sociopaths feel no emotional connection to anything, and because they feel no guilt for not caring about a person, persons or populace, there's really no effort to hide the self-absorption into money-making.

Try turning on CNBC or Bloomberg the next time something really tragic or terrible occurs in the US or any other part of the world.  You will see callousness glorified because to them, Everything is a buying opportunity.  And if you're not part of the investment 'game', to them you are Nothing.

I can just imagine how the Monsters in financial media would treat another 9/11 if it heaven-forbid occurred...  And if you think I'm being hyperbolic, then you don't truly know how an investor thinks.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparedness- Hurricanes and Financial Tumult

A lot of this blog has been basically what one would call academic.  We've discussed impending problems, the unfairness and injustices of the financial system both in the US and abroad and we've tried to stimulate thought- sometimes using shock, or humor or other persuasive methods as silly and admittedly embarrassing as swimsuit models to get people's attention to something more important.

But it may be time to slowly shift gears from venting on the evilness of investors, Fed Chairs, government leaders and a million other 'baddies' and start focusing on everyday reality, and demonstrating to people how to survive and cope amid all the turbulence which is to come.

Currently a hurricane named "Irene" is heading up the east coast of the US.  As this posting is written, the eye of the hurricane (the "eye" represents the most powerful and wind-concentrated part of the storm) is over Wilmington, North Carolina.  It eventually will affect the major Northeastern cities of Washington, Philadelphia, New York City and perhaps Boston. There is a lot of fear and concern over the weekend as to its impact.

Hurricanes are not a new phenomenon by any stretch but with very few exceptions, they tend to hit the southern states, usually affecting the Gulf Coast, Florida or Carolinas, and then because land breaks up the hurricane (when its over open water, it gains strength), as it travels up into the mainland, it breaks into tropical storm, then hard rains, and then eventually dissolves.  So even though hurricanes are quite frightful and cause great destruction, people in the South are accustomed to taking preventive steps necessarily to minimize loss of life, property and to survive the post-storm power outages.

~ Flooding in Toronto from Hurricane Hazel, 1954

Those who live in the Northeast are not naturally prepared.  The last hurricane to really affect that part of the nation was "Hazel" in 1954.  So what happens is people don't react at first.  The assumption is that all will be well- it will turn left or right or dissolve.  Then when that isn't the case, panic sets in-- What to do? What do i buy?  How much food do i need, and specifically what to buy?  How many batteries and candles is enough?  And plywood.. where does one find that?  Is my home structurally safe? ...

And those who procrastinate- the "Grasshopper"- he or she assumes everything needed will just be there when they feel like preparing.  They are oblivious and end up in shock when the store shelves are completely empty of bread, bottled water, canned foods, and other non-perishables.  They are dumbfounded that so many people are in line to fill their tanks with gas or take emergency cash from the bank... as if credit cards or personal check will be happily accepted when there's no power.

And what will these hurricane Grasshoppers do when they realize that they did not adequately prepare because they just assumed all will be well and the system would provide?  Why, they look to others--friends or family to help and allow them a place to stay or feed/shelter them after the storm; to place a burden upon the "Ants" who took the impending hurricane seriously.

~ House burning in aftermath of Hurricane Hazel, 1954- location unknown

Personally I hope Hurricane Irene causes no loss of life, as minimal damage as possible and passes by without disruptions of everyday life.  But I also know Hurricanes don't oblige wishes and hopes.  I also know this will be a good test, at least from an observational level as to how prepared people truly are for events beyond their control.

A hurricane is an act of God.  A financial crisis is an act of Man, and causes far more damage and destruction to normalcy than anything that swirls with high wind gusts and heavy rains.  A financial crisis like a true market crash means bank runs and 'holidays' where you can not get access to your money because they are closed.  It means empty shelves for prolonged periods and when supplies do come in, expect to be gouged..and you better have cash.  It means instead of a region or even a nation being affected, the reach will be felt globally.

And how will you survive?  What steps do you take while everything is calm to ensure that you can weather That storm?  Or do you just wait till the last moment and keep playing the fiddle and 'dance' like the Grasshopper'?

We will continue to be informative as to what's going on in the news and attack those well-deserving of scorn.  But we will also begin being more constructive as to suggestions to prepare and ways to take control of your lives so you can survive.

And if all ends up 'well' and nothing bad ever happens, what did you really lose?  Is possession of some extra cans of food or emergency cash in your coffee can really the Worst thing in the world?

~ Empire State Building (1954) clouds just before "Hazel" arrives

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bernanke speech- That was it?

So what happened?  What happened in this 'Ohh Sooo Important!!' Ben Bernanke speech that all the Investors in Soulless-land were pooping on themselves in anticipation of??

1) No QE coming this month (Investors treat that as code for QE eventually)
2) US on track for long-term economic growth (a Total Lie)
3) Congress needs to do more (Duh!)
4) Sept 20th's meeting will last 2 days instead of 1 (So what?)

That was it folks.

Bet the market must be infuriated right?

Hmm. Dow up 124pts at 11,272 as of 2:45p

But why??  Didn't A&G say there would be a dramatic drop if investors did not get stimulus announcement of some kind?   Actually-- no, we didn't.

The other day we paraphrased a quote we heard from a market expert which we felt was quite accurate amid all the non-stop market manipulations.   He basically said the market had been going up Monday through Wednesday to hedge positions ahead of the Friday speech, and the key was Thursday..  if the market dropped, then it would treat anything Bernanke said as a positive and spike up based on the level of good news.  But even if there was no news, it would rise.  And had the market risen on Thurs, it would have dropped today no matter what...

It dropped Thursday..  it rose Friday.

The real interesting question is what will the market do on Monday, post-hurricane after it has a weekend to digest the fact that Bernanke made no commitments or promises, and the speech said nothing new?

Eventually this market will drop and Investors will be getting the punishment they've been delaying since 2008.. the only question is "when?"

Did anyone expect the Fed Chair to say honestly that this nation is still muddled in a 4year and counting Recession with no real sustainable growth, job creation or job stabilization for years?  You and I can speak honest- we won't create panic and bank runs.  No politician can do so even if he/she wanted to.  And yet like little Children... Children!!.. Investors listen to their 'Mommy and Daddy' government leaders for comfort and words of encouragement.


If you're going to Invest, then Fine-- do so.. and take the risks!  You make a profit-- Congrats. You lose Everything-- Good!  Don't expect anyone to bail you out.  Don't expect anyone to make your life easier.  You do the research- you do the computations... and re-learn what capitalism really is-- to thrive, survive or die on your own.

What will the bearded man do?

One thing I try very hard to avoid is making this blog repetitive.  I'd like to believe that unlike most of the general public, loyal readers to A&G "Get it" by now; that even if the reader is not necessarily into markets or finance, he/she understands via this blogsite how Deeply corrupt global finance is.  

But on occasion, repetition is unavoidable.

Banks, financial entities, corporations, politicians of all nations work in concert to do two things: siphon money up from the everyday person into their pockets and to serve their collective master- the Investor.  This is not a new phenomenon.  The need of a select few to hold massive amounts of wealth while depriving the bottom 98% of more than breadcrumbs is an enterprise that pre-dates Jesus.  What has changed and is a recent phenomenon is how openly transparent this criminality is.

The entire financial world is awaiting with baited breath later today to hear what the bearded bastard, Ben Bernanke is going to say. Right now Asian markets are choppy because they can't figure what he might say.  Really there's only one thing he could say that would make the cockroaches and cock-you-know-whats in Investor-land happy: More Quantitative Easing.   Anything less than that statement tomorrow or similar promise for more stimulus, and the markets will drop. 

A junkie will always need the next 'fix'.  And if that junkie has to be nice and polite, or violent or threatening, he or she will use every trick in the book to get its way. A junkie values no one or nothing- it will cheat, lie, steal, whore and kill to get that 'score'.  The stock market is no different.  Let me repeat this: the Investor is No different than a common, filthy strung out junkie, and the global markets as they exist is not based on any economic reality. 

The United States is a complete economic mess and deserves a credit rating far lower than the AA+ the S&P lowered it to last month but the US are master bullies and Fitch's & Moody's do not have the collective 'balls' to follow Standard & Poor's lead.  Europe is in Horrible shape financially where Germany basically is being called upon to bail out the rest of the European Union while its economy drops from productive to flatline in a matter of 1 calendar year.  Asia is also in terrible shape-  Japan is in economic malaise, the yen is so Strong, the government is figuring every way possible to artificially weaken it, and its Prime Minister has recently announced his resignation.

The global economy is extremely weak and fragile.  And these artificially propped up stock markets have been allowed to make a financial Killing for over two years thanks to national treasuries of various nations being counter-directed from the people to the corporations and banks.  In the US and Britain, they push this warped indoctrinated logic that strong companies and strong markets = strong nation & strong sovereignty.  Not sure if other nations push that nonsense, but it is a lie.  A bold-faced Lie.  The strength and vitality of a nation comes from its people, not its corporations.

So what will Bernanke do later today?  Honestly I don't know.  I know what I hope and what I fear.  I know investors are as Evil as they come and they will manipulate conditions to get their way.  If not today, then soon.  A junkie Will get their fix and will not stop.  

OK, so what happens if QE3 or some other stimulus is announced?  

1)  The US National Debt will go up.  If QE3 is $1Trillion, the US National Debt will ultimately rise by that amount

2)  The dollar continues being devalued meaning it costs more dollars for Americans to buy all goods and services, while corporations dependent on exports make greater profits.  It also escalates a currency war with China and the rest of the world to see which nation can weaken their currency the fastest.

3)  The prices of food, gasoline, electricity, clothing and every other life essential which is a publicly traded commodity will increase due to the increase in free money which encourages Investor speculation.

4)  The markets go up and down and up and down until the QE3 runs out and the markets drop again and Bernanke and some other Fed person offers QE4

~ Elmo LOVE Investing.. HaaHaaHeeHee 

And what happens if QE3 or some other stimulus is not announced?

Markets will drop.. and drop..then rise a little..and drop some more.. and everyone will be scared; the common people will scream to their Congress and President "Please do something to save the markets!!  My 401k is in there!!" and then Bernanke will have full political cover because to many, its, "Let the government spend billions and trillions to save my personal wealth of thousands!"

No matter what happens though, it won't prevent the global markets from tumbling this autumn.  Because the rot and decay is bigger than one nation.  And no one; no nation anywhere around the globe punished the wrongdoers or tough legislation to ensure 2008 doesn't happen again.

All that said, my personal hope tomorrow is Bernanke say nothing of value and let the investors stew in the dirt juices of their anger.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taking Positions

Very brief post since really nothing of importance occurred in the market today.

For the first 3 days of the week, the market climbed hundreds of points based on Nothing real or significant.  And today the market dropped 170 pts based equally on nothing real or significant.  The media will tell you it was because this stat or that projection..  it is total BS, but you already knew that right?

I actually was annoyed the market went down today.   Why?

Heard an expert describe the market this week like this:  basically every cockroach investor is positioning him or herself before Bernanke's speech tomorrow.  He said if the market went up again today, it would have meant assuredly a Big drop on Friday because nothing Bernanke could say would beat the expectations Investors had, unless he announced a gigantic QE program.   But if there was a drop off today, it would mean a dramatic market spike tomorrow because anything Bernanke said would be treated as 'problem solved'.

You see how insidious investors are?

And None of these shell games have Anything to do with growing the US economy.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8/24- 154th Anniv. of Panic of 1857

Many months ago A&G wrote a detailed 4 part history of financial "panic" in US History.  Today, August 24, 1857 marks the 154th Anniversary of the true beginning of the Panic of 1857 which had importance in being a major prelude to the Civil War (In spite of everything your high school history teacher taught you, the US Civil War was fought over economics, not morality of slavery). Most people have no clue of this event, so we're reposting.

See if you can detect any similarities between this period's economic collapse and what the nation and globe is suffering with presently.  Here's one similarity to start:  Investors then as in today, were greedy, soulless parasites always looking opportunistically to make a buck.  Any other comparisons, you have to find on your own...

Panic of 1857

This was a sudden downturn in the economy with a general recession first emerging late in 1856, but the successive failure of banks and businesses that characterized the panic began in mid-1857. While the overall economic downturn was brief, the recovery was unequal, and the lasting impact was more political than economic. From its peak in 1852, to its trough in 1857, the stock market declined by 66% and the panic/depression spread to Europe, South America and the Far East. No recovery was evident in the northern parts of the United States for a year and a half, and the full impact did not dissipate until the American Civil War.

The Panic ended a period of prosperity and speculation that had followed the Mexican-American War (1846–1848) and the discovery of gold in California in the late 1840s. Gold pouring into the American economy had inflated the currency. Changes in worldwide economic trade, caused by the Crimean War  between Britain and Russia, had pushed American firms into a precarious worldwide market. After a large increase in state banks in the early 1850s, by July 1856, banks began to lend far more money than they could back up in money even as deposits began to fall.  By October of 1856, depositors started runs on banks which motivated the decision of British investors to remove funds from U.S. banks, and raised questions about overall U.S. economic soundness.  Adding to this, the collapse of land speculation programs that depended on new rail routes, ruining thousands of investors.

Investor confidence was also shaken in mid-September when 15 tons of gold were lost at sea in a shipment from the San Francisco Mint to eastern banks. The gold and more than 400 lives were lost when the SS Central America sank during the North Carolina Hurricane of 1857.  Lastly, what added greatly to the economic tensions of the time was the Dred Scott case with the Supreme Court's ruling in 1857 that when a slave entered a free state with his master, he/she was still the property of his/her master and thus still a slave. The Court's decision threatened to open up all western territories to slavery, specifically where southern businessmen could use their slaves as free labor and undercut northern businessmen who were forced to pay pennies a day to immigrants and children laborers.  The Dred Scott decision prompted the bonds of east-west running railroads to plummet in value, which in turn helped motivate a run on the major New York banks.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Repost: Photos- Gaddafi & world leaders

This is a blog reposting from March 25, 2011  -- I just felt it had relevance today as it did 5 months ago when dealing with hypocrisy and insincerity-- two traits all politicians around the world possess...

~ July 10, 2009-- Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, US President Barack Obama, UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon and Muammar Gaddafi pose for a 'family photo' on the third day of the G8 summit in L'Aquila, Italy. The leaders discussed climate change, global security and the global recession.

Right now, a bunch of leaders in the western world are suddenly angry with Gaddafi- enough to use military force against him and bomb Libya into oblivion in the process.  Oddly, just a couple weeks ago, they weren't.

Politicians say a lot of things- most lies.  But as the adage goes, a picture speaks 1000 words..  so to save me some extra typing, here are some photos...

~ President Obama

Sec of State Clinton w Gaddafi's son, Mutassim

~ Condeleeza Rice, former Sec. of State under George W. Bush

~ French President Nicolas Sarkozy

~ Former British PM, Tony Blair

~ Former British PM Gordon Brown

~ Current Italian PM, Silvio Berlusconi

* Looks like many need some hand sanitizer... Including Gaddafi

Nothing stops an Investor rally

Nothing stops an Investor from Investing..

Certainly no 5.8 Earthquake in and around Washington DC which was felt as far up as New York City.

As of 3:05p, its up over 260pts..  based on Absolutely Nothing.

Think that is opinion and conjecture?   This quote in a CNBC article explains today's trading day best:  "This is a dead-cat bounce... we were in an oversold position and investors are trying to find any single positive data to create an opportunity" - Kenny Polcari, managing director at ICAP Equities.

Kinda reminds me of rats or roaches scurrying about on the floor looking for any stale crumbs and other waste to muddle through and feed off of...

So, what was today's "data" to lift stocks?   Oh, just some weaker than expected economic reports-- the kind that would cause the market to drop if it was not so artificially manipulated and unrepresentative of the overall US and global economy.

Maybe the markets were excited that Bank America announced the other day the elimination of over 10,000 jobs?  Or UBS Bank announcing today they're eliminating 3,500 positions?  This doesn't seem to be the kind of thing that occurs in a recovery does it?

The market is going to fluctuate this week-- up and down as investors position themselves for what they assume on Friday will be another massive financial Fed intervention which will help only them alone, and further deplete US Treasury.

Hoping the Evil Investors don't win again but gotta admit, the bastards sure have a good track record of success.  Unlike Main Street America, they sure know how to "Squeak" loud enough to get their proverbial 'wheel' greased.

Psychological Pathology of an Investor

Investors are psychopaths and sociopaths.

Non violent ones perhaps, but psychopaths and sociopaths nonetheless.

Normal people think about others even in some small degree; how their decisions or actions may affect other people, particularly adversely.  They take some consideration to the community, state, nation or the globe itself in making choices that could cause harm to others.

The Investor doesn't.   He/she only thinks profit.   The goal is every single day to be making money off money; to go to bed with more wealth than what was possessed when waking up.  It is the investor's sole reason for existing.  He or she can be a millionaire... a billionaire.. and the goal never changes- keep investing.
A normal person has fear; a healthy dose of reservation and hindrance in putting their life savings into a rigged game such as the stock market.  The Investor is oblivious-  it survives and thrives on the fear of others.  The Investor is a ravenous animal.

The Investor Must be Investing.. Always!  He or she must be playing the market... if not stocks then bonds... if not bonds then treasuries.. if not treasuries, then currencies or foreign markets' stocks and bonds or derivatives..  The Investor never ever stops.   When the market goes up, it must continue.  When the market goes down, its a buying opportunity.  And when the market crashes, the Investor goes all-in.

They are the kings and queens; the royalty of the world.

Nations manipulate currencies for them and protect investors from ever taking any financial losses, placing the huge losses upon their populaces if need be, sometimes guaranteeing 100 cents on the dollar in the process-- all done to serve the exalted Investor class.

Political leaders court them; consult them; wine and dine them- enact public policy to ensure Investors are benefited while of course accepting legal and illegal campaign contributions for job well done.  The media treats Investors like oracles and sages and tailors its newspapers, magazines and TV networks to giving them nonstop information. And to the simple minded masses, investors are to be admired, idolized and looked upon as role models.

Investors only know two words in their lexicon:  "Buy" and "Hold".   The word 'sell' does not exist, and to suggest to an Investor that he/she stay out of the market when turbulent is akin to suggesting to a fish it learn to fly.   The more turbulent and risky, the more the Investor Must dive in and seek to expand the portfolio.

Investors are addicts.  Investors are soulless.   They create Nothing.

Investors feed off global economies like barnacles;  like parasites...

Like cancer.

And they are the reason the global economy is spiraling out of control.

~ CNBC's Jim Cramer- the ultimate example of a parasite Investor

Monday, August 22, 2011

Quote of the Day: 8/22/11

Actually 2 quotes...

~  "Market up today only because (it) expects that Ben will come by helicopter to Jackson Hole to dispense QE3. If he doesn't, (expect to) see market sharply down." --  Nouriel Roubini, head of Roubini Global Economics

~  "The big thing is if he (Bernanke) does announce it (QE) we're going to have a thousand-point rally. We'll be making new highs before you can blink...  The market's sending a signal to Bernanke saying, 'We want QE3 and we want it this week, or we're going to hammer you and the market will get absolutely killed'... The stock market is addicted to QE."  -- Keith Springer, president of Springer Financial Advisory

9/11 First Responders to be Excluded...

Not an economic posting but too offensive for me to ignore

AP News:   "They were the first ones on the scene when the World Trade Center towers fell on September 11, 2001, but ten years later, the first responders are being told that they will not be invited to take part in this year's tenth anniversary ceremony at Ground Zero.  The city announced earlier this week that due to security and space issues, there would be no room for the first responders. Instead, they'll be invited to a private ceremony on a different date.

Retired NYPD officer Anthony Flammia told FOX News, "I'm absolutely disgusted." He said the exclusion was "a total disrespect to the responders ... it's very easy for them to make the space for us."  Flammia said it was "up in the air" as to whether he would go to another ceremony at a later date.  He added his health continued to deteriorate as a result of being on the scene at Ground Zero.

The office of Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the focus at the September 11 ceremony would be on accommodating  the families of the nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives that day in New York, Washington and a Pennsylvania field..."

Perhaps next time, first responders should think twice.

Hungry Hippos

Its the end of another market day.  Nothing much happened but really, if it had, would it really have mattered?  500pts up..  500pts down.. Ehh~

We point this out repeatedly- the market could go up 50,000 pts tomorrow and you aren't getting hired any quicker, your home value isn't stabilizing and the cost to buy food or clothing isn't lessening.  In all likelihood, all you would just see a 50,000 pt Drop the following day as cockroach investors take in profits

The big story this week.. What will the Fed announce, if anything on Friday?  More QE?  The investors are on their knees, begging 'please... pretty please..  more free money' like hungry hippos.  Nom.. Nom.. Nom..

Always found it ironic--  these same fiscal conservative rot- they shout and bellow that government needs to stay out of the way of the private sector and allow them to free rein to do as they wish (laissez-faire capitalism)  end welfare, food-stamps and other 'handouts' for the poor, and Yet who are the ones scurrying about on the ground like rodent trash with parasitic paws out for government handouts and assistance??

Yes..same ones.

Will there be a QE3 announced?  Who knows.. certainly hope not.  Wall St needs to be punished and take the financial hit they should have taken in 2008.  Then again, it could be QE is announced under another cleverly confusing name. So we'll see...

Truth is, Traitor Ben Bernanke can give Wall St a zillion dollars and it won't stop the double-dip recession.  Of course that phrase in itself is total idiocy because in order for there to be a double-dip, there meant there was a lapse between recession #1 and #2 called 'recovery', which there wasn't.  Really we are just in year 4 of the Great Recession and its not going to end because a quiet, unassuming bearded man opens the vaults to the National Treasury for Wall St to gobble up under the false guise of 'job creation' or the Deeply Offensive lie of 'saving the nation from a depression'.

A traitorous man

Last week, Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Perry alluded to Fed Chair Ben Bernanke as treasonous.  This seemed to cause a big stink in the corporate controlled main-stream news.  If most people understood the Fed Reserve and its power and dominion, they would have understood Perry's remarks and nodded in agreement.

They say the President is the most powerful man in the free world.  This is incorrect.  The most powerful person in the free world is the one who serves as Federal Reserve chair.  The world economies, financial institutions, markets and investors look to him and listen to his words..  one sneeze and the world catches cold.

Bernanke is the man personally responsible for the deterioration of the value of the US dollar and the artificially inflated stock market. And he has the power to create $ out of thin air to use and give to whomever he wishes at a moment's notice for any reason he desires.

Personally I do not support Perry overall as a candidate, but on this issue, he's 100% on the mark because only an evil, treasonous snake like Bernanke would do something like this:

Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2T in Loans (Bloomberg) -- "Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America Corp. were the reigning champions of finance in 2006 as home prices peaked, leading the 10 biggest U.S. banks and brokerage firms to their best year ever with $104 billion of profits.

By 2008, the housing market’s collapse forced those companies to take more than six times as much, $669 billion, in emergency loans from the U.S. Federal Reserve. The loans dwarfed the $160 billion in public bailouts the top 10 got from the U.S. Treasury, yet until now the full amounts have remained secret.

Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke’s unprecedented effort to keep the economy from plunging into depression included lending banks and other companies as much as $1.2 trillion of public money, about the same amount U.S. homeowners currently owe on 6.5 million delinquent and foreclosed mortgages. The largest borrower, Morgan Stanley (MS), got as much as $107.3 billion, while Citigroup took $99.5 billion and Bank of America $91.4 billion.."

~ I would strongly argue the assumption that Bastard Ben saved us from a Depression.  At best he delayed it, while increasing the overall National Debt by $3 TRILLION dollars:  The $1.2T + $1.75T spent via QE 1 & 2.

Every Single Dollar spent by Bastard Ben to give to these elite corporations that Americans are indoctrinated into believing represents US economic strength & prosperity, will need to be repaid over time by All of us, our children and grandchildren at accelerated interest.

But wait!  It gets Worse..

"It wasn’t just American finance. Almost half of the Fed’s top 30 borrowers, measured by peak balances, were European firms. They included Edinburgh-based Royal Bank of Scotland Plc, which took $84.5 billion, the most of any non-U.S. lender, and Zurich-based UBS SA which got $77.2 billion. Germany’s Hypo Real Estate Holding AG borrowed $28.7 billion, an average of $21 million for each of its 1,366 employees.  The largest borrowers also included Dexia SA, Belgium’s biggest bank by assets, and Societe Generale SA, based in Paris, whose bond-insurance prices have surged in the past month as investors speculated that the spreading sovereign debt crisis in Europe might increase their chances of default."

Yes.. US Treasury.. your blood money was used to give to European banks.

And your money is Gone.  And your quality of life is now Less than before.

You can love or hate the President, or a particular member of the Cabinet, or love or hate Congress or a particular member of it, but the truth is they are not the biggest reason for the economic downfall of the nation..  It all starts with the Federal Reserve and someone most people don't even have a clue about because he's not elected and is so quiet, mild mannered and unassuming.

But the destruction of the US economy begins and ends with one man...

Ben Bernanke.

Geithner:  Mm, this is delicious-- chicken?
Bernanke: Even more tender- American soul
Geithner:  Oh, sole- I love fish.
Bernanke:  Um..

PS:   Just a random musing to end the night...

Ever notice how Everyone in politics, the corporate-controlled media and world of finance, banking and investment was quick to declare "Recovery!!" two years ago and beat that Drum so G-d Damned incessantly in millions of daily news articles, speeches and soundbites...

And Yet....

Notice how all those same rotten entities are so passionately determined not to acknowledge in any way, shape or form that the economy is collapsing into a double dip recession?

Made me think back to former President Bush.  The US was in an "official" recession back in 2007 and he Absolutely Refused to admit or acknowledge it until.. Gasp~  October 2008 when the original $700B TARP bill was introduced to Congress and thus admittance of recession was a necessary step to put fear of God into Americans to support it.

Funny the things one recalls while reflecting on an endless cavalcade of lying liars.

 "You're doing a Heck of a job Bennie.."

Sunday, August 21, 2011

An expensive future

~ Diamond covered toilet- 50,000 British pounds;  cleaning the inside of the bowl every few weeks- priceless fun

Yesterday, I keyworded the term "How to Profit" on Google news to show that no matter how bad the economy is, there's always vultures and parasites ready to swoop in and find ways to benefit.

Today I keyworded the term 'raising prices' to see what was out there in the news world..  Honestly, much more than I anticipated.  Here are headlines..

Retailers, Restaurants Raise Prices to Offset US Labor Costs -- Bloomberg

Redbox Follows Netflix's Lead, Raises DVD Prices -- International Business

Higher clothing prices bring out trickery from retailers -- AP

** This was the article A&G mentioned in the posting yesterday about being duped into paying more for less...

Watch Prices Rising With Swiss Franc -- Jewelers Circular

** Because the US, China and the rest of the world is in a race to devalue their currencies the quickest to help corporations make bigger profits with exports, the Swiss Franc is very strong, and as a result forcing the Swiss people to have to pay inflated prices on goods & services.

Yokohama raising OTR tire prices by up to 11 percent -- AP

Clorox Co. Plans Price Increases in Face of Rising Costs -- WSJ  "Price increases of 12% on liquid bleach, 7% on Glad wraps and Hidden Valley salad dressing, and 6% on Formula 409 cleaner are going into effect this month."

FedEx to raise prices in its freight unit -- Businessweek

US Steel raising prices, cites costs -- Reuters

Kimberly-Clark raising prices -- MSNBC

** They make Kleenex which has within 2 years, reduced their 3ply tissue box by 20 tissues to 120 per box and cutting  0.2inches per tissue to save $$ while charging more

~  And on and on and on..

Eventually everything will be going up.. utilities, gasoline again, basic food staples like milk and bread.   And jobs are not being created.. And people who do have jobs are being forced to work longer and harder for less..

And eventually what will you be forced to cut.. cable.. cellphone..?

And how long before you are forced to tap into your child's tuition fund to pay bills.. or run out altogether?

And does either party or any politician really care about you?

We warned in the past that economically, it was the equivalent of early December- winter fast approaching.    Now, we are economically at mid-December and its getting "colder".  Will there be a proverbial economic 'Christmas'?   That remains to be seen, but no matter, January and February tend to be brutal.

The one bright spot.. no matter how bad things get, spring does come and tulips shall always grow.  And things will be better for all.. But you must prepare for the winter like a squirrel collects acorns. Be smart and sensible with your money, and do not assume your leaders know what they're doing and all will work out in the end... Be Proactive in your lives.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Everyone must profit

Everyone Must Profit...   Profit.. Profit.. Proft...

No matter how bad the economy.. no matter how far the market drops..

Must be Buying.. Must be Investing.. Must make $$ work..

Profit.. Profit. Profit..

People Must make money and others Must write how to..

For "fun" and boredom sake, I keyworded the phrase "How to profit" on Google news. These are only a sampling of my findings, all posted within last couple days:

How To Profit off a Falling VIX (Volatility Index) -- CNBC

How To Profit From Gold's Historic Bull Run -- The Market Oracle

How To Profit In A Volatile Market -- Inside Futures

How To Profit Amid the Pain in Spain -- GuruFocus

How To Profit From Market Fear -- Forbes

How to Profit From the Market Volatility -- SeekingAlpha

~ When the Big Crash occurs.. and it Will occur, many many people will lose quite a bit of their life savings.  And these fucks will not feel any of your financial pain.  They will just keep telling you how to profit...

How to Dupe people so Less seems More

Came across this article via AP last night about how the cost of clothing is going up and the deviant tricks which are being played by retailers to hide this truth.  Here are some snippets, though if you want to read the full article on Yahoo!, click the link below:

Higher prices: the big trend for back-to-school:

 "Stores are trying everything they can think of to disguise the fact that you're going to pay more for clothes this fall. Some are using less fabric and calling it the new look. Others are adding cheap stitching and trumpeting it as a redesign. And the buttons on that blouse? Chances are you're not going to think it's worth paying several dollars more for the shirt just to have them."

"Retailers are raising prices on merchandise an average of 10 percent across-the-board this fall in an effort to offset their rising costs for materials and labor. But merchants are worried that cash-strapped customers who are weighed down by economic woes will balk at price hikes. So, retailers are trying to raise prices without tipping off unsuspecting customers."

"Retailers have long tried to mask price hikes -- for instance, jacking them up more than needed so that they can offer a "sale" on the higher price.. Some merchants are making inexpensive tweaks ---- additional stitching, fake button holes, fancy tags ---- to justify price increases. Those embellishments can add pennies to $1 to the cost of a garment, but retailers can charge $10 more for them"

The rest of the article you can read via the link above..

If this is any indication, it looks like this will be a rough Holiday season for consumers unless they're willing to just close their eyes to the prices and charge away...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Vroom-Vroom.. puttt.. puttt... Pfffttt...

Keeping this a short posting because its Friday evening, most people are out & about enjoying the beginning of the weekend and there's little to write on today without sounding like a broken record...

Market went down an additional 173 pts today..  We say 'Good!'

If stock market truly represented real Americans or the real economy, we'd express sadness and melancholy. But it doesn't, so we won't.

We were afraid today would be like last week.. a dramatic bounce of 400-600pts based on nothing real other than a need to buy on the dip.  Perhaps that con will be occurring on Monday.

Today the Dow closed at 10,817.

Did you know what it closed at exactly 1 year ago today?  10,271.

So even with all the major drops, the market is still close to 600pts higher than 365 days ago.  Shows you how artificially overvalued the market is based on QE 1 & 2 when NOTHING positive has happened to the US economy in a year's time to naturally boost the market.

The nation is proverbially the automobile stuck in mud.. spinnin' those tires like crazy!  And of course like any revved up car, running out of 'gas'.

Vroom... Vroommmm...  putt.. putt.. pttt.. pttt...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another example of manipulated job stats

Remember when the market spiked over 400pts last Friday base specifically on a "wonderful" report that the new jobless number had dropped to under 400k (a "whopping" decline to 395k) for the first time in months??


"The number of initial (jobless) claims in the week ending Aug. 13 rose 9,000 to 408,000, the Labor Department reported Thursday"- MarketWatch

Not 395k New Unemployed...  408k New unemployed

It is all orchestrated theater..  Stop believing what you read and hear in the media, especially the financial media...  Don't invest.

A nice Market drop & bleating Sheep

Sheep 1:  Baaah..  Stocks are plunging.. what should we do?
Sheep 2:  Baa Baa..  Everyone says to hold and ride it out
Sheep 1:  Baaa Baaaa.. Yes, they know more than me
Sheep 3:  Bah Baaah.. Whatever you two do, I will do
Sheep 2:  Baa  Baaaaa..  CNBC will tell us what to do with our $$$

Right now as of 3:40p, the Dow is down close to 500 pts and unless it makes a miraculous comeback which is always possible in a manipulated market, its going to be a bad trading day for many.

Which for A&G, we proudly say Good!  Well-Deserved...

Our motto when it comes to investors and traders is this:  "Hope a lot of you lost a lot of money today"  We say this because they do not give a damn about how their actions affect the overall economy, just like corporations do not care about anything or anyone but profit-taking and shareholders.

You should NOT be invested in the market unless you are greedy, foolish and/or a follower sheep. And if you think you are somehow protected or blessed from losing your wealth in that rigged game, guess again...

Part of the overall comedy of days like today for us, is watching financial news and reading their articles to see how passionate and desperate they are to spin something terrible into a positive; specifically a Buying opportunity.

Here's some headlines from today:

Investors Remain Calm Despite Volatile Markets (MarketWatch) -- "Financial advisers tell Dow Jones Newswires that most clients are not in panic mode...

Investors turn Bullish as Market Crumbles (TheStreet) -- "The S&P 500 appears to be firmly in the jaws of bears, but data actually show that U.S. investors are slowly turning bullish on equities again."

European Bank Fears Slam U.S. Market: Don’t Hit Panic Button Says Strategist (Yahoo! Financial)

Is This Lehman All Over Again?  No..  (CNBC) -- "History has proven these are not the days that you want to be selling on."

Sociopathic fuckers... Yep, just keep Holding & Buying..


We LOVE days like today- they need to be taking place because to put it bluntly, for three years, the Wall St/financial sector is the only one who could claim a 'recovery' with a straight face since they were recipients of all the trillions spent, so its about time they get pulled down and take their losses too.

Unfortunately its hard to enjoy massive market drops like this for long because, A) Every soulless cockroach investor treats it as a buying opportunity then markets spike up 80-120% by the next trading day like last week,  B) People get panicked and cowardly, and put pressure on Government to throw more money at the problem which is a waste of financial resources, especially when no government anywhere around the globe passed any law to curtail the markets or punish wrongdoers.

If it takes government spending trillions so an individual's thousands are protected, that's really all that matters to a selfish 401k or amateur investor.  And to a professional, the intervention is not only expected but demanded, like little piggies awaiting their next round of slop.

If America was a patient in a hospital, the US would be ravaged with illness; full of toxins and so far Dr. Fed & DR. Treasury have prescribed financial 'medicine' that has not only done nothing to cure the ill, but has prevented the toxins from escaping.  The patient needs to be allowed to vomit out or purge itself of the toxins  i.e.  hard market drop & restructure or forgiveness of debt that Severely punish bondholders on national debt.  Then different 'medicine' needs to be tried such as economic stimulus that solely targets Main St, specifically in areas of home price stabilization and job growth.

The sooner the market drops down to a level that is accurately reflecting the overall US economy the better.  And with any luck, it will then meander until the Actual economy improves, then rise accordingly.

I finish this posting with a real asshole-like quote from one of the talking meatsticks on CNBC to understand really how smug and vile these investors and financial media outlets are:

"People have to be investing in Something..."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Quandry of a Black American

Here's a little political & economic riddle/quandary to solve:

What do you do when you belong to a specific racial minority group that voted in blind lockstep allegiance (94% loyal) in 2008 for a candidate because he was the same color, and yet as President has done Absolutely Nothing for you or your constituents?  

What do you do when you feel pride that your race is in office and plan to blindly vote in lockstep again in 2012, but black unemployment is double that of whites and your community is crumbling from all directions?  

What do you do when you know you're being taken advantage by the party & President you donated time, energy and money to, because as a racial group, no one fears or believes you'll vote Republican since you've been lockstep Democrats since FDR (80 years)?

You want to scream.. you're so infuriated!

What do you do when you are a black politician who has to be forced to curb his/her tongue because your constituents are are blindly loyal to the President and are still basking in a glow of "Yes We Can", while the reality is more like "Oh, Not Again!"

Here's California Rep. Maxine Waters, a key member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) speaking in Detroit to students at Wayne University:

"We don't put pressure on the president...  Let me tell you why. We don't put pressure on the president because ya'll love the president. You love the president. You're very proud to have a black man -- first time in the history of the United States of America. If we go after the president too hard, you're going after us... The Congressional Black Caucus loves the president too.  We're supportive of the president, but we're getting tired, ya'll.  We're getting tired. And so, what we want to do is, we want to give the president every opportunity to show what he can do and what he's prepared to lead on. We want to give him every opportunity, but our people are hurting. The unemployment is unconscionable. We don't know what the strategy is... All I'm saying to you is, we're politicians...  We are trying to do the right thing and the best thing. When you let us know it is time to let go, we'll let go."

To some in the CBC, they must be thinking privately, oh if only that war-mongering Texan was still in the White House.. We wouldn't have to hold back our anger & scorn, and our constituents would love us for it rather than turn and attack us as race traitors.

~ Would the CBC be holding their tongues if Pres. Obama looked like the photoshopped photo on the left?  Quoting Macauley Culken in "Home Alone"-  "I don't think so"

This nonsense has got to stop if America has any chance in truly recovering from this Great Recession.  We have to stop thinking as individuals in this left-right paradigm as if the only solutions are A or B.  And we as individuals have to stop supporting people for public office solely because he/she is of the same race, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other meaningless, inconsequential reason.

All of America is falling part.  ALL of it.   Some demographics feel it worse but the foundation cracks are everywhere.  If you genuinely love and support the President and feel he's doing a terrific job, Fine... that's your belief.  But if you feel he's doing a very bad job, you need to be vocal Especially if you're black.  Criticize him like you would Bush if he was still President and you were suffering the same economic miseries at this moment.

This is bigger than one person or one race of people.. Right now there is a field of Republican candidates who are either completely clueless about the economy or outright liars when they refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy elite while making working people, the sick and indigent pay the bills for the bailouts.  And the President is a economic "trickle-down" Wall-St Dem. who has no interest in helping the black community directly yet knows he has your unquestioned support.

If you're among the bottom 98%,  No one represents you.   Wake Up!  

Primer: summarizing the political candidates

~ Blog Post #700, and 22,500 readers daily..  Exxxx-cellent

We are still about 15 months until the November 2012 election when either President Obama is re-elected or someone of the Republican party wins, and takes over the mantle of governing the nation.

15 long, agonizing months.

Many people don't pay attention to politics, especially this early in the process and I have to say I envy their intentional, purposeful obliviousness to news and anything going on in the world outside of themselves.  Many moons ago, I was one of them and I can recall how others would look at me with bafflement when I'd ask "Oh, is there an election?  Who's running?"  Of course I was eight years old at the time...

So what do we know about the candidates in question?   If we listen to the media, we're told the Republicans only have 2 viable candidates- former Texas governor Rick Perry and former Mass. governor Mitt Romney.  We're also told Calif. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is a "roman candle"  (MSNBC's Chris Matthews' words) who has no chance after Iowa and Texas Congressman Ron Paul is a "flake" who is too irrelevant for the media to even write about even though he came in 2nd to Bachmann in last weekend's Iowa straw poll by less than 1 percentage point.

We're also told that Obama is in a really bad fix and is fortunate to be running against this crop of Republican candidates.  We're also told because Obama truly has done little to nothing to improve the jobless situation or stabilize housing, and many true-blue Democrats are deeply disenchanted with him, Obama's 2012 campaign will essentially be something akin to "You think I'm awful, just imagine if you elect someone from the other party!"  Not too inspiring a theme but then again, little to nothing in the President's governance to be inspired by.

So what do all the candidates stand for?  What's their position on A, B and C?  Glad you asked.. here's a very short, concise and accurate primer so you are in the know

--  Every single Rep. candidate refuses to raise taxes by even one penny, including the multi-millionare & billioniare class.  Coincidentally, Every single Rep candidate wants to make severe cuts on entitlements (psst, that's code for Soc. Sec. & Medicare.. ~nudge-nudge), and in lieu of increasing revenue streams (i.e. tax increases), the most pain will be felt on the poorest and a crumbling middle class.

-- President Obama is a fiscally liberal or 'socialist' Democrat in the same way former President Bush is a learned man and avid reader.  Obama, like former President Clinton is a Wall St. Democrat.  This means on economic issues, he does the bidding of Wall St. and always has their best interests as primary concern.

--  The President and the Republican candidates pretty much differ on social issues though its hard to really tell what Perry and Romney believe since Perry once supported Al Gore for President in 1988 and Romney's policies as governor were what one would call liberal, including being pro-choice at the time and his health care plan, which was an inspiration for ObamaCare.

--  Any Republican who says 'no tax increases' now, will end up being a bold-faced liar by 2013 because at the rate the National Debt, and interest is rising,  additional revenue will be needed, and the poor are tapped out.

--  If Obama promises he will create good-paying jobs if re-elected, he is a bold-faced liar as well.  He's been in office 31 months now.  Unemployment officially is 9.1%  Unofficially its closer to 17%.  He had a Democrat controlled congress for the first 2 years of his Presidency-- no jobs bill pushed.. No FDR-like plan to stimulate the economy on Main St.. Nothing.

--  If Sarah Palin decides to enter the run for the Presidency, she will be no different than the other candidates when it comes to taxes, National Debt and job creation  (All Republicans and Obama believe in 'trickle down' Reagan style economics)  **  Little piece of interesting trivia:  During the 1980 Republican primaries, a fellow Republican running for office labeled Reagan's scheme "Voodoo economics".. Any idea who that was?  Anyone? ..  Anyone?..  Class?...  it was Reagan's eventual VP-- George Bush Sr. (good job if you remembered this part from the film, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off")

So that's about it.. that's where everyone stands.  No candidate including the President is economically Liberal.  No candidate is anti-Wall St.  No candidate with exception of Ron Paul is anti-war.

15 more months of this to go...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Political daydreaming- US Elections

Not sure how the market's doing today.. I think its down.. maybe its up.. does it even matter?  At this point the ups and downs of the stock market is becoming as relevant to everyday life as who wins a Grammy or Tony award.   So instead, I decided to do another list- this one is perhaps not economic in scope but its short and virtually harmless:

Top 5 ways I would change/alter US Presidential elections:

1)  Instead of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina having so much sway as to who a party's candidate will be, instead primaries would be regional.  So for instance, the New England & Mid-Atlantic States would vote in 1 super-primary.  Then 2 weeks later, the entire 'old South' votes, followed by Midwest 2 weeks after that..  The entire nomination process would take 8-10 weeks and pretty much all states would have some say in the outcome.

2)  Since corporations love donating to candidates so much, change the tax laws so each large company or business has $10k-$50k in additional taxes automatically deducted which goes into an overall campaign fund that is dispersed to all parties equally.  This way the corporations can continue being patriotic (since we know thats' why they donate, right?) yet minimize their direct sway on specific candidates.

3)  I'd put the League of Women Voters back in control of Presidential Debates.  After Ross Perot made such a strong showing in 1992 and garnered over 19% of total vote, the corrupt two parties got together, created a new commission that oversees debates and set the bar where you needed 30% popularity to get access to the stage.  If I had the power, this would stop immediately and go back to pre-1992 rules where any relevant third-party Independent could share the debates.

4)  I'd charge a poll tax of 10 cents to vote.  Yes I know that's unconstitutional but this is my list.  Too many people vote who know nothing about the candidates and vote for the most Ignorant of reasons-  a person's last name, their skin color (being different as well as being the same), who seems 'cooler' or 'nicer' and a thousand other truly silly reasons.   Paying 10 cents per person is not a financial hardship to any voting adult, and yet its just enough that it can make the difference as to how serious or committed a voter you are.  Plus if the $ is designated for a good cause like fighting cancer, it is win-win for all.

5)  Provide a 'none of the above' option on the ballot.

You may disagree with me, but its my daydream and to quote the Rolling Stones, "Hey You..Get off of my cloud!"

Monday, August 15, 2011

10 Ways to control Wall St.. if only I was President

If I was President...  Oh, if only..

Saw stocks rise today based on nothing but the feeling that stocks were oversold last week.  Oh, the media says mergers played a role but I'm getting to a point where I wouldn't trust the media to tell me its sunny outside even if i could verify by peeking out my window.

So I thought.. with the market so wild, uncontrollable and free to do anything it wants, how would I, as President control the 'wild animal' of the stock market, specifically the sociopathic tendencies of the investor/trader.  The following is a list of what should have been done by the government as well as policies I would enact as President.

1)  No QE Ever! Wall St. would not have received 1 penny of taxpayer money to prop up corporations and investor portfolios.

2)  The Fed would have also been prevented from lowering interest rates to near zero and keeping it till 2013, killing savers in process.  If I as President had to disband the Fed to ensure this occurred, so be it, but the President's power would supersede the Fed Chair's will.

3)  Dramatically raise the taxes on stock dividends.  If you generate more than $100k specifically in profits from investing, the tax rate is 45% and graduated upwards with a cap of 75% of all market profit of $5mill or more.

4)  Make it a class A felony to be involved in the speculative manipulation of any energy based commodity such as crude & sweet oil, and electricity.

5)  Working with the Attorney General, a new class of laws would be enacted under "Financial Terrorism" which would apply specifically to banks, corporations, their CEOs and other members of, and investors/traders who's actions undercut the financial safety and security of America.  They would be treated equally to an armed combatant in terms of Patriot Act application.

6)  If you purchase more than $20k in stock, commodities,etc in a trading day, you can not sell for a period of 3 business days.  No more high-end day trading and speculative 'buying on the dip'.

7) Push through legislation where financial media like Wall St Journal and CNBC could be sued for compensatory damages if proven that their financial advice caused an investor to lose money.  The ultimate goal being to dramatically discourage these media outlets and others from acting like carnival barkers and two-bit stock hucksters.

8) Expand the SEC by 200%, particularly the investigative branch so that they can be a feared watchdog again instead of the current "sleeping pup" in the back of the room no one pays attention to

9) Severely limit or outlaw algorithmic trading

10)  Last, if need be, when the market is extra volatile for no reason like last week, cut the trading day by 30min to an hour, or simply declare a market "holiday" and shut it down for a few days until things calm while trapping investors' $ from any access.

Not sure if anyone would vote for me, but tell you what-- Wall St would know for the first time in many decades who was truly Boss. Whoever is President should not be a coddler and toady for Wall St.   He or she should possess what I call a "healthy hatred" of the market and always demonstrate that the President is ultimately superior to the corporation, and not be afraid to demonstrate this principle until the 'wild animal' is properly beaten down.

Teddy Roosevelt, a True Republican said it best-- "Speak softly and carry a big stick"  I would add.. 'and if the stick breaks from overuse, just pick up another'

Turning bleep into something digestible

~ "The Empire Strikes Back" came out on May 17, 1980.. later on you'll see how this relates..

One thing we try to do here at A&G is demonstrate clearly how biased and intentionally misleading the print and visual media when covering any and all aspects of this economy.  They want you to accept we're in a 'recovery' and will absolutely Not stop in spite of the facts or the truth most people know.

Call this example #1,453,477..

The AP headline-- Shoppers lift economy but will they keep spending?.  And underneath the header and before the article is this little beauty of a sentence, "Consumers help ease recession fears, but stock-market gyrations could threaten further gains"

Then the first paragraph... "The economy might not be on the brink of another recession after all. Consumers, who drive most economic growth, spent more on cars, furniture, electronics and other goods in July -- and more in May and June than previously thought."

Pretty simple really- most people lease cars in summer months.  They eventually expire and you need to get new leases or buy a car outright.  People can't afford homes so rentals are dramatically expanding- they need to be furnished.  As for electronics, prices of HDTVs are declining and iPad 2's & other tablets are hot impulse buys.

So the stock market actually went up Friday based on this crap.  The cockroach investors however chose to intentionally ignore this part:

Consumer confidence at lowest point since 1980, report says (LA Times) -- "Americans were the most pessimistic they’ve been since May 1980, according to a preliminary index of sentiment created by Thomson Reuters and the University of Michigan.  The index slumped to 54.9 from 63.7 in July, as consumers fearfully took in seesawing stocks, high unemployment and politicians bickering over the country’s debt."

"Consumers’ perception of the financial environment and the wisdom of big-ticket purchases, measured by an index of current conditions, slipped to 69.3 from 75.8. They’re even less excited about the future, pushing an index of expectations six months down the road to 45.7 from 56."

Here's another LA Times article...

Small-business owners feeling less optimistic in July -- "Main Street is a gloomy place these days, as political bickering and the recent U.S. debt-rating downgrade suck the confidence out of small businesses, according to a new report. The monthly optimism index from the National Federation of Independent Business fell for the fifth straight month, slipping 0.9 points in July, to 89.9."

So what's the difference in the three articles, besides one is positive and the other two could be interpreted as negative?  Simple.. the happy, positive AP article is opinionated and meant to calm the reader; to give false hope that all-is-well and the government is on the right track.  It also pushes that incessant Lie that we're not in a recession currently and it has the audacity to declare things are improving because of this increase in spending.

The LA Times articles on the other hand, presents fact regarding consumer sentiment.  By the way, May, 1980 was 31 years, 2 months ago.  Think of it this way- in May, 1980, Jimmy Carter was still president,  interest rates were in the double digits and we had yet to boycott the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympic games.

As irritated as A&G is that the economy is mired in a 3+ year recession without any evidence to support a sincere improvement, particularly in job creation, we are passionately more Angered when we are bombarded with a non-stop blitzkrieg of propaganda mixed with yellow journalism meant to treat the American people like clueless simps.

Two years of this.. Two Long years- hundreds of articles written daily pushing a recovery which never existed, simply because of a belief that people don't want to feel down all the time and that would hurt readership.   There's no 'recovery'.. no 'soft patch' or 'rough patch'.. no blip or bleep or bloop..  no headwind or headway..  The President pushes it.. most politicians do too and he financial media is among the worst culprits of spreading the Lie--

Can't speak plainer folks-- it is all Bullshit meant to keep you pacified and docile instead of feeling passionately hopeless and reactionary.

If the economy was Truly improving, A&G would be the First to trumpet it because we do not benefit or take pleasure in any way from the financial and emotional toll a prolonged recession has on a person or a family.  But its not.  And we have zero loyalty to any President or political party to help push the lie so people can feel comfy now, then later wonder 'What the hell happened?" when things feel worse later than in 2008-09.

The more truly informed you are, the better off you will be.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Power of a Riot

Its quite interesting.. the power of a riot.

I don't speak of the rioters themselves.  They do as they do.. Some with legitimate purpose; others seeking opportunity to loot for loot sake.

No, I mean the power a State or Nation gains in controlling its subjects after a riot takes place.. its quite an extraordinary thing.  Rather than write endless paragraphs to explain what I mean, let's really simplify this..  I am going to ask some questions, some may seem far fetched but nonetheless, answer to yourself Yes or No.

Would you be willing to accept a 7 day-a-week 11p curfew on all your movements outside your home except for sincere hospital type emergencies?

Would you agree to passing through checkpoints in your community and wearing a color coded wrist band, arm band or other insignia to show authorities you were checked?

Would you be willing to answer any question a law enforcement agent asks, no matter how intrusive even before being arrested or charged?

Would you be willing to have a microchip placed painlessly but permanently on your wrist so all your movements, purchases, medical history, etc. could be easily tracked?

Would you support the use of rubber bullets, gas canisters and water hoses to be used whenever a group congregated and authorities felt threatened?

OK.. now..  if there had been a 4-5 day & night riot in your city or state just recently, would you answer any differently if saying 'Yes' meant the chance of another riot would decrease dramatically?

Remember, in the US, if not for 9/11, there'd be no Patriot Act... and Americans lost many basic freedoms when it was passed.  Small example: In the past, if you told someone you were going to kick their butt, it mostly be laughed off.   Now, you're arrested for making a terroristic threat.

Amid all the excitement and passion of the UK riots, many Britoners have been clamoring for excessive get-tough measures to increase the power of the police and how they respond in the future.   Would they still be screaming for the same draconian measures 3 months from now when things calmed, who knows?

Let's just hope for their sake, they Do Not get everything they want.  I don't think Britons would be too happy with their new world

Same ol' Same ol'

Yesterday the markets spiked 423 pts based on "only" 395,000 Newly unemployed which was treated as a marked improvement over 400k averages. We know this was complete bunk because the news media declared at pre-trading (6:30a) that the market would spike and that was Before week-to-week jobless figures came out... (corporate media inside info, anyone??)

Today the market went up 125 pts even though, "Confidence among U.S. consumers plunged in August to the lowest level since May 1980... consumer sentiment slumped to 54.9 from 63.7 the prior month. The gauge was projected to decline to 62" - Bloomberg

Really not much to add..  anyone with a brain in their head knows the following:

1)  The stock market is rigged and Always in Wall St.'s favor, and any rationales for why it goes up or down in a given day is poppycock  (always liked that word)

2)  Everyone in financial media, Especially those on TV are hucksters and carnival barkers.  Instead of selling magic cure-all elixirs full of alcohol and opium, they sell stocks.  And ever notice kids, they will Never EVER tell you to sell.  You must Always Buy.. Buy.. Buy...and maybe if the world is crashing, you are advised to 'Hold'.   If you're a weak minded person, you will follow their advice

3)  If you're investing now, you will be having a mental breakdown by late October when you see where the Dow falls to, and how much of your life savings you lost.  I won't say more on this right now..  just know you were warned.

4)  The Strength and vitality of America; what makes it a Great and Prosperous nation is not based on Wall St and corporations. That is propaganda you've been fed. They actually are a cancer eating the US from within.  The true Strength & Vitality comes from Main St.- small and medium sized businesses, communities, individual entrepreneurs and innovators looking to make their mark...

America embraces Corporation like the Israelites of Moses embraced the Golden Calf, but don't forget this wonderful nation started out as a Republic with boundless promise depending on how hard one worked.