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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jan '14 Edition: Q&A Mailbag- Answers 25wds or less

~ All pics from Super Bowl I - Packers v Chiefs

Its Late Thursday nite/sometime Friday or Weekend depending..

Its cold.. Its snowy.. Its January..   So today's post will be relatively short..

You ask the Q's - we give the A's and do it in 25 words or less or guaranteed double your money back..

Oh yes, that's right.. we're free.  So double that..

Here we go..

Q:  What are A&G's thoughts on President Obama's proposal for a $10.10 minimum wage?

A: Great if you make under 10; Expect those making between 11 to 13 to be fired then re-hired at 10

Q:  You tend at A&G to write a lot of things that while truthful, seem disturbing and not too optimistic..  What is most positive thing presently you can say about the economy?

A:  Could be worse..  Imagine if people Truly were aware of things with the same current inept leaders and no plans of action.. Shudders~
Q: What would you advise a young person just about the graduate High School as to the best way to prepare for the future.

A: Skip college.  Learn a skill or trade that can never be outsourced - Carpenter, Electrician, Heating/AC, Plumbing.. Put off marriage/kids til' 30.

Q:  Politicians have always been corrupt liars from the days of the Roman Senators if not before, and greed has been around since the beginning of time.. What makes what's going on presently any different?

A: Corruption has never been more transparent, wealth not real (digital not gold-backed) and people today lack basic skills to survive - hunt, fish, build shelter...
~ Notice all the empty seats between 3rd and 4th Quarters

Q:  If things go badly with the economy as A&G predicts, how does one survive it?

A:  Be liquid in finance (cash) and spirit.. Be adaptive.. pro-active.. Network skills - avoid professional networkers (users).. Hope for short term difficulties - plan for the long.

Q:  Have you ever considered that A&G may be wrong.. that there may be bumps on the road to recovery but ultimately things are much better than before and will continue to improve for the US and global recovery?

A: No.  We're not predicting Apocalypse or Revelation. We present facts; a truth mainstream news intentionally ignores. We shine light.. We can't make people look.
~ Lots of blue seats

Q:  We can't figure A&G out.. You attack both political parties.. You seem to hold both Bush and Obama in equally low regard.. You don't sell anything..  What's the agenda --  What's your deal?

A: We Love America.. Hard working everyday people worldwide.. True free market Adam Smith Capitalism.  The Individual over the Collective.. Democracy.. Freedom.. Fairness; Love Chocolate too

Q:  Any Super Bowl Predictions?

A:  Yes, odds of dozing off while watching: 6 to 1; Odds of watching any pre-game set at National Debt odds (17.6 Trillion to 1)

~ Happy Weekend to all.. ~
~ Packers' Super Bowl I ring vs last year's champs Baltimore Ravens' ring

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You Get the Picture (We Hope)

~ People staying warm & sleeping the night in a supermarket aisle- Atlanta

What a week its been in the world of banking and bank accounts..

Monday, a report in the BBC that British bank HSBC is not allowing their customers to take out money they deem excessive unless showing where it will be spent..

Tuesday, Germany's Bundesbank expressed the need for policies to be put into place where if a nation in the EU collapses, the government can siphon money from its citizens' bank accounts, called a 'bail-in'

And Wednesday (today), Bloomberg reports that the Russian bank "My Bank", one of Russia's top 200 money lenders by assets has banned all cash withdraws until next week.
Add this to policies implemented by Chase Bank this past November where they imposed restrictions which prevent its customers from conducting over $50,000 in cash activity per month, as well as banning business customers from sending international wire transfers..

Well..  you get the picture.

You Should be getting the picture..

Are you?  Well..  that's on you.

So.. ~shrugs~  On to other things..
Did you hear about the snowfall in the south yesterday that pretty much shut down Atlanta?

Kids forced to sleep overnight in schools..  People by the hundreds if not thousands abandoning their cars in the middle of the highway and walking home or taking shelter for the night in places like grocery stores..

Whewwee..  They must have gotten quite a wollop..

12 inches of snow?  18 inches?   24?

Nope..  about 2-3"
The length of a thumb measures to about 2.5", give or take..   That's the amount of snow it took to paralyze a major city like Atlanta and really all of Georgia and neighboring states

The point isn't to dump on Atlanta..  Snows in that part of the country are very infrequent and they only had a handful of snow plows at their disposal to clear the roads..

The point is that the area was woefully unprepared.

They 'assumed' they'd never need more plows than they possessed..  Never established contingency plans for such a weather event..
~ The National Guard had to be called out in many states

So now for the 2nd day businesses are shut down..  public transportation shut down..  Airport closed or at minimum still causing many flight delays..

Endless problems and discomfort for millions..

Now..  if all this can occur over 2-3" of snow, imagine when the market tumbles and brings upon the economic crash we've been warning about for some time?

If you are unprepared, you will be Fucked.

~ Children sleeping in a school gymnasium

You don't shop for supplies and prepare for a hurricane 12-24 hrs before it hits..  You do so beforehand.. when the sun is warm and shining and there's no clouds in the sky..   When everyone else is not even thinking about it..

Natural Disasters... Economic Disasters..

No real difference except for one..

Economic ones last much longer.
Well we've talked enough..  you get the picture.

You Should be getting the picture..

Are you?

State of the Union (Bad) and State of the Reps (Worse)

Last night the President did that State of the Union thingy..

Didn't watch a second of it but if like any other speech by any other leader, he said this and that and there was lots of applause.  People standing up then sitting down then standing up then applauding and going Arff! Arrff! Arfff!

Oh sorry.. those are seals..
Actually sorry to the seals.  Didn't mean to smear them in a negative light..

Then he finished and the politically incompetent GIP (Grand Impotent Party) in all likelihood had someone no one has ever heard of give the official response i.e. babbling ramblings while the vast majority of viewers turned off their TVs...

And that was that..

BTW, wonder why we're so mean to the Republicans?
Headlines like the following from Politico:

GOP Ready to Surrender on Debt Ceiling -- "House Republicans are getting ready to surrender: There will be no serious fight over the debt limit.

The most senior figures in the House Republican Conference are privately acknowledging that they will almost certainly have to pass what’s called a clean debt ceiling increase in the next few months, abandoning the central fight that has defined their three-year majority."

Long story short, the In-Bed-With-Wall Street party doesn't have the courage (outside of the Tea Party faction) to dig their heels in, force a default and play hardball with the President

Too much fear the precious market will go down and worse for them, they may not get re-elected in November..
Makes one wonder why even bother running for office at all??

Oh yes...  The bribes, kickbacks, the inflated ego and those interns..

The political landscape in 2014 is succinctly put as follows..  The Democrats are really economically the equivalent of Republicans in the early 1980s and the 'GIP' Party today is like a boat without a paddle.

Misdirected, leaderless and clueless..

For example take food stamps..
Currently 1 in 7 Americans receive food stamps monthly to survive.

According to AP:

"In a first, working-age people now make up the majority in U.S. households that rely on food stamps - a switch from a few years ago, when children and the elderly were the main recipients...

By education, about 28 percent of food stamp households are headed by a person with at least some college training, up from 8 percent in 1980. "

The government spends $80 billion a month (which sounds like a lot but is still $5 billion less monthly than the Fed's indefinite QE to enrich the market)
And to show how utterly clueless and arrogant Congressional Republicans are, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is leading a 'GIP' charge to fight for $4 billion-a-year reduction to an anti-poverty program that they say promotes dependency and abuse.

They're sorta right about dependence in one respect..

Oh those darn human beings.. They eat a morning meal then dare to seek to eat another one only a few hours later then another a few hours after that!

And that's why a terrible President like Obama is so beloved and able to finish as a two-termer..
~ Obama with his grandparents

He offers "Hope" , smiles and free stuff while the Opposition Party climbs up upon itself like something from 'Lord of the Flies' to see who can do the most cost cutting on taxes and social programs that benefit those they assume don't vote for them anyways..

All the while, the 'GIP' continually vote to expand Defense spending.

Every potential candidate the Republicans put out there for the 2012 election were horrible choices and in some cases, really bad people..

And the ultimate 'GIP' nominee was a Wall Street insider/billionaire..  The "Perfect" candidate to attract the middle and working classes...

Yeah right..
~ Obama with his free-spirited Mama

If the 'GIP' ever hope to win any election of importance outside of a predominately Red state voting block, it needs to dramatically change its message and do so pronto!

They need to make the attempt.. to Pretend to sincerely care about more than the filthy rich and the corporations..

They need to learn what true-blue Compassionate Conservatism is beyond the empty slogan used by Bush during the 2000 election.

That means the everyday person.. both those struggling to make it and those struggling to hold on to the little they have..  These people have Value and deserve better -- they Deserve representation
~ "Uhh don't worry Mr Boehner.. Uhh.. there's plenty of Kleenex in the other room if you need it.. Uhhh.. I got you covered.."

Many Republicans actively and openly embrace the Christian faith and constantly court the evangelical and devout followers to vote their party..

Then of course betray them..

It's time as a political party to stop the hypocrisy and begin putting policies into motion that represent the principles of their Faith which they supposedly espouse for votes.

And we are not talking about anything in conflict with laws deliniating separation of church and state. We are talking about an economic baptism.

People of faith used to wear bracelets that said "W.W.J.D" (What would Jesus Do?)
Perhaps if the Republicans ran their party with that mantra in mind, they'd wouldn't be so categorically despised by many and better yet, would start to win some elections of significance again..

Of course they'd have to start by going after the money changers.. the banks.. the professional Investor..  the corps..  But then that's the point..  To change from a party of poison to a party of promise...

And the changes have to come from within themselves.

Until then you're looking at a bleak political and by extension, economic landscape and no real sign of improvement even in 2016.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tying in the Tangents

We wonder how many read our last posting on the need to get your money out of the bank (as much $$ as practicable at the very least) and dismissed the warning with a scoff or yawn?

Much like we all prefer to ignore the weather when distances away then act so shocked when the violence of nature hitting elsewhere arrives in your vicinity..

We mentioned the British bank HSBC in our last posting..

Then read this little nugget today where Bundesbank, the largest bank in Germany if not continental Europe, said that countries about to go bankrupt in the EU should draw on the private wealth of their citizens through a one-off capital levy before asking other states for help.
This is called a 'bail-in'

The money is not taken from citizens through a bill sent in the mail or the following year's tax filings..

Nope.. it is siphoned from the checking and/or savings account of each person who has in his/her possession more than whatever a particular government deems acceptable to not stir up mass protest i.e. riots in streets..

Bundesbank proposed the levy be 10%

And even if the money in US banks are never stolen so brazen as was done in Cyprus and planned out in other nations, technically the money is still being 'stolen' via the dollar devaluation, the near-zero interest and the rising costs of everything under the sun.
These are different times we live in..

Nothing's been remotely normal since late 2008 including the monumental collusion effort by government, finance and media to make it appear so

Really the only thing 'normal' is the human being's Willingness to believe and then move on to other things like award shows and Super Bowls..

And if the powers that be can't distract you with Hope and Change and new lines to access credit to buy things as if you have new wealth, they do it in other ways..
Like focusing on hot-button issues that mean absolutely nothing like abortion, capital punishment,  2nd amendment rights, illegal immigration, gay marriage and Confederate flags

We don't care where you stand on these things and its equally unimportant where we at A&G stand..

What is important is understanding the reality of things..  They are All distractions from the state of the economy and the ineptness of Washington.

Abortion will never be made illegal Ever.. too many people passionately support the pro-choice movement and things would turn violent, and there's just too much money being made in the medical community off the killing of fetuses.

The 2nd Amendment will also never be overturned no matter how many get shot or how determined some are to infringe upon the freedoms of others.
There also can never be true legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states (probably at minimum a couple generations away) and if the US truly opened its borders to all including illegals it would decimate the economy and open itself up to terrorists simply driving in..

And as for the Confederate flag?  Pathetic how successful the black community has been to banish the battlefield flag of a country that hasn't been around in close to 150 years under the ruse that it gives them pain and sets them back..

Guess the reason half of black males will be in jail before they turn 24 years old in today's world according to the Department of Corrections is because of that mean ole' flag.

Not that we're into scapegoating and shifting of blame but could have sworn that ole' Stars n' Stripes and the policies of those who salute the Star Spangled Banner between 1865 to the present have done more to keep the black person "down" than the Stars n' Bars ever have or could..
It seems like we're just trailing away into a tangent but it all ties in..

You have got to start thinking for yourself.. shed the collective skin of your background, heritage, political party and all that bullshit.   You and others Must start becoming true Individuals (responsible to you and your immediate family)

No child was born believing a political party or dogma and to be proud of something uncontrollable like skin color, gender or background is like being proud of having ear hair or a stubby big toe

When this economy drops rock bottom (and it will)..and cash is King (which it will be) and the System is tightening its vice grip because its scared to death of its citizenry, you have got to be able to Survive!

And Survival doesn't necessarily mean hiding out in the woods with the bears and the elk as you eat canned peas and trail mix for three months..
Survival requires Individual thought and trust in oneself to make the best decisions for your daily existence when the apparatus of the System can not protect you or solve all your problems..

It means the ability to question everyone and everything..

It also means to Stop trusting or believing your leaders!

The President will be speaking tonight as part of the annual State of the Union address..   We will not watch a second of it..  A complete utter waste of time and energy..

Felt that way when Bush spoke too.. And Clinton before him..
No President has the guts or balls to ever admit how Terrible things are..  Even in 2009 before the gloss over began, Obama refused to admit the state of the Union was horrible.

He went the cowardly politically expedient route..

In February 2009 the President said insincere bullshit meaninglessness like "We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before."

Wonder who's the bigger idiot.. He who spoke it or those who believe it?  Many people sure gobbled it up like birdseed

And that is the biggest reason this nation is failing.. Belief.
Too many people like and respect and believe the President; see him as actually trying..

Too many believe their representatives.. Oh sure they hate Congress but 95% re-election rate speaks volumes

Too many believe being loud and vociferous and agitating and Demanding things get better is unpatriotic..  (Poor Occupy Movement-- it never stood a chance of mainstream support)

Too many believe better days are ahead
Too many believe their money is safe and they are safe and all is well and government cares and they're looking out for the people and things get better automatically because well We are the USA...

And its enough to make any sane, intelligent person just laugh..

And cry.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting People to Protect their Life Savings like Pulling Teeth

~ "Its OK Billy.. its for the Greater Good of the Government..."

One topic we have written exhaustively about here at A&G in the hopes that people would actually listen to us and not give mere lip service or a nod their their head and go 'yeah right!' is that your money.. your precious cash should NOT be in a bank.

We don't care if you have $1,000 or $10,000 or $10 million deposited..

Or if you keep it instead under a mattress, a sock drawer, empty paint can or the family urn..

Beyond what is necessary to pay your monthly bills, your money should NOT be in a bank.. Period.

Put aside the fact you get next to nothing in interest off your money while the bank can lend out 10x the amount to others at dramatically greater interest via a policy called fractional reserve lending..

And the fact we've warned since what happened to Cyprus last year, that nations around the world have put into law what are known as 'bail ins'...

This means if the economic system collapses, the governments who approved such measures (US hasn't Yet..) can seize and confiscate a portion of your savings along with everyone else's to pay continuing debts and keep the system afloat..

In a smaller way, MF Global, run by former NJ Governor and Goldman Sachs CEO Jon Corzine did exactly this to those who did business with his company...
To keep things very simple, they seized segregated accounts people had meant solely for the purchase of gold and other commodities to cover other losses on risky investments MF had taken negative hits on...

It took those who had their accounts violated and plundered about a year to get back those stolen moneys and no one got back 100 cents on their lost dollar..

The reason you should not have your money in a bank is that now they are more brazen and up-front in their determination you not take back the cash you initially deposited..

From BBC:

 "Some HSBC (bank) customers have been prevented from withdrawing large amounts of cash because they could not provide evidence of why they wanted it.."

Prevented..   Withdrawing one's own money.. Because they couldn't prove how they were spend it.. Or really in truth, because people didn't show they were going to spend it..
We must be talking about millions of British pounds right?

"The (new) policy affects customers attempting withdrawals for amounts as little as £5,000 ($8,253)."

And why is HBSC doing this?

"HSBC says it’s all done in the name of customer protection."

Its happening in Merry England.. It will ultimately happen here..

Here's the Real reason boys n' girls..
The banks Know that there will be an economic collapse of some kind in the near future; some systematic failure in all likelihood brought on by a market crash.. and they are putting in policies and protective measures to ensure during a bank run you can't access your money so they can survive

When the collapse happens, you will be severely limited to both teller and ATM withdrawals (assuming ATMs still possess) cash and if you try to flee anywhere outside your country with your cash, like in Cyprus last year, military police will seize it at the airport terminal.

Continuing the BBC article:

"Stephen Cotton went to his local HSBC branch this month to withdraw £7,000 from his instant access savings account to pay back a loan from his mother.

A year before, he had withdrawn a larger sum in cash from HSBC without a problem.
But this time it was different, as he told Money Box: "When we presented them with the withdrawal slip, they declined to give us the money because we could not provide them with a satisfactory explanation for what the money was for. They wanted a letter from the person involved."

Mr Cotton says the staff refused to tell him how much he could have: "So I wrote out a few slips. I said, 'Can I have £5,000?' They said no. I said, 'Can I have £4,000?' They said no. And then I wrote one out for £3,000 and they said, 'OK, we'll give you that.' "

He asked if he could return later that day to withdraw another £3,000, but he was told he could not do the same thing twice in one day. "

In case you're curious, £7,000 is $11,000

~ "Make sure you be a Good Girl and put that in a Bank.. or else!

It frustrates us to no end and we here don't pretend to hide it..

Its not the frustration on the part of the System.. it does what it is supposed to to.. Survive by any means necessary and off of as many people as possible..  And we Hate banks but they are greedy profit making entities-- nothing less, nothing more.

We get severely frustrated because people refuse to be Individuals and think for themselves.

Just too much G-D faith and trust and belief in this Government.. in this Matrix we all live in called a System..
~ I told my tooth fairy I would not accept checks..

Too much acceptance that you elect a piece of Shit every four years and he (or one-day she) will take care of everything; that you follow the rules, obey the laws, pay your taxes, do as your told like good little monkeys and everything will be OK..

And we're told from a very early age, when you have money put it in a bank..

Put it in a bank..  Put it a bank..   Put it in a Bank..

Not safe to travel or do anything unless in a Bank..

What about being robbed??.. What about if the house catches on fire??..

That is the Logic of Conformity.
~ NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Clarke

Seriously.. If we entered your home as either guest or intruder, would we possibly know if you had a safe behind a picture of daffodils, or if you kept your money inside a box of Captain Crunch, bag of potato chips or buried inside an old snow boot?

As for fire, they sell fire-proof mini safes that are the size of briefcases, though we imagine if god-forbid your home catches on fire and you happen to be there, the first thing you'd instinctively rush to take after getting the family to safety was your $$ and credit cards.

They're good enough to store your important papers.. they're good enough to store your cash..

Little side note for those who think they are smart keeping valuables in a safety deposit box--  If a bank catches on fire when the safe is closed like after business hours, the vault is fireproof.  If the bank catches on fire when the vault is open, your valuables are Toast!
~ NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Orr on left

There's a very brief scene in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' where Leonardo DiCaprio's character wants people to try to sell him a pen.   All of them stutter about trying to describe the pen and how it functions..

Earlier in the film he presents the same question to some of his friends..

One says in effect, "Could you sign your name on this paper for me?"  Leo says "I don't have a pen" to which the guy holds it up..

So we will use that same sales pitch with you..
The market has crashed or there's a natural disaster..  Banks closed.. Credit Cards not being accepted..  Checks are Worthless..

"Sir/Miss, how will you be paying for that??"

BTW for those who believe the FDIC which insures funds up to $250k per account will come and save the day in a True financial crisis, get real..

The FDIC has about $55 billion in reserves to cover deposits..

That sounds like a lot doesn't it?

That comes out to $174 dollars per person based on US Pop. of 315 mil.
Ultimately what you do with your money is your business...  We're not selling a single thing.. And we know how difficult it can be to suddenly go against what comes natural and what one's spent a lifetime being brainwashed..

But we are very admittedly angry at a System that since 2008 has gotten worse and worse and not only does it not admit it, but goes to the other extreme to pretend all is hunky-dory..

And the people are grateful to be spoon-fed the sugar to help swallow the truth

Sings.. " the most delightful way.."
Get your $$ out of the bank.. As much as you can.. As quick as you can..

And if you don't, we here at A&G will feel guiltless..

Only so much teeth-pulling we can do before the wrench gives out..

Friday, January 24, 2014

So What Does Keep the Super-(Evil) Rich Awake At Night?

There was an article in our local newspaper yesterday that amused us quite a bit..

The header:  "What keeps the super rich awake at night?"

A survey was compiled prior to this week's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (where the True power brokers of the world converge to manipulate the System to their advantage).

Nearly 700 Davos-connected people responded and, for the first time in the history of the survey, an additional 500 CEOs were asked..

Here were the biggest concerns:
1)      Income inequality, which threatens social and political stability as well as economic development.

2)      Increasing numbers of extreme weather events which cause massive damage to property, infrastructure and the environment.

3)      Chronic unemployment, which coincides with a rising skills gap and high underemployment, especially among the young.

4)      Climate change, specifically the failure of government and industry to take action to protect threatened people and businesses.

5)      The escalation of large-scale cyber-attacks.
We thought we'd cut through the nonsense and take a moment to really address each supposed 'concern'..

1)  Income inequality

What a joke..

The super wealthy.. The 85 people that as we mentioned yesterday possesses equal to half the world's population's wealth care as much about the ability of people to survive on their own as anyone else could or would care if a squirrel finds a nut or a rat finds cheese.
And why should they..  It is they who created and/or exploited the wealth disparity for their financial and political benefit.  And they're the ones who put the politicians into office who along with the military and police, protect their interests

Remember the old adage:  'Give someone a fish and feed for a day; Teach someone to fish and feed for a lifetime..'

To the super rich and powerful, the adage might as well be 'Promise someone starving a fish and you can work that person to death; Actually deliver on that promise and the worker loses incentive'
And as for political and social stability, as long as its not happening where the super elite reside, what do they care?  These people have multi-passports to go with their multi-nationalities and multi-bank accounts...

No loyalty or emotional bond to anything..

2)  Weather events

As long as their physical property is not harmed, Aspen still has plenty of snow for skiing and the major markets of the world are not affected, the super wealthy elite couldn't give the slightest crap about blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis..

In fact to many, the more destruction, the better..
Let Japan be engulfed by a tsunami or a large swath of rural towns in Oklahoma be decimated by tornadoes.. or New Orleans become a cesspool post-Katrina

It just means new investment opportunity and that means Profit!


3)  Chronic Unemployment

If the super powerful and financial elite truly wanted to fix this problem there's many options at their disposal..
     a)  Actually hire people who aren't temps at living wages based on a 40 hr week and which provide benefits..

     b)  Pay their fair share of taxes so government would have the necessary revenue to hire more people in the public sector

     c)  Donate a small portion of their collective trillions as grants or very-low interest loans to encourage entrepreneurs who want to establish start up companies and thus hire others to turn fledgling ideas into something sustainable

    d)  Any combo of a, b and c
They couldn't give a flying fig that 1/3 of Americans do not work for one reason or another or that near 50% of all Spanish young adults do not have a job..

These are the type of people who pay their servants usually base wages and if anyone utters a peep, utters that insipidly insulting response of "Its a free country and free market..  Don't like getting $7/hr to clean the toilet, you're free to quit"

4)  Climate Change

In this area the well-to-do care a little..  Specifically where their businesses may be affected adversely..
Remember one does not get to a level of supreme financial power by being compassionate, conscientious and possessing concern for the needs of others.

It takes another 'C' word..  Hint: It rhymes with 'Hunt'

Planet Earth is one big Disney-like playground for them to steer their yachts and fly their executive planes over..

As we said before, if climate change adversely affects one part of the globe, they will simply relocate to a different mansion and bring their staff accordingly (Or if more cost-effective, fire that old staff and leave them to live amid the ecological rot they leave behind, then hire new servants).

5)  Cyber-Attack Escalation

This area is probably the only one of sincere, genuine concern since the financial elite and other power brokers are so heavily dependent upon computers and the internet to survive..
If as example a hacker got into the distribution structure of a department store chain, it could cause major havoc with supply lines..  That is ~Gulp~ loss of $$

We saw recently the power of hackers who got into Target and Neiman Marcus's credit card data base to seize tens of millions of cardholders' account numbers and personal information.

Its a very real problem and the super rich are not immune

Obviously the elites were affected by the NM card break-in

Had it been Sears?  Yep.. a collective 'shrug'..
So many offshore accounts to keep track of and stocks to buy/sell at a click of a mouse button halfway around the world..

So yes, they sincerely care about this one..

The notion that these people care about you and we..  laughable.

For the vast majority, we are debt slaves.. And these people our masters..
If we the people were post-Civil War sharecroppers trying to eek out a meager living, those well-to-do would be the owners of the General Stores who sell us the farming equipment we need but never for cash..

Always sold on credit..  Always high interest..   Always such that repayment impossible..

If there's anything that keeps the super-rich awake at night, its more likely to be adrenaline rush of making more money or the physical reaction to all their sexual and pharmaceutical excesses, than any real suffering of the bottom 99.99999%
Think about it like this..

The other day Warren Buffett offered $1 billion to whomever gets a perfect bracket in this upcoming NCAA basketball tournament..  And people cheered and thought how 'cool' that was..

Nice to see Mr B. have that much to spare..

Do you know how much $1 billion really buys??

The average annual tuition for an undergrad student at a private university is about $40,000.
$1 Billion would allow 25,000 students to attend for 1 year or 6,250 students to attend for 4 years and obtain a diploma..

The average grocery bill for one person is $300/month..

$1 billion would pay for 3.33 million people's food bill for 1 month or the grocery bill for 277,777 people for a full year..

The cost of a flu shot for someone with no medical co-pay is up to $28

$1 billion would pay for over 37.5 Million people to receive the vaccine to protect against influenza..
So Mr Buffett has this extra $1 billion collecting dust in one of his bank vaults and instead of putting it to good use, he's offering it as a reward for picking basketball games..

And that is as good an example as any of the Truth of where the super-rich's priorities lie.