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Friday, April 25, 2014

A Presidential Hug and $2 will Buy a Cup of Coffee

~  "Thank you for handing me your Dad's resume.. I know just where I'm going to put it.."

This is posting #2 for Friday.. either a bonus treat or 'Ugh' depending of whether you agree with our points of view..

One of the big trending topics for today is a sweet little girl who met the First Lady and handed her the resume of her Dad who has been out of work for over three years..

Only this piece of shit propagandistic 'Accept "Recovery" or Die' media could cover a girl as a desperate gesture giving a resume to the people mostly responsible for her Daddy and millions of others' demise and make it a positive 'Awww' moment..

Now if the guy had 'golf caddie' somewhere on the resume, we're sure the President would hire him on the spot..

But at least the sweet little girl got a hug for her troubles..  That should put biscuits and milk on the table..
Sorta like going to a cardiologist and handing him or her your Dad's EKG in the hopes someone will take an interest in his heart problems and getting a nice smile and a lolly 

Some will scream,  'No its Bush's fault.. Bush is the reason that person is out of work.. Its Bush I tell ya.. Its Bush!!'  (bangs stick repeatedly)

Hmm.. let's do some simple math..

Right now its 2014..  Three years ago it was 2011..  Pres. Bush left office in January 2009..

So..  um..  'nods'..

But like we said earlier in the week, most people really don't care about the economy, especially those who have jobs..
To those who don't, the mood has hardened like it always does from 'Those poor unfortunate souls..' to 'Those shiftless lazy bastards!' just as the corporate world and politicians knows it always does..

There will always be people who are either clueless, misguided, deeply loyal to their political party to the point of delirium, or some combo thereof..

Remember, in 1973 there were still some Republicans who loyally backed Nixon even after resignation and felt he did nothing wrong; that it was a smear job..

In 1980, President Reagan defeated one of the most horribly weak and impotent Presidents this nation has ever had-- super high interest, economic malaise, Americans held captive for over as full year.. and yet in 1980 Carter received over 35.4 million votes!
During the 2nd term of the Clinton Administration, the President lied under oath in the Paula Jones depositions but you know.. "It was only about sex.. everyone lies about sex.."  and "Hey what do you expect him to do..incriminate himself??"

Loyalty is a crazy thing..

So you have this populace divided into four camps...  

1)  A percentage of people know Obama is a complete utter do-nothing and base their feelings on fact.

2)  A percentage of people hate Obama so much that even if he truly did fix the economy and make America better, he'd get zero credit..
3)  A percentage of people voted and supported Obama and feel deeply disappointed but will not admit it too much publicly for concern they open themselves to personal criticisms by zealous debaters

4)  A percentage of people think Obama is the 2nd coming of Christ, he is perfect-- he can do nothing wrong, everyone treats him unfairly, and anyone who thinks different can go 'F' themselves

Which one are you?

As for A&G..  We're mostly #1 with a smidge of #3 because we held out some hope at the beginning of term #1 that those 12-15 months of campaign speeches about going after Wall Street and the banks, putting serious reforms in place and getting people back to work were genuine..

We wonder how the media would purposely distort things if the President or First Lady met homeless people literally on their knees with hands outstretched seeking money or food?..
Perhaps the headline would be..

 "Eager Supporters Deliriously Excited To Meet President"

Or "President Once Again Demonstrates He Cares"

Or "The Poor Joyfully Bow Down At The Feet Of Their Heroes"

You pick..  After all, that's what democracy is all about..