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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oh if I Were Only President..

Today's post may be an exercise in futility and/or irrelevance since realistically there's no way yours truly will ever hold this specific job title..

Nonetheless, today's creative writing will address how I, if President of the good ole' USA would fix the problems that are plaguing this nation which aren't being addressed or worse mucked up by the current one..

I recommend every reader play along and really think to yourself what you would do different if anything to deal with the topics we at A&G will be writing on.

Criticism is easy but solutions, even ones others may not agree with, take thought and effort..
And yes I'm sure some of the policies discussed will be disagreed with as somewhere in the rainbow of 'too little' to 'too extreme', but that's the ultimate point of today's post.. stimulate thought..

So start with something simple (Har-Har) If I was President, how would I deal with...


I do not pretend to know every facet of Obamacare but I do believe strongly it is wrong and unjust to be legally obligated to purchase health insurance if one does not wish to.

Under the noble Utopian goal of providing insurance for those who perhaps can not afford it on their own, it has forced many healthy citizens who for whatever reason do not want or wish to carry insurance to purchase..

And of course the rise in premiums for those with money to pay for the coverage of those without..
So if I was President, this policy would be scrapped.

Instead of providing health care to every single person regardless of  age and lack of income, a policy would be set up providing health care for all minors up to 21 years old of all economic brackets under $250k annually at which time he/or she would then be responsible for their own healthcare..

There would be a caveat- Any minor receiving coverage for a serious condition as a minor i.e. fighting cancer, etc would not automatically be kicked off because of reaching a 21st birthday, but would be given an additional year of free coverage for those specific ailments insurance was previously paying for...

Premiums would admittedly increase to pay for the program but not as much as one is paying today vs last year at this time and no one would be forced to join up.

I would work with Congress as best I could to get a $2 Trillion dollar job creation bill passed to get Americans not only working but once again motivated to be entrepreneurs again..

One trillion would be in the form of subsidies to businesses of all sizes, small to large who wish to hire more workers but can not afford to do so.

A maximum amount of $2500 would be subsidized to a company for every new employee making $15/hr or more ($31,200 or higher)   This would be enough to assist in the job creation and preservation of such employ for up to 40 million people for 10 years

The goal is creating and maintaining good paying jobs, not propping up minimum wage, minimal skilled work..

An additional Trillion would be set up as grants or very low interest loans to encourage small to medium size new business creation that required a physical presence (bricks and mortar store) rather than a solely Internet business.
The program would provide up to $100k for start up businesses that hired a minimum of 3 people not including themselves.  The Trillion dollars allocated for the entrepreneurial grant would be enough to assist up to 10 million people wanting to open their own business and unable to due to financial considerations..

If it didn't get passed or a watered down version that was no good to anyone, I would do a combination of non-stop Executive Orders and having a Congressperson agreeable to the plan attach the bill to every piece of legislation great or small until something gets passed to sincerely get people working

Foreign policy

This is a broad area to which I will keep things as simple as possible..

*  Our allies are our friends and treated as such.  
The US really only has one ally in the Middle East.  Many Presidents including Obama love pretending we're allies with Israel then kick it in the stomach and force it to heal every time we're concerned its autonomy goes against our overall policies..

My policy is simple.. Israel does as it wishes.  Just like Britain or France or Germany or Canada or Australia does as it wishes and we don't try to control them with threats of economic punishment and other blackmail.

In my Presidency, you don't treat enemies as allies and allies as crap.

*  In my Presidency, we avoid needless foreign entanglements.

That means we don't try to pick a fight with Syria so US troops are sent to fight and die alongside al Qaeda, no matter how much Saudi Arabia secretly pushes..
That also means we don't pick a needless scrap with Russia over a backward nation in Ukraine that is more neo-fascist by the day and we certainly don't ignore the free democratic vote of a people in the Crimea wanting to go home because it conflicts with NATO interests.

*  I Do deal directly with Iran however..

Any nation that openly and continually states they want to eradicate another nation from the face of the earth and kill everyone living there, doesn't get to have nuclear weapons, and under my Presidency I would guarantee even if military force is used, Iran would not possess them

Controlling the Federal Reserve

This would be the Battle Royale of my Presidency because whether I was dealing with a Fed Chair who was a bastard or a bitch, their power would be severely weakened before my term in office was complete or make Wall Street's life utter Hell in the process...
The ultimate goal dealing with the Fed was taking away their ability to make decisions such as QE, its amount and length of time without Executive Consent.

So if the Fed did not willingly give up some of its economic powers back to Congress and some decision making powers to the Executive Branch, I would do everything in my power to disrupt markets and scare the shit out of traders and Investors..

Instead of the market closing at 4p, I'd Executive Order it closed at 2p..  or noon..  Or have it go on a day holiday then follow with another holiday.. then another..

I'd also push Congress to pass a bill dramatically raising stock dividend taxes on individuals and businesses earning more than $50k annually in stock profit..
And/or push for the break up of the big banks much like Ma Bell and Standard Oil was splintered off, and as stated before, whatever I couldn't do legislatively, I would do via Executive Order and other Bully device at my disposal

The goal being once again.. make life at the Fed utter Hell and finally weaken their power.


Marijuana is not legal and never will be legal..  Only if medically approved and under strict supervision is it accessed

Jail time for pot use or possession is only on a 3rd conviction with first two being fines.  However if you are under age or an adult attending school with Federal Government assistance (loans or grants), one conviction means you lose access that money immediately and are prevented from receiving for 5 years

Call it the 'Spoiled Middle-Class College Pot Smoker' law...
The same loss of access to Federal grants and loans to attend college applies for those arrested for underage drinking..

As President I would go hard after Hollywood for making shit movies and television programming that promotes and makes light out of drug and alcohol use without showing the realities of its short and long term effects..

Some may say this is infringing upon First Amendment but remember in government, everything is quid pro quo.   Hollywood needs Washington DC to enforce its intellectual copyright laws, piracy, etc.. especially in places like China or the entertainment industry will take a massive financial hit..

So...  As President, I do my part when you film studios show you've done yours..
There's more I could write on and certainly could be more expansive but what was written is sufficient to get the gist..

If I was President I would go like a Ram at the power and establishment of this nation.. The Fed, Wall Street, Banks the Entertainment Industry, the Insurance providers..

My motto would be "Carry and Use a Big Stick and Then Speak Softly"

I'd be a one-termer at best but so be it.. Better to be in office for four years and do something than to be another eight-year do-nothing

Of course for that reason there's no chance in Hell that I or anyone like me could ever reach any position of decision making power..   We may actually get things done..