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Thursday, April 10, 2014

'Trending' Topics': Another Example of the Dumbing Down of Society

It really shouldn't be much of an argument that most people are clueless about what's going on around them and whether by accident or by intention and prideful of it, most people are also quite dumb.

Always exceptions to the rule of course but generally speaking we stand by that previous statement..

That is why programs like "Are You Smarter than a 3rd Grader" become ratings hits for so long and why former Tonight Show host Jay Leno never had much difficulty finding imbeciles on the street who couldn't remember basic information about this country's history or current events for his "Jaywalking" segments..

But then the question becomes one of chicken vs egg..   Is the media simply catering to a public that outside of a dramatic 9/11 event have no time, patience or brain power to follow anything of substance..  OR..
Have people over time been continually dumbed down generation upon generation by television to the point few bother to read and everything has to be geared to short attention spans using lots of light and color and humor like Sesame Street?

Arguments can be made both way..

We will say the powers that be; the political and economically elite that run the show here and abroad..  they love it..  and we mean La La LOVE it!

The more people fixated with the size of Kim Kardashian's plump ass and need to only mate with black men, the break up of Gwyneth Paltrow and her hubby and sports athletes coming out of the closet, etc.. the less they will even bother to try to follow real news like a crumbling economy, an inactive President and Congress, a failure of a foreign policy, etc..
The best way to see either what people are interested in, or what the media tells people to care about (depending on point of view) is to focus on trending topics like on Facebook and Yahoo..

For 'fun', we will compare the trending topics at this moment (11:30am  4/10/14) with relevant news stories which the trend list does not mention so we can make our point

On Facebook, the trending topics are football player Brandon Spikes who referred to his time playing with the New England Patriots in twitter as "4 years a slave"; Jimmy Fallon & Stevie Nicks recreate "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" video on his late show, and the Irwindale CA city council unanimously declare Sriracha sauce a public smell nuisance..

Seriously..  Who the F' Cares!!  And yet That nonsense trends..
Now while this was being reported for millions of anti-social Facebook addicts to peruse, here is some real news from today they forgot to mention..

"President Vladimir Putin has told European leaders a dispute over Ukraine's gas debt to Russia could affect supplies of Russian gas to Europe..  The remarks were the strongest sign yet that Russia could curtail supplies of gas to Ukraine, which could increase tension between Moscow and Kiev and aggravate the worst crisis in East-West ties since the Cold War"  -- Reuters

"More proof that financial markets are in thrall to central banks rather than caring about the health of the economy:  Data out of Asia and Europe were disappointing, with China suffering a drop in both exports and imports and with industrial production in Italy softening as deflation worries persisted in France. Yet markets are stronger everywhere today." -- WSJ
Who cares about all that when the Simpsons is launching a 12 day marathon of its programs on Fox's sister FXX network..     Yes that was another Facebook trending topic.

Now to be fair there was one relevant trend topic..  Family Dollar announcing it will close 370 stores, though Facebook makes it into a positive by saying the company will save $40 to $45 million in operating expenses

Of course there's no context or meaning behind the relevance of this..

First, if each Family Dollar employs a mere 5 employees which is a very low number, that means another 1,850 people at minimum will be out of a job in this glorious 'Recovery'

Second, Family Dollar isn't a high end store.. it caters to low income people by offering inexpensive items..  If they can't make a profit to survive when people are looking to save 25 cents every way one can, then isn't that a canary in the coalmine in terms of where retail is looking?
Now as much as we hate Facebook and that super-wealthy Social Network multi-billionaire parasite Mark Zuckerberg (Did you know Facebook has not had to pay any corporate income taxes in the last two years?  - Think of that as you scurry to finish filing your 1040),  Yahoo! trend topics are just as insipid...

Here's the current Yahoo! 'trends':

*  Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson because he'll be in an upcoming Hercules movie

*  Actor Donal Logue because Law & Order SUV or SVU or whatever is promoting him to recurring status

*  'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' which is a G.D. P.O.S.  television show has now Officially "gotten interesting"
*  Actress Katherine Heigl because she sues a pharmacy over a tweet..

*  Actress Julia Louis Dreyfuss posing 'nude' for Rolling Stone.  (As an aside, to be posing 'nude' really means to show your exposed breasts and/or vagina and Not covering intimate parts with arms/hands, clothing, strategic prop, or to just have one's bare back photographed exposed like in that R.S. cover..)

*  The TV show 'Under the Dome' returns this summer..

Anyways..  you see where this is going..  Practically every trending topic involves a stupid worthless celebrity or something involving gossip fodder.
Funny how no one seems to give a fig about the following:

"Initial Jobless Claims Plunge Most Since 2006 To Lowest Since 2007.. " - AP

Which means either the economy is so robust and strong that pretty much everyone out of work has work and all is well, OR there comes a bottom point in a recession-depression where so many millions are laid off, you simply can't layoff much more without it affecting business productivity

Either way, this was irrelevant to people..

Also we found the following item something that should have been a trending topic if not for.. well.. the fact its anti-Obama and heaven forbid a trending topic promotes that..
It seems "Obama Girl".. you know the one who sang that music video professing her love and adoration for the man as our next President has woken up...  Took her six years but hey, that is quicker than most..

She posted a YouTube video where she states one after another all the ways Obama is a failure and liar; another George Bush as she describes him..  Then literally burns the Obama shirt that she wore while campaigning for him in 2008.

We bet anything if "Obama Girl" said or did anything that was positive toward the President, it would have trended..

Guess its more interesting and important to trend that actress Mariska Hargitay is dressing as a princess for her daughter's birthday and some actress from the show 'Glee' calls off her wedding engagement.  - Yes, also real trend topics
Most people are stupid.. Deeply, profoundly stupid..

And extremely anti-social.

Blame television.. Blame technology.. Blame the school system..

At this point, it doesn't matter the 'How' or 'Why'..

All that matters is what IS and that is why more than any other reason you have a massive erosion of society that is so all-consumed with satisfying the ID and being in state of perpetual-continual non-stop entertainment-hunting.
And when any reality bursts the bubble, you have populaces that are completely impotent and looking to leaders in government to save, protect and do everything for them.. whatever it takes to re-seal the bubble..

And the Elite couldn't be happier.