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Friday, May 9, 2014

Honest Truth about being PC, 'Redskins' and Not Going after Real Symbols

If we had to compile a list of things we truly hate, at the very top would be economic injustice - unfairness - criminality, the Federal Reserve, and people who refuse to question anything they are told.

We also hate Political Correctness..    Despise its insincerity in all forms..

It was a concept created by the corporate world and then picked up by politicians and media and ultimately pushed upon the populace that no one is ever to be offended at any time over any thing..

And to ensure everyone is happy and shopping or watching the TV network (its original purposes), any time anyone is the slightest bit perturbed by a name or image or a symbol, its to be changed or altered so the few are content while the rest have to just accept it for the greater good.

Amazingly this mindset has permeated for over two decades now and other than the fact blacks are called this absurd hyphenated name and the word Christmas is taboo at Christmastime, its really been a complete waste of time..
In fact little to no good has ever come of PC correctness

Saturday Night Live last autumn signed in mid-season a token black actress and two charity black female writers because the PC police said the show wasn't diverse enough..

Lorne Michaels, the spineless producer either on his own or under pressure from NBC (Nothing But Crap) went out of his way last October to only audition black female comedians..  no one else

Don't know about them or you but if yours truly was hired solely for my gender, sexual orientation or some factor that had Nothing to do with my skill, I'd be utterly embarrassed and feel a bit of dejection that I was hired because I have breasts or have brown skin or practice a unique faith.

A few weeks ago the NBA along with millions of fans, conducted a disgusting witch hunt on one of their owners because he told his half-black girlfriend-mistress whom he'd given millions of dollars to and had sex with, to not take pics with blacks though it was OK if she slept with them if she wished..
~ "I got 3 expensive cars, a $1.5 mil condo and a lot of cash from his old fool.. Hmm, think I will secretly record our conversations"

Last week the WBC, a boxing association suspended a black boxer for saying after defeating a Hispanic that "An Amer-ican defeated a Mex-ican".   PC bastards go after everyone black or white..

And of course this long, tiring on-going need by some, mostly pathetic whitey (Did we offend?) to change the name of the Washington Redskins to something unoffensive.

As if hundreds of years of killing and systematic destruction of a race (as some say) can be fixed by telling a private corporation to change its name and logo, which its possessed for over 75 years..

The PC police pretend they care about the feelings of the Indian people yet never acknowledge that opinions on the term and logo among Indians are split down the middle between offense and pride.
If the PC do-gooders really wanted to eradicate all overt and covert symbols of Indian "bigotry", sought to make things 'fair' and possessed anything representing balls, here's some targets they would go after instead of an NFL team moniker..

1)   Remove Andrew Jackson off the $20 Bill

Andrew Jackson was one of the greatest Presidents in this country's history and a successful military commander having slaughtered the British at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814 to end the War of 1812.

He also was the epitome of an Indian Killer and hater..   He lead two campaigns into Florida to defeat and destroy the Seminoles and as President, he pushed for the removal of all Indians who lived in the Southeast US toward reservations in the West known as the "Trail of Tears"

But you don't see these PC pieces of garbage daring to have Jackson removed from US currency..
~ Statue of Jackson.. Jacksonville, Fla

Or to take down the myriad of statues in his honor across the US..

Or to demand that every city and county named in President Jackson's honor be changed so not to celebrate or pay homage to the man


2)  End 'Presidents Day'

If you count all the US Presidents who have either fought in military campaigns against the Indians or conducted policy in office that was harmful toward that race, honestly 35% of our past leaders would fit the bill..
~ 'Tippacanoe' isn't just a silly word you remember from elementary school-- it was a Battle where future President William Henry Harrison defeated the Indians in present day Indiana

Then add slave owners, post Civil War racists, anti-Semites, etc.. and well you're looking at over 60% being terrible people according to the PC-ites..

So why honor any of them, right?  We can just celebrate modern crap like the two Bushes, Clinton and this current egotist in office..

3)  Ban the American Flag

People love saying the Confederate battle flag is racist and how it needs to be banned, which is kinda weird considering the flag was only in existence in terms of its original purpose for four years (1861-65)

All those soldiers who fought and killed Indians from the late 1700s until the end of the 1800s... the men wearing coats of indigo blue..  What flag did they attack and displace the Indians under?  The Confederacy?
~ Painting depicting Custer's Last Stand.. Hmm, that flag looks familiar

And all those policies to strip Indians of their home and to keep pushing them westward into reservations and to cut their long hair and give them christian names and make them wear western clothing, etc.. so they'd have no further connection with their culture..

Was it the Stars & Bars that did this criminality?

Or was it the Stars & Stripes?

4) Change 'Indiana'

All PC nitwits will tell you that the term Indian is offensive and hurtful to their spirits..  They should be called Native Americans...

Wonder why they don't fight to force the change of the state name to 'Native Americana'..

Wonder if it has something to do with the fact they 100% know they'd lose that battle?
~ Whewww, that's a lot of land to give back with zero compensation..

5)  Give Your Home Back

All this talk about how the white man came and stole all the Indian land and this and that and how terrible and horrible it was, etc etc..

Well..  give it back then..

Sell your home and land to an Indian for a very minimal amount, pack up your possessions and take you and your family back to your native Europe.

Who knows.. if millions upon millions give back their land to the Indians (and South Westerners give back their land and homes to the Mexicans) then everything can be so PC perfectly blissful..

~ After the Mexican War, the nation of Mexico lost not only Texas but present day California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico..

Quick question to think about and please do so sincerely:

Between 1914 and 1945, over 100 million Europeans alone-- Soldiers and civilians, young and old were killed in the prime of their lives by bullet, bayonet, bomb or gas chamber..

If there was no America to immigrate to because the Indians were left alone to graze the land and live in their teepees and wigwams, etc. do you think your ancestors would have survived two World Wars?

Do you think your parents would have met and thus you be alive?  Doubt it..

That's why PC sentimentality only goes so far and the self-preservation instinct always kicks in.
~ Gotta admit to yourself.. the man's complexion does look reddish

People can say all they want about the tragedy of the Indians but no one would truly want to reverse time and not colonize when understanding the bigger picture.

So you will Never Ever see the PC idiots attack something that is Big..  They need easy simple victories that have no teeth behind it..

But some will still say 'Redskins' is offensive

Gotta love those 'Dances w Wolves' revisionists who know absolutely nothing about history..

Indians were not all religious shamen and deep thinkers who respected the land,etc..   They were also brutal fighters and fought quite savagely against an enemy..
Do you know what it means to scalp someone?    It means taking the edge of a sharp (or dull) axe or knife and while the victim is still alive, cutting and quickly tearing their skin from the head while the near dead person is screaming in pain!

Who scalped their enemy..  the white settler or the red Indian?

During attacks on settlers' homes and villages, the Indians would also rape the women and either kill or abduct them after along with the children..

This is historical fact.

So 'Redskins' is much milder than 'Scalp-Scrapers'  or 'Settler-Rapers'.
The PC elite.. truth is they don't give two damns about the Indians or anyone else..

If they really cared, they'd work hard to eradicate the incessant problem of alcohol addiction and abject poverty that a great majority of Indians deal with on their reservations..

They'd also heavily target the casinos on Indian land to see whether all those tax-free profits are truly going to the tribes or just the hands of a select few Indian profiteers.

No different than with blacks.. Everyone wants to bag the CSA flag and all things that honor the Confederacy as if that will put food on a black family's table and a roof over their collective heads..

We don't respect simple symbolism by simple minded simps
Either make a genuine difference; a sincere commitment to improve the quality of life for a particular subjugated group or focus inward on making yourself and family better..

But don't be a PC bean-counter or do-gooder..

All their convictions are as light as floating feathers and sincerity as deep as water in a thimble..

They are historical revisionists with political/social agendas

They truly are the lowest of the low.