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Monday, June 30, 2014

Pt 2: Who Wins the 2014 Economic World Cup- Sweet 16 round

Hope everyone had a good weekend..

We spent it trying to do as much World Cup soccer watching as possible which admittedly was difficult based on the exceedingly biased and opinionated announcers who seemed to have their 'favorites' and made no bones hiding it..

But all that aside, its time to continue the Economic World Cup by taking this competition to the next stage, the Sweet 16..

Remember, we're not basing criteria on which nation has largest population, geography, or totality of economic input.
We're looking at trends.. Which economies are growing presently and will continue in the future vs which are in a rut or floundering due to heavy debt, GDP decline, unemployment, etc..

This was the reason the US failed to make it out of the group stage of our competition on Friday..  Good thing the actual soccer team fared better..

So on we go..  The Sweet Sixteen round:
Brazil v Chile 

Brazil is a growing economy but lately, whether or not its due to the tens of billions spent to host the World Cup and ultimately the 2016 Summer Olympics, its GDP is in the mud.

Back in 2010, Brazil's GDP was 7.5% then it dropped precipitously to 2.5% in 2011 then 1% in 2012 with a slight uptick back to 2.3% in 2013

Let's compare with Chile.. Very consistent GDP growth year to year of around 5.7% annually from 2010 to the present

Brazil may have squeaked by Chile in the actual match played this past Saturday but in our competition, Chile wins without need of extra time..
Mexico v. Netherlands 

Here's another match up that turned out exactly the same as the real WC..

Netherlands' GDP the last few years has been anemic with at best 1.5% growth in 2010 and recent worst of -1.2% in 2012 followed by a -0.8% decline last year..

Mexico on the other hand has been consistently growing year to year at around 4% annually though in 2013, their GDP only increased by 1.1%

But positive growth is always better than negative and when you consider Mexico has lower unemployment (4.9%) than Netherlands (7%), its pretty clear that unlike Sunday's result, Mexico advances
Colombia v Uruguay 

Both countries have impressive economies though Colombia's is much larger.  The last time Uruguay's annual GDP rate was in negative numbers was back in 2002 and Colombia goes back even further (1999)

Both nations on the other hand have high employment rates with Colombia's (9.8%) far surpassing Uruguay's at 6.8%

But where Uruguay kicks Colombia in the butt is when it comes to percentage debt to GDP.  For Colombia, 32% of its debt is tied to GDP.   For Uruguay, its -2.7% meaning they are actually a lender nation

Lenders always beat borrowers..  Unlike yesterday's for-real competition, Uruguay walks off here with the victory..
Costa Rica v Ivory Coast

The rest of these matches did not occur in the real WC..

Costa Rica's GDP has been a consistent annual growth of around 5% while Ivory Coast fluctuates greatly.. For instance in 2012, it grew at 9.5% yet the year before it declined by -4.7% making for a 14.2% swing in one calender year

This is actually a blowout of major proportions when looking at debt to GDP with Costa Rica carring about 36% while a staggering 98% of Ivory Coast GDP goes to pay off debt, mostly to the IMF..

Costa Rica advances without breaking a sweat..
Switzerland v. Nigeria

This match is also a blow out but it will surprise some when we say Nigeria gets the victory..

GDP annually has grown about 1.5 to 2% from 2010 to the present whereas thanks mostly to oil exports, Nigeria has risen annually around 7% year to year..

In addition, about 49% of Switzerland's GDP pays off debt while for Nigeria, the figure is 18%

Africa has its 'Great 8' representative
Iran v. Ecuador

Currently Ecuador's GDP is climbing year to year (7.8% followed by 5.1%) while whether it be due to US sanctions or other factors, Iran saw a decline of -5.7%

Also while Ecuador's unemployment is at 5.8%, Iran is almost double at 10.1%

Ecuador wins easily..
Germany v S. Korea

Germany is the largest economy in continental Europe and the biggest economy in the EU.. They run the show..

But paying the tab to keep the EU afloat has its costs like a drained treasury and declining GDP which saw it decline year to year from 4% in 2010 to 3.7% then 0.7% in 2012..

South Korea is also declining in GDP from 6.3% to 2% growth in two years but overall their numbers are an improvement over Germany.

Germany also has a higher unemployment rate (5.2% vs 3.7%) and carrying double the debt load (78% vs 38% as South Korea is..

Germany may be favorites to win it all for real but here in this competition, they are defeated by South Korea
Russia v. Ghana

The last match of the Sweet 16..   This is a toughie

Russia's unemployment rate is 4.9%..  For Ghana, its 11% yet Ghana's GDP is almost double annually what Russia's is (8% vs 3.9% year to year growth)

Russia's debt to GDP rate however is a very low 13% though for Ghana, its 48% but Ghana's debt per capita (meaning debt per average citizen) is a mere $682 vs $1987 per Russian

To give perspective, the debt per capita for the USA is $53,163 per person which compared to Ghana and Russia is absolutely PATHETIC..
If this was a real competition, it would go down to penalty kicks and Russia would just barely eek by with a win based on being more developed and a longer term prognosis for continual growth than Ghana that still in many respects is tribal..

So now that the sweet 16 is completed, here's how the next stage will look:

Chile v Uruguay
Mexico v Costa Rica
Nigeria v South Korea
Ecuador v Russia

Check back with us toward week's end to summarize the Great 8 through finals..

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who wins the 2014 Economic World Cup (Preliminary Stages)

We will be abnormally busy tomorrow with this and that, so today's posting will be our 'Weekender' and carry until our next on Monday 6/30..

The World Cup is winding down its preliminary matches today, then an off day tomorrow followed by the beginning of single-elimination 'Sweet Sixteen'..

We love following the World Cup no matter if the US makes it into playoffs or is eliminated a little later this afternoon, so in that spirit, we decided for fun to see who would win an economic WC

We kept all group participants exactly the same as the real WC but who wins or loses is determined by how that nation's economy is doing vs others.
Having a gigantic economy with large geography and population doesn't guarantee success in this 'tournament'..

What matters is how that economy is functioning today vs the competition..  Is it strong, on financial life support or somewhere in between?

So.. Let's to a quick summary of how the 2014 Economic World Cup plays out

First the preliminary rounds.  For those who aren't following the WC, there are eight groups, A to H with four nations competing in a round-robin to see which two advance from each group and which two go home..

From there, its set up where you play other nations in the playoffs based on whether you finished first or second..

The later rounds we will wrap up Monday but for today, we focus only on group stages..
Group A:  Brazil, Cameroon, Croatia, Mexico

Just like with the real tourney, Brazil and Mexico both make it to next round with ease with Brazil topping Mexico as #1 in this grouping.

Brazil is a developing country with lots of natural resources and Mexico benefits greatly from NAFTA.
Group B:  Australia, Chile, Netherlands, Spain

Netherlands advances and Spain is trounced and sent packing here just like the real soccer teams.

We should say right now no PIIGS nation (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain) will be advancing--

The EU has wasted trillions of Euros keeping these morbid economies afloat when they All should have had the political courage to default and made the global banks take the pain which instead their populaces are currently feeling

As for the Aussies v Chileans, Chile wins and take the #2 spot...  They're considered one of the most stable in South America if not the world while the nation 'Down Under' keeps having to manipulate interest rates lower to stimulate spending and borrowing..  Never a good sign..
Group C:  Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan

This grouping its a blowout..  Colombia and Ivory Coast advances.

Greece's economy is Horrid and Japan's economy is spinning out of control as its economic leaders keep dramatically cutting interest rates and increasing the circulation of Yen to try to get them out of a second dead decade in a row..

Colombia takes the #1 spot because Ivory Coast is a politically unstable nation and only compared to drek like Greece and Japan does its economy shine..
Group D:  Costa Rica, England, Italy and Uruguay

Costa Rica's economy is very very stable and Uruguay has a strong export market particular in agriculture, while Italy is part of the PIIGS and England is in a recession

Both nations are very close but we give the nod to Costa Rica as #1 seed just because its also #1 in the real Group D seeding over Uruguay.

Its quite shocking how accurate the results are of the real WC are compared to ours when we're not taking soccer skills into consideration

The only difference so far in our tally and the real WC is Greece advancing for real when economically, they're in the toilet and no signs of real improvement..

Group E: Ecuador, France, Honduras, Switzerland

France is the 2nd largest economy in Europe but things are so bad there, that for the highest earners, taxes have been raised to 75% with 8,000 individuals even taxed at 100% if you can imagine that..  No way they advance..

As for the other three nations, Switzerland and Ecuador advance because Honduras is heavily indebted to that US created scoundrel bank called the International Monetary Fund (IMF) when lends distressed nations money then bleeds it dry with high interest followed by ultimate privitazation (allowing private companies to come in and buy/own a nation's infrastructure)

Switzerland gets the nudge to #1 over Ecuador
Group F:  Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovena, Iran, Nigeria

This is a tough group to figure who advances out of..

Argentina's economy is very weak and heavily indebted with ministers recently saying they're being pushed to default, so obviously they don't advance.

Bosnia just secured more IMF loans to deal with flooding issues and they're a tiny nation with a weak economy to begin with..

Iran and Nigeria advance because both are oil producing nations and in the case of Iran, they actually would win this group because they are only one of Three nations on the entire Earth who do not owe a penny to the IMF or World Bank
Group G:  Germany, Ghana, Portugal, USA

Germany tops this grouping with a robust economy; the nation that pretty much rules over the EU, and Portugal does not advance because they're a PIIGS nation..

So its between Ghana and USA to see who advances..

The last five years thanks to oil export, Ghana's economy showed consistent GDP gains of over 8%.  For the 1Q of 2014, it dropped a bit...  to +6.7%.   The USA's GDP in the same period Sank to a -2.9%.   The last time GDP in the US grew by 6% or higher in a Quarter was in 2005
Ghana's unemployment rate is 11% vs our 'official' 6.3% but of course everyone with half a brain knows that tally is fiction based on selective data and we're really over 14% with over 100mil people in a population of 315+ million who for whatever reason (age, disability, unemployment, etc,,) do not work..

That's 1 in 3

Add to it, the fact that Ghana does not have over $17 trillion over its head in Debt and even though the USA is Obviously the more powerful and overall prosperous nation, at this moment our economy is in deep trouble-  nothing from 2008 was fixed..

Sorry to say but Ghana's economy this moment is stronger than the US which is a slap in the cheek indicator of how bad a fix we're in.. just most don't realize it

Not yet anyways..

Ghana advances..
Group H:  Algeria, Belgium, Russia, S. Korea

Russia has a growing economy.. Its one of the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and their GDP has grown in 4 years from -7.9% in 2009 to +3.2% today...

Belgium's economy has been pretty flatlined the past few years due to the economic pressure on the small nation to prop up the other deadbeats in its European Union so they don't advance..

Now its between Algeria and S. Korea..  What makes S Korea advance is Algeria can't seem to attract foreign investment while the Koreans are a major exporter of technology such as automobiles, appliances, etc..

Its Russia first and S. Korea second..
Based on how the World Cup seeds those who advance to the Stage of 16, here is how things look as we go into Monday for battle for 2014 Economic World Cup Supremacy..

Brazil v Chile (just like real WC)
Mexico v. Netherlands  (just like real WC)
Colombia v Uruguay   (just like real WC)
Costa Rica v Ivory Coast
Switzerland v. Nigeria
Iran v. Ecuador
Germany v S. Korea
Russia v. Ghana
Some shockers we know, but like we said before, this competition isn't based on the amount of GDP, geography size, population, etc but simply one which nations are the most economically healthy and growing vs those stagnant or in the midst of recession or worse..

Have a good weekend and enjoy watching the real matches~

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Recession is A-Comin' & Ways to Effect Change

Today the final adjustments were made on the GDP of the first quarter of 2014..

The initial numbers showed -1.0% decline

The 'experts' expected it to be downward revised to -1.8%

And the final tally..

2014 1Q GDP was -2.9%, the lowest since 2009
Not that anyone really cares..

Not that anyone really knows what the figure means or pays the slightest attention..

We admit it.. We sincerely hope the 2Q will be the same or worse because it will mean certain things will take place..

1) We will be 'officially' in recession again (two quarters in a row of negative growth) which is Extremely important because too many dim-witted people (not our readers) believe we've been in Recovery..

This forces the Obama Administration and the financial world and the corporate media to have to say the word 'Recession' and ultimately it will seep down to the dum-dum masses
Sorry but when we see big shiny balloons of 'optimism' based on naivety, we take out our big, long sharp pins and start a-poppin'

2)  If bad enough, it will trigger another downsizing which we look at as 'good' because we are sick and tired of the complacency people have; the calm quiet patience that things will simply get better because, well...   just because..

No!   To paraphrase from the 1975 film 'Network', you gotta' get Mad and say 'I'm a human being, God Dammit~..

And you're not going to take things anymore as is, and target those who are systematically decimating your quality of life and that of your children, and ultimately their children..
Dems.. Reps.. Both despicably evil and self-serving..

Specific individual politicians may not be but as political parties, its like picking between McDonald's or Burger King..  both places will serve food which will fatten you up and clog your arteries..

And both parties are deviant..  Been that way for generations but in times of financial hardship, that's when people really feel it..

Of course back in the depths of the horrible Great Depression, you had a President in FDR who actually tried to do things to get people working and get the economy growing through the people instead of bypassing them like today..
People have less than they once had and what most do have is being taken from them little by little through the increased costs of life even though the Fed refuses to acknowledge inflation exists...

Higher health, home and auto insurance.. Higher food and gas prices..

Everything going up except that paycheck and that welfare/Social Security check and many people just quietly stew or get depressed and then distract the mind with TV, movies, sports and for some, alcohol/drugs..

So how does one make their voice heard?

Admittedly there's little one can do as an individual to make a difference in terms of writing a meaningless letter to the President or local representative..
Collectively though if you find like-minded individuals or start something grass-roots on your own, then you have some weight behind to get heard or seen..

Also, whether as individuals or collective, learn how to be civilly disobedient and how to make that strategy most effective to suit your goals..

For instance, Martin Luther King did not successfully stop segregated busing in Montgomery, Alabama back in the early 1960s by making some speeches with catchy cadences or waving some magic wand..

He organized, galvanized then led a very successful boycott that crippled the local economy and forced them to change..
Also a good way to be heard is to create your own media.. a blog or podcast or newspaper circular..  You get to be your own editor in chief, you control your content, your message and no one can censor you..

And if like minded people discover and read or listen like the strong following we've cultivated here over the years, then at the very least you can have a voice and possibly inspire others..

And if you don't have the time or energy, then flood comment boards of mainstream news and finance sites they systematically lie and distort..

And if you get banned or blocked as we have been at times, simply create a new log-in ID and keep fighting..
Because no one in positions of power are really looking out for you..

Obama is a complete total do-nothing with an approval rating hovering around 40% which is pathetic because it means that individual not only has no support from the opposition but 20% of those who did support him, no longer do..

And Republicans lack of concern can best be expressed by paraphrasing Mitt Romney during the last election who stated with brutal honesty and clarity, ""I'm not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there."

The Reps also share Mitt's view at the time concerning 47% of Americans, "(They) believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. ... My job is not to worry about those people."
So you have a President who is Wall Street's 'boy', a Democratic party that could do so much more legislatively to create good paying jobs but chooses not to because they think the 'gridlock' strategy works better for mid-terms, and a Rep party who unlike Marie Antoinette, doesn't even think most of the working class deserve to eat cake..

And the masses are confused..  Who to vote for? Who will save us?

There's just too much complacency and immobilization

So if it takes a dramatic decline in GDP this quarter, a market crash or any other trigger to jolt people out of perpetual slumber and into a survival mode where they make their voices heard, then let it be..

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A&G Enemies' List Continued.. 'Hollywood & its China Relationship'

~ The famous Hollywood sign- 1974

We had so much fun compiling our initial five 'enemies' yesterday , that right after posting we sat around and had a spirited pow-pow as to who or what else could be included on our Enemies List..

We decided rather than another list with short explanation, we'd just stay focused on one topic..

And today's newest addition to our Enemies' List...


God how we Hate Hollywood!!
~ "My dress was designed by Anale Canalae.. His creativity just makes you open up and go Ahh!"

Hate the utter garbage they produce with 95% aimed at the lowest common denominator in order to ensure the biggest bottom line, and the other 5% being extremely politically/socially biased and manipulated tripe which gets Oscar nods..

For instance, what is the last film you've seen where a white man is wrongly accused of raping or killing a black child in an urban city and only the bravery of his tireless attorney keeps an innocent person from life behind bars?

Now, how many times have you seen or heard about films where a black man is wrongly accused of raping or killing a white child in a southern or Midwest town and yadda yadda..

We hate how their motion picture ratings board treats the human body unclothed and two people engaging in sincere sexual expression as so vile and disgusting that it must get 'R' or 'NC-17' rating which is the box office kiss of death and Yet..
You can show killing, maiming and brutal torture a thousand ways till Friday..  Let that blood squirt freely and sadism run amok with non-stop gunplay with endless bullets spitting out and..  PG-13

And we won't even get into their complete un-originality-- remakes and sequels and prequels and endless films about comic book characters because it seems we can't face a dim view of life and the bleakness of the future unless it takes place in Gotham City and there's a fucking 'Batman' to save us..

But what really has our ire about those soulless, valueless money-collectors in Hollywood is their cow-towing to China and allowing them to have input in their movie-making decisions..
It shouldn't be a surprise.. Our own government and we mean the Clinton, W Bush, AND Obama Administrations refuse to admit publicly that China manipulates and debases their currency..

Guess it has something to do with the Trillion or so dollars we owe that nation

Ever notice no movie has the Communist Chinese as a villain anymore?

Nope, now its those 'evil' North Koreans..   Why?  Make China the baddie and your shit film is banned...  N Korea?  Well, its banned no matter so nothing to lose..  Can pick on them all you want..
~ Poster for new film 'The Interview'.. 

Sometimes movies will put Chinese actors in the film solely to appease that nation.   James Cameron, director of 'Avatar' has said publicly he's considering hiring Chinese to play Na'vi in sequels so it will make more money in that market

Often studios will allow the Communists advanced screening so they can be determined what should be edited out or changed prior to release..

An excellent article in the UK Daily Mail in May, 2013 shines a light on this common practice using 'Iron Man 3' as its example..

"The execs behind the mega-successful Iron Man 3 went to great lengths to make the movie more appealing to the growing Chinese audience - including toning down the ethnicity of the lead villain. 
Iron Man’s legendary nemesis, The Mandarin, was changed from a Chinese-born villain to a man who is certainly not Chinese at all and not really evil at all. He is played by British actor Ben Kingsley...

An additional four minutes of Chinese scenes were included for viewers in that country giving a minor plot twist and a few shots of female heartthrob Fan Bingbing and another local Chinese star, Wang Xueqi, against a Chinese background.

In addition, director Shane Black shot scenes in Beijing and used famous Chinese actors who do not appear in the International version. He even signed product placement deals with Chinese companies.

Fan Bingbing has an ever-so-brief role in an extra Iron Man 3 scene as a nurse. She has even been tipped to star in the next Marvel movie X-Men: Days of Future Past...
The overseas total for Iron Man 3 is $664.1 million across 55 territories with an incredible $95.2 million from China...

Why all the sudden interest in how many Chinese are going to the movies?

Although Iron Man 3 is a 'foreign' film, it was also carefully engineered so as to appeal to as many of the 1.3 billion people as possible.

Disney, who produced the film had China’s DMG Entertainment Group on board which gave the film makers unique access to the country when it came to shooting.
~ Robert Downey, Jr..  

DMG is a Chinese company, with 900 employees in China with headquarters in Beijing. It means that the film could almost be considered domestically Chinese which provides extra benefits.

Instead of standing up to Chinese censorship, desperate to secure the release of 'Iron Man 3' in China, Disney played ball with the authorities allowing the country's censors to vet scripts, visit sets in the U.S. and even give suggestions on other creative decisions.

China has become world’s second-largest film market, after the United States but so different are Chinese laws, customs and tastes that American studios will do whatever it takes to have their film distributed there."

But totally OK to dehumanize the North Koreans..
~ Chinese infantry..  Not North Korean..

Guess its nothing new.. In the 1930s, Hollywood bent over backwards to appease Nazi censors and this was when the studios were 100% run by Jewish people..


"A debate is raging over Hollywood's alleged collusion with the Nazis. At stake: the moral culpability of Jewish studio heads during cinema's golden age.

The catalyst is a forthcoming book from Harvard University Press, The Collaboration: Hollywood's Pact With Hitler, by the 35-year-old historian Ben Urwand...
By late 1938, Hollywood's stance toward the Nazis changed, though even then, the films strangely devoid of explicitly Jewish characters. But why did it take so long for the studios to cross cinematic swords with the F├╝hrer?

For Urwand, the answer is in the archival evidence: bald complicity with the Nazis. It came down to hardheaded business decisions..

Urwand unearthed evidence that suggests the studios were not merely self-censoring in an effort to keep their shareholders, audiences, and industry and government monitors happy. Rather, he says, the studios began working in detailed coordination with Nazi officials, putting profits above principles.

Largely through the Third Reich's vice consul in Los Angeles, Georg Gyssling, the Nazi-Hollywood relationship gave Hitler and his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, effectual power over what films got made, what scenes got cut, which stars and filmmakers were blacklisted, and which Jewish studio employees in Germany were fired. 
The Germans demanded say not just over American films shown in Germany but over those shown anywhere. Nazi emissaries visited theaters worldwide to report back on whether promised scene cuts had in fact been carried out. 

If not, the officials scolded the studios and threatened to close German production and distribution markets to them. The studios, year after year, would promptly grovel and comply."

Hollywood even funded the Nazi war machine back in the early 1930s:

"MGM didn't have a newsreel operation and was losing most of its profits to German banks because of draconian Nazi finance laws. 
~ Louis B Mayer.. head of MGM in the 1930s.. 

To diminish that loss, as Urwand discovered in one of his most damning archival finds, MGM instead lent money to firms that manufactured Nazi armaments in Austria and the Sudetenland, received bonds in exchange for those loans, then sold the bonds to an American bank. 

"In other words—the largest American motion-picture company helped to finance the German war machine," Urwand writes."

Full article can be read HERE

Hollywood is complete utter Shit..
It is completely bankrupt of morals, ethics and picks n' chooses its heroes and villains solely on profit more than any sense of righteousness or desire for historical or current-events accuracy..

China is a repressive, backwards nation..

It has not changed one iota from the days of Tiananmen Square where around 2,000 people were killed in a 2 day period in June 1989 for standing up to their oppressive Communist government..

It still censors all information and has the power to make corporations like Google spy for them

It also still regulates how many children a Chinese family is allowed to have: one child,  and the average Chinese worker receives a pathetic 1000 to 2000 RBMs a month (their currency is the rembini) which in US dollars equals $162.57 to $325.14 ($1 to $2 a Day!)
~ Wonder if she is daydreaming about when Seth Rogen & James Franco's "The Interview" will be released..

And Shit Hollywood doesn't have the guts nor desire to depict China as it truly is but will keep making one insipid anti-slavery picture after another, an issue that was put to rest 150 years ago..

We know people will keep going to the movies..  You can't put that Constant need for entertainment 'toothpaste' back into the 'tube' once expunged..

But if you're going to roll around in the thick grass, at least you should be able to identify the Snake

Monday, June 23, 2014

The A&G Enemies List

One of the things Richard Nixon was famous for after Watergate scandal was compiling an 'Enemies List' of people and groups he absolutely abhorred..

While to some, this behavior might seem a bit loony, we actually can see the therapeutic side and thus for fun, we at A&G sat around the campfire over the weekend, toasting marshmallows, capturing lightning bugs in jars and compiling our enemies list..

We left off friends and family, neighbors and nitwits we encounter every day and kept this to individuals and entities somewhat in the public eye meaning you could Wiki anyone or anything we list..

This is not ranked in any order.. How many of the following would be on your enemies' list?
1)  NAR

This is the National Association of Realtors and not to be confused with NRA which is National Rifle Association..

The NAR is Far more dangerous than the NRA...

The NRA can tell you something like "Guns don't kill, people do" and they are really not pulling the wool over people's eyes because most have strong convictions on the issue of gun control and either fully agree or think that's full of hogwash.

The NAR on the hand lies and distorts Incessantly..   It borders on Pathological...
They have one goal..  Get people buying and selling homes so the Realtors who pay them those hefty annual dues keep making those plump commissions off the transactions..

They won't ever lie about facts and figures..  They just will take the information and 100% of the time spin into an unrealistic false-positive.

For example it was recently released that Existing Home Sales beat expectations at 4.89 million annualized.

The lying liars at the NAR then declared "the sale decline is over" while completely and Intentionally ignoring that its the 7th month of year-over-year declines and most of this uptick is coming from homes priced at $1mil and upwards and the percentage of first time home buyers continues to plummet (now at an anemic 27%)..
But what does that evil entity the NAR care?

This is a terrible time to buy a home.. been that way since 2006

The media lazily contacts them every time a housing story is written, they present their package of lies which is then printed in 10s of thousands of newspapers and media sites across the internet and who really wants to question something 'optimistic'?

2)  Billionaires

We have no problem with people being wealthy especially when earned..

Millionaire?  Very nice..   Multi-Millionare?  Well-done..

Billionaire?  Evil, greedy and parasitic..
Some will say we've gone off the deep end or we should focus on charitable deeds and other philanthropy of these excessively wealthy people..

Instead of replying 'Bullshit!', we'll keep this classy and instead cry 'Balderdash!'

One Billion dollars is $1,000,000,000

To give a semblance of perspective, LeBron James, arguably the best player in the NBA this moment made $19.07mil for the 2013-14 season

When you divide that into a billion, Lebron would need just over 52 Years and not spend a penny of his earnings to reach that 10-figure total..
No one and we mean NO ONE earns a billion dollars being a moral, ethical person..  You have to crush a lot of competition especially upstarts..  You have to dominate and virtually monopolize the business you're in and be a heartless bastard in the process..

Bill Gates is a good example of all three..

And then when richer than God or so one believes, then its given back to the lowly peons with of course the individual's name attached so generations present and future will only think kindly upon such rottenness..

History is littered with people like these..  The banking and oil barons of the day, John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Warren Buffett..   Men who would at times literally seek to kill those who dared to strike for an extra dime wage per hour then when near death, build gigantic foundations and sponsor everything under the sun as long as their name was attached..
Take the time to really study the biographies of these ultra-wealthy men, especially of times past and you will see how revolting these creatures were..

3)  Political Correctness

How we genuinely despise them.. Couldn't even begin to count the ways..

PC people are like terrorists..  They're both cowards that aim at soft targets where their victims are woefully unprepared and suffer horribly at their hands..

In this PC world we live in, 'Racist' is now akin to 'Rapist' and if you are in the public eye and utter the slightest off-hand comment, much less say 'Nigger', you might as well have molested little children because your life is virtually over..

Michael Richards who played 'Kramer' on Seinfeld years back yelled 'Nigger' a few times to black audience members who were taunting him and trying to disrupt his act..   Never heard from the guy again...
Paula Deen testified she said the word 'Nigger' about an attacker once while in a fit of anger..  Every cowardly sponsor bolted..  Stores refused to sell her products.. Deen degraded herself by publicly apologizing at every turn..   She'll never ever be the national success she once was..

And we know all about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his vindictive mulatto girlfriend secretly and illegally recording his private thoughts for public exposure..

BTW, we say the word not to shock or because we love saying it..  Rather we will not allow any individual or entity to control our language choices-- That falls under 1st Amendment Constitutionally protected Freedom of Speech and Expression.

Besides, no word is That offensive when a group continually calls each other that in friendship...
And of course the PC pricks targeting the Washington Redskins when they neither have the guts to seek to attack real historical symbols of prejudice like the US flag or the slightest interest to combat Native American poverty and alcoholism on the reservations..

The PC pricks are bean-counters except they've no interest in maintaining a fair or equitable representation of white 'beans'.. only those with shades of brown..

To the PC pricks, its perfectly OK if white police or firefighters or teachers, etc are discriminated against and deprived a job or the ability to advance...  Just don't do it to minorities..

And the worst part are most PC pricks are really white-guilters who feel a shame about themselves and want to right perceived 'wrongs' that they themselves did not instigate but believe they caused..
Thanks to them, thoughts and opinions are now 'crimes' and if you're in the public eye, expect to lose everything you spent a lifetime building..

Ironically, the PC pricks do not mind Anti-Semitism too much..  Mel Gibson still keeps making movies including the upcoming 'Expendables 3'.. another mindless violent piece of shit written, directed, starring and probably catered and dolly gripped as well by Sylvester Stallone.

Then again a Jewish comedian will disparage and degrade their own people far worse and more viciously than pretty much any non-Jew i.e. Sarah Silverman instantly coming to mind who will even tell Holocaust jokes for shock value..

Very sad actually..

4)  College Education

We don't hate education at all.. quite the opposite..
We hate the whole apparatus of college education in today's society and we don't just speak of those deviously insidious student loans which choke 18 yr olds into a lifetime of perpetual debt...

We hate the young people do not go to college usually to expand their minds but simply to learn and do the bare minimum to get that degree and enter the emotion and mind-numbing workforce that chews up its employees then spits them out the first chance they get..

We hate that Colleges and Universities force students to take 120 credit hours when really for most, 60 would be plenty and would cut the time needed to attend and pay for classes in half..

And that leads us to #5..
5)  Employers

We hate that employers really only give a shit where you attended and not what you learned or know..  And show us an employer that will consciously hire someone clearly smarter than themselves who will ultimately take their job, and that's a true rarity

Worse yet, they don't seem to believe that 'Good Will Huntings' exist i.e. people so intelligent and self-motivated that they self-educated themselves and avoided the System trap of 'higher learning'..

Most professions, one could easily get the knowledge on their own by going to their local libraries and just setting up a study schedule similar to a class schedule then bearing down and keeping to it, but bastard employers don't trust or believe an individual can be that successful on their own..

And so that forces people who don't need college and shouldn't have to attend, to commit massive amounts of time and money to a fruitless endeavor to get a worthless piece of paper with the word 'Harvard' or 'Yale' on it..
In 1974, it cost a student $5,745 for a year of studies.. The average salary then was $13,094 meaning a year at Harvard cost 44% of that amount..

Today, a student there will pay $39,000 with the average salary today at $45,000 meaning attending Harvard represents 87% of an average salary..

And its pretty much the same English and History 101 courses

Well that was fun..

Many more to add to the list but five is a good starting point..