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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Economic Yin-Yang of Distress and Contentment

If you want to know what keeps the national and local economies of every country running?

Summarized in one word it would be..


An economy, both on a micro and macro level, can only function and ultimately grow this way; through calamity and/or chaos

For example let us say there was no more physical distress i.e. illness..  Everyone live healthy lives no matter their weight or what was ingested then like clockwork at 100 yrs old, one simply dies...
No illness or disease means no need for doctors, hospitals, ultrasounds and MRIs

The entire medical industry including health insurance and tens upon tens of millions of jobs who work in this field go 'Poof!'

The entire legal field is also predicated upon distress and desire for profitable resolution and/or spite...  More millions of well paying jobs disappear..

If there was no more financial distress on an individual level and everyone could pay their bills on time and make enough to have a good life and still have some savings left over...

No need for people to take on debt means the financial/banking industry is killed..
The entire bankruptcy/repossession/eviction-foreclosure industry would also be kaput and let us tell you, a Lot of people make a Lot of money off an individual or corporate bankruptcy, especially when its Chapter 13 and creditor repayment is involved..

Home equity loans ultimately would be unnecessary..  Mortgages and auto loans taken out at smaller principle since people would possess the savings to put larger down payments..

Less profit.. smaller interest.. death of banks..

On a more macro level, if there wasn't distress based on fear of armed conflict, the entire military industrial apparatus would collapse upon itself..
All those hundreds of billions they now receive annually to build tanks and planes and drone.. All unnecessary..  Redundant..

Contentment does not ever stimulate an economy..

If you're content with your body shape and weight and like you for who you are, then how can the entire diet/fitness industry survive?   And all those women's magazines that push one body type as acceptable..  How could any stay in business in current form..

And why buy new clothes and cosmetics and manicures and pedicures?
And if people were content to stay local and see the figurative diamonds in their own backyard rather than the urge to see the world, how could the tourism industry survive?

Airlines.. hotels.. restaurants.. attractions..  How could they stay in business?

If people were content with local free TV how could the cable and satellite TV businesses survive?

And endless example upon example..

Distress keeps economies running.. Contentment stifles them.
And that is why every ad on TV, radio and print plays to emotion rather than logic..  To create a 'distress' where you think 'I must possess X or use Y' as a means find happiness not possessed without the product or service..

If people stopped wanting 'Better', 'Bigger', 'Stronger', 'Faster' and 'New & Improved', the retail economy would collapse into a heap..

That is why political parties play upon fear and lean so heavily on hot-button social agenda issues during an election.   People do not go out on a cold dreary Tuesday in November to vote when content and happy..

Why are most wars started?  Nations are not content with their geographic borders or natural resource limitations or not content to just live peaceably
Its nearly impossible as individuals to control what nations do but as people we each can control our desires and emotions..

The more contented and at peace you are inside with your life, the more precious money you will ultimately save

And the more distressed and discontented, the more you will shop and spend and get further into debt (The 'Shopping as "Therapy"' Syndrome)

If you ever wanted to rebel against the System and the corporate 'Man' in a peaceful, legal non-conformist way, simply be content with who you are and where you are.

They can only exploit and profit off you when you're distressed.