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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Deciding when Political 'Friends' become 'Villains' and 'Villains' become 'Friends'

Pretty much all nations have villains, especially those who enjoy waging war

And these villains are often created or manufactured as an excuse to either justify incursion or to at least rally the populace into a 'they vs we' mindset.

And a friend today can be an enemy tomorrow if it suits the purposes of the government just as quickly as an enemy today can become a friend.

This is true not just in the present but historically..
~ The villain giveaway?  The long thin moustache..

For instance, next month will be the 75th Anniversary of the start of WWII and at that time in Sept 1939, Hitler and Stalin were 'friends' as they mutually carved up Poland..

They had been enemies but signed a Non-Aggression Pact that suited both parties' needs for the moment, then ultimately Germany invaded Russia and well..

No longer best buddies were they..

And the US were allies with the Soviets, mostly in theory for the duration of the war, and after VE Day in early May, 1945, we quickly became enemies with Stalin the villain
This mindset stayed for about 40 years then Gorbachev went from villain to friend even though most of his people looked at Gorby as a 'villain'.   And we in the US extended the 'friend' title to his successor Yeltsin then the current leader Putin..

And now it serves the government's purpose to make Putin and Russia into a villain again..

Once Obama referred to Putin as someone pragmatic whom deals could be struck with, and then in 2013 referred to him as someone who "sometimes appears like a bored kid in the back of the classroom."

And relations have only gotten more strained..
And like lapdogs, there's always a segment of the population that believe the good/evil labels when a government official apply them simply because its too difficult to break from the 'us vs them' mindset of global politics.

Its very interesting when you look at US history from its onset..

We fought two wars with Great Britain i.e. the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 where thousands of Americans died and now many years later, the two nations are best of friends..

We also tried on numerous occasions to invade and take territory from Canada during both wars and had numerous border crisises and now they're our buddies to the north..
We engaged with Mexico in a three year war in the 1840s where our victory secured massive amounts of territory then 70 years later sent US forces into sovereign Mexican territory to hunt and unsuccessfully capture Pancho Villa..

And now even with the immigration dispute at the border, the two nations are on such good terms, we willingly sold hundreds of thousands of Americans out via their livelihood i.e. NAFTA so Mexico and US corporations could benefit..

In the 1860s, over 600,000 people had to die on both sides of the Civil War so the Union could be one

And the victors did such a good job of indoctrinating the next generation or two of southerners in the concept of one-America, today most have no genuine understanding or emotional connection to their past or their heritage and embrace attitudes and social behaviors their distant kin would be mortified by..
Then in the 1890s we fought a war with Spain and took the Philippines and Cuba among other territories..  Today not only does no one in America hate Spain, we really don't think of the nation with any importance..

Then you had World Wars I and II, both fighting Germany (now our friend) and in WWII, Italy and Japan (both our friends now as well)

And we lost 60,000 Americans in a meaningless 11-year war in Vietnam vs those 'evil' Communists..

Today, Vietnam is our friend, ally and trading partner..

You see how it works?
Yesterday a friend.. Today a villain..  Tomorrow a friend..

And those who run off and die fighting these said villains do not come back to life tomorrow..

Nowadays who we call 'villain' is economically considered more than anything else..

For instance, it is perfectly OK for late-night talk show hosts, comedians and movies to make fun of and ridicule the North Koreans..

And since they do not allow US corporations into their nation to profit off their citizenry like the rest of the world does, there's no fear of economic backlash.

Now try demeaning and belittling China.. Just try it..


Now your 90 minute Hollywood shit comedy movie (Ex: "The Interview" starring James Franco and Seth Rogen) won't be shown there and that's a potential loss of tens upon tens of millions of dollars

Good thing the villain was North Korea, ehh?  Now it will be shown..

Little piece of movie trivia..  A few years ago, Hollywood made a remake of the 80s cult film "Red Dawn" but it was delayed thatrical release for a couple years... Why?
Originally the villains were Chinese military invading the US and seeking to take over the nation but China wouldn't allow the film to be distributed so the producers spent $1 million to go over the film and digitally alter the soldiers so they were now North Koreans..

The film ultimately was shown in China

Its no coincidence that deeply-silly comic book films and movies about vampires, ghosts, goblins and zombies are being made constantly..  The 'villain' does not offend any cultural sensibilities and that means greater profit for soulless Hollywood

We also as a nation think we're clever-clever by making a leader a 'villain' without accurately painting a wider brush to indite a whole nation..

Its not that the Iraqis are horrible, terrible people..   No it was just Saddam Hussein

And everyone surely knows that all Germans back in the days of WWII were peace loving people who shared no belief in racial superiority and looked upon German born Jews as their equals; true citizens of the Fatherland

Yep, it was just Hitler who was evil..  Everyone else was just cast under some magic spell and just followed orders

And the Japanese?  Oh.. Totally Tojo (their Prime Minister)..  If we had placed blame on Japan's sacred Emperor at the time Hirohito, we'd probably still be at war with the nation.
And even during the American Revolution, we don't teach our enemy was Great Britain...  No, it was King George as if he alone was the only person who didn't want the US to break away from the Empire.

The morale of the story is this..

Do not accept when someone especially your government declares who is 'friend' and who is 'villain'..

They have their agenda for what they do..

Be smarter than that.. Always think and decide for yourself.