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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fighting the System for the Dumbest of Reasons Pt 2

Here's a trivia question of sorts and think hard before you answer rather than just guess for guessing sake..

In September, 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed, the stock market plunged and everyone was speaking of potential financial Armageddon and the sky falling if the initial $700 Billion TARP package wasn't immediately passed to try to stop the carnage..

When this all happened and it looked like we were the closest this nation's been to that point to Great Depression #2, how many banks, financial institutions or simply department stores or supermarkets were smashed into and looted or set ablaze?
~ The Black Muslim Brotherhood is Extremely good at these displays of confrontation and whipping their masses into a frenzy..

How many bricks & mortar businesses, especially local bank branches were even vandalized?

How many Quickie-Mart type establishments were ransacked?

Really think here..

Answer..  Zero.  

The people..  the few that really understood what was going on quietly tolerated it and everyone else went back to watching NFL football.
~ Can you imagine the uprising if the government cut their food stamps?

And yet in Ferguson, MO., a very nice suburb of Missouri after a 'precious' black child is killed, the mindless animal thugs ransack and loot anything and everything in sight.

It is extremely important to understand this comparative.

These base creatures are rioting and looting not based on a verdict of 'Not guilty' for the alleged assailant or any other miscarriage in the justice system..

Blacks are committing acts of terror upon the community of Ferguson simply because the child was killed.
And he like they tried to do with Trayvon becomes a symbol, hero and martyr in one because there are many in the black community especially among the poor who still deeply hate the System they're piggy-backing off of..

And they still deeply hate 'whitey'.

As we wrote yesterday, when blacks kill other blacks, the community mostly shrugs and is hesitant to openly take a stand for fear of empowering those who look upon them critically to begin with..

And when a black kills a white, that same low-class segment either quietly think or outwardly express 'Good!'
~ Notice the guy in the back with the Malcolm X t-shirt; "By Any Means Necessary" was the militant's motto..

And when a white or Hispanic or Asian or Jew, etc harms a hair on a black person's head, they want Blood and lots of it..

A few minutes ago before writing this post, we came across one of those "This just in.." bulletins from the Chicago Tribune...

"South Side shootings left at least eight people wounded Wednesday night, a number of them seriously, according to police.

Six of the eight people shot between about 7:45 p.m. and 12:40 a.m. were wounded in the city’s Gresham police district on the South Side.
~ Hard to believe but nope, this is not 3rd world Africa

The most recent shooting happened in the 500 block of West 80th Street about 12:40 a.m. A 29-year-old man was shot in the hand while standing on a porch...

About 12:30 a.m., a 28-year-old man was shot in the 11300 block of South Carpenter Street in the Morgan Park neighborhood..

Two men, each 33, suffered minor wounds in a drive-by shooting about 11 p.m. in the Gresham neighborhood. One was shot in the hand and the other the leg..."

The newspaper didn't have the courage to mention their races or the victims or assailants out of political correctness but its not difficult to figure out..
~ You just couldn't have social unrest without the 'Reverend' Al Sharpton present

If one knows anything about Chicago and its racial demographics, most blacks live in this part of the city and it has been this way since the Great Migration from the south between 1910-1960.

Now what does one think the chances are its people galvanize in protest to put a stop to their own kind.. their 'brothers' shooting and killing and maiming one another?

The answer begins with a 'Z' and ends in 'ero'

America is truly a diverse melting pot (or rather 'salad bowl') and not just of races, ethnicities, religions and cultures.
~ Sharpton:  "Cameras are you getting this?"

Its is also a very diverse land in terms of perspectives.. of 'victimization' and attitudes of right and wrong..

Many people work within the System construct to better themselves and their families while others simply work the System..

Many express anger at the System peaceably or choose to do nothing while others only think on destruction and instant gratification

Many people for them to even consider causing such havoc and civil unrest would have to be at a point of starvation or economic desolation while to others, all it takes is an excuse..  any excuse really to swipe Milky Way bars and Kit Kats from their local 24/7 Quickie Mart...
And unfortunately the good and evil are forced to share the same nation; to co-exist and pretend the differences in culture, education and upbringing aren't there

To tolerate for the sake of never offending anyone ever..

To pretend to oversee and overlook that many have evolved and some have not nor ever will

And once again like every aspect of our society where race and economic disparity between Billionaire and busboy is concerned, we adopt the Emperor's New Clothes mantra.. To intentionally ignore reality..

And so few with the guts to openly call a spade a spade.
As the economy worsens. good people do nothing but stand aside and wait for elections, and as more and more people struggle to either get ahead or keep what they have, you will see more despondency and desperation..

The mindless animals will loot and pillage and set everything ablaze while the general masses will look at each other in total confusion and suffer the constrictive repercussions of the Martial Law state.