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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Connie Mack Philosophy: Olive Garden v. Dallas Cowboys

~ Connie Mack on the right shaking Ty Cobb's hand

For today's posting, we will start with a not so famous quote from a very famous baseball man, legendary owner and manager of the Philadelphia A's - Connie Mack:

"It is more profitable for me to have a team that is in contention for most of the season but finishes about fourth. A team like that will draw well enough during the first part of the season to show a profit for the year, and you don't have to give the players raises when they don't win.”

If you want to really understand what baseball is about..  what professional sports is about..  what Corporate business is about..  what America is about...

You read and re-read that quote and then write it down and then put it somewhere you can always retrieve it in the off chance you forget and allow your mind to be filled with illusions and delusions.
~ Mack with Hall of Famers Tris Speaker, Cobb and Eddie Collins

In sports, as long as people keep spending their precious money to attend sporting events for recreation-sake and are content to watch their local franchises mired in mediocrity, nothing will change..

And in business as long as there's an unemployed workforce that would be grateful to receive pennies on the dollar of salary they should be earning, don't be expecting that nickel raise coming anytime soon.. Just be grateful you have what you have

And in government, as long as people are pretty much complacent, watching TV, going on vacations, and only protesting/rioting when criminal thug black kids get shot, you will never see your representatives of either party do a thing that makes your lives better while hurting their corporate campaign donors..

Its a simple principle really:  Action -- Reaction.
For instance due to a floundering economy that is starting to finally affect everyday people's daily spending habits, there's been a considerable drop off of people dining-in, particularly on non-date nights..

So Olive Garden decided to generate more traffic for their restaurants, that they'd offer a promotion where if you order from among a select menu of entrees, you could then also another off that list to take home with you

Olive Garden is smart..
We don't know if this promotion works but admittedly we hope its a success and that other restaurants and businesses follow with similar concepts to benefit customers because quite honestly, anyone with half a brain knows those "Buy 1, Get 1 50%" sales are total BS (it comes out to each item being 25% off)..

The restaurant chain is not sitting on its hands; sitting on principle like some smug King Tut and going to wait for everyone to rush back for sit-down dining..

They're being pro-active and we think that is great..

Now lets take the Dallas Cowboys as another example in the other direction..
They are an extremely successful business with Forbes recently valuing the NFL franchise at just topping $3.2 billion, a 32% rise from last year meaning owner Jerry Jones' net worth has increased in one year by $900 million

New England Patriots are 2nd among NFL teams at $2.6 Billion

The recently built stadium is gigantic and beautiful, holding over 80k fans and can be expanded to hold up to an amazing 111,000 people...

The team pretty much sells out all its home games, is a popular TV draw, usually top-3 annually in merchandising and has fans across the globe..

And yet on the field is the absolute epitome of mediocrity..
For three years straight, Dallas has gone 8-8 and that following a 6-10 season..

And while the Cowboys have been one of the NFL's most successful franchises in terms of Super Bowl victories and economic profit, their last Championship came two full decades ago (1995) and their win-loss record from 1996 to 2013??

146 wins..  142 losses

And the fans are still deeply loyal n' supportive and they keep coming to the games..

And aside from some who may vent on their local sports radio or want to kick in their TV's from time to time, their fan base is largely content especially because of its successful past.
~ Troy Aikman

So other than perhaps ownership pride, where's the financial incentive to go all-out and spend and do what needs to be done to win the big one again?

What's holding back a multi-billion dollar franchise from free-spending to get the best players??  

A measly salary cap tax?!!

The Cowboys could go 8-8 for the next 20 years and the fans would still be loyal and attend every home game as they do now and the franchise would still keep growing in value
Connie Mack ran his baseball franchise 100 years ago and then from 1934 until 1954 when the A's left to relocate to Kansas City (and ultimately Oakland after 1967), ran it into the ground..

And his 'brilliant' business philosophy is still embraced today in Corporations

And yes even in in government.

'Do as little as humanly possible (or nothing at all) until the people notice and it affects business (or votes) and then do just enough..'