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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Non-Monetary Power of Money

Having money or wealth (the two words are pretty interchangeable) gives a person a lot of power, both in spending and decision-making.   This is both on a individual or mass level i.e. political influence for one...

But what we find more intriguing and at times insipid is that possessing wealth can magically replace a lot of deficiencies that otherwise people wouldn't accept or tolerate

For instance, you can be physically ugly or grotesquely deformed like Steven Hawking but if you're wealthy, there will be people who sexually flirt with you who otherwise wouldn't..

You can be dumb as a doorknob and as interesting as a box of tacks, but when you speak, there will be people who eagerly listen in the hope you share little nuggets of your secrets to success
You can be a classless, foul slob with no manners or etiquette and others will still refer to you as Sir or Miss as if titles of respect were actually warranted

You can be rude, quick tempered, uncouth and just a plain boorish, yelling lout that under normal circumstances people would want to get away from as quick as their feet could take them..

But money changes that, doesn't it..

You don't have to be sweet or kind or understanding or empathetic or any quality that is attractive to a person and if you possess wealth, you will have a social circle and if so choosing, one to share your bed..

It really allows someone to get away with intolerable behaviors.
A person with a lot of money can have the power and means to strip another of their dignity (of course assuming the other allows it)

All depends really on the price..

How much does it take for someone to tolerate being screamed at and/or called names and/or put down in more subtle ways?

Figure most people earn annually between $20-$50k so that must be it
And then there are others who put up with it for free (or near free)..  

They are called spouses..

As much depends on how little money the victim has then it does how much the bully possesses

And going to the monetary extreme, real wealth can give you access and moments of power that one would quickly be denied if not for the positioning of the decimal point in the savings account..

You can hobnob with the powerful; the ones that both run this nation from the background and the mindless puppet politicians who pretend to and they will at least attempt to listen to and agree with what you say...
Try speaking to your US Senator directly as an everyday person..

If you're wealthy enough, you can even do kooky things like book yourself on a future Space Shuttle trip like the blond haired goatee-wearing idiot Richard Branson who owns Virgin Airways

If wealthy, you can invest money in stocks, bonds, other people and even oneself..  
Hire PR firms to create a new you; a public image that you wish to put forward then hire the press i.e paparazzi.. 

Do it enough that the real media latches on and creates a 'buzz' and you've now followed the Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian template for fame

A sex tape purposely leaked out assists in this process too.
Yes money buys a lot of intangibles..

That's why so many people keep working endlessly to expand their portfolio and/or deviously hoard what they have in the belief they'll live until 2199

If Ponce de Leon couldn't find the Fountain of Youth, none of us will..

Its like a colleague once expressed:
"Some people possess money to live a nice life for themselves & their family...

Some want it to feel exceptional and do exceptional things...  

And for some people its the means to be altruistic toward mankind..

And some simply like being able to make one beg and go 'Woof!'"