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Friday, August 22, 2014

"Trudging Slowly Over Quicksand.."

They keep talking about 'recovery'..  Keep acting like things are better now vs. before..

Some do it for political expedience creating the illusion that all the financial problems we're dealing with as individuals and as a nation are Bush's fault..

"Once upon a time the world was perfect and everyone lived happy and prosperous and free from terror and then.. Dum dum Dummmm!..  That evil W Bush came along and etc..etc.."

Yes there those who believe that
Of course as a modern problem, the continual destruction of the middle class and the assurance that the poor continue to live in poverty into the next generation and the next is really a 43 year problem

Its origins began when Nixon took the US off the gold standard in 1971 as a means to continue paying for that "Peace with Honor" Vietnam endgame and thus money was once pegged to something tangible and now its pegged to nothing..

And every President.. and yes Every Democrat and Republican leader over the last 40+ has made things worse and worse to where we are now..

Some by spending or tinkering too much.. Some by doing too little and Some who just never deserved to be there in the first place and have been way over their heads..
Here are just a few mind-blowing and soul-numbing stats to consider:

According to a report by the Federal Reserve (Boo! Hiss!) on Americans' economic well being written last year, only 48% said they would be able to scrape together $400 in an emergency..

In addition, of those who said they had rainy-day savings prior to 2008, 57% reported that they've used up most or all of that saving surviving the last five years..

39% said they had a rainy-day fund adequate to cover three months of expenses if there was a job loss or other emergency..

We could go on..   Um.. actually we will..
According to CNN/Money, one of out every three adults has a debt that hasn't been paid in more than three months and currently in collections..  That's 77 million people

A Fed survey shows currently 40% of US families under financial stress.. that's statistically 2 out of every 5

According to a study by the Russell Sage Foundation and reported in the NY Times last month, in 2003 the inflation-adjusted net worth for the typical household was $87,992..   Ten years later, it was only $56,335, or a 36% decline

And on and on and on..

And what are your leaders doing?  Not just your President but Senators, Congresspeople, etc..

Those who aren't campaigning for re-election are probably doing the same as many of you...  Golfing, playing Tennis, Sailing, Sightseeing, Suntanning..

Did we mention golfing?

And they've done nothing beneficial for the American people in six years..  Mostly because the American people have not demanded it
We talked on it before.. That conditioned distorted logic people hold fast to that "Ask not what your country can do for you but.. blah blah.."

When you pay taxes, you have a right to Demand..  Period.

But let's get beyond that and address a bigger concern..

We all know (or should know) that poverty is an endless cycle..  For many people its generational..
And yet the poorest and dumbest of our citizenry..  The ones who can barely keep things together with incomes from two jobs and a live-in partner (lover, spouse, etc) contributing end up doing the Stupidest, most Idiotic and Ludicrous thing imaginable under the circumstances:

They have kids..

Monday the Agriculture Department released a report showing how much of a expense for food, shelter, health and other misc. factors it will be for parents who had a child in 2013 until he/she reaches 18 years old..


Two kids?  Double the figure..
Just using super-simple math, that comes out to a little more than $13,600 annually to raise a child..

So that actually means a family needs to generate an additional $15,600 in income since at minimum 15% of salary goes to taxes..

And that's a big reason why 1 in 7 Americans today depend on food banks and 1 out of every 5 children live in poverty..

The poor.. the uneducated.. the mostly minority populations.. They keep popping out children from the womb without the slightest care or concern for how it will survive..
But this isn't a new phenomenon..  The super-poor have raised large families for hundreds if not thousands of years..

Of course times were different then..  You could have 10 children but be lucky if three of them survived their 2nd birthday

And historically large families particularly of males meant you created your own labor force and ultimately every person pulled their share of the toil..  And if there were girls, they were married off for the largest dowries possible..

So there were practical reasons..
Now its just thoughtless and irresponsible.

We can see a time in the distant (though not Too distant) future where by necessity the US starts regulating how many children a family produces as China does currently..

But it won't be due to population explosion or over-crowding..   It will be because the economy simply can not handle the burden of paying for tens of millions of children to survive while their derelict parents keep conceiving more..

We're really in a bad pickle..  this nation..  And even those few who think they know..

They really, really don't know..