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Friday, August 29, 2014

Videos: Animals Stealing Things

Its Friday before Labor Day and we've been issued the ultimate challenge by one of our loyal readers who's expressed she visits daily and appreciates our unique and accurate perspective on the world..

But nonetheless, the challenge was issued:

We were to post something right before this 3 day weekend holiday that was lighthearted, cheery and not so 'Debbie Downer'..

In other words, something to make people laugh n' smile..
Of course then we won't be writing today on the US economy, the global economy or the banks, nor will we talk at present on politics or the President or the Fed or great racial divide or the other important topics we cover extensively here...

Nope.. Its Labor Day Friday and we accept the Challenge..

So here are some short, mostly silent videos of adorable animals stealing things, we'll be back on Tues Sept 2nd as we celebrate our 4th Anniversary (officially on the 6th)

~ Seagull steals chips from store..Didn't know seagulls lived in Ferguson,Mo

~ Raccoon steals carpet from home as a collection agency would

~ Cat steals kitten from baby as subtle as a car repossession

~ Raccoon stealing food from cats like a Wall Street pro