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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Who was Dillon Taylor and Why is he Important?

Who was Dillon Taylor?    Ever hear that name before?

Was he:

A)  The originator of the now insipid ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

B)  Was he the founder of BitCoin, a form of alternative currency gaining traction globally since 2008

C)  Was he the founder of Burger King, which is now relocating its headquarters to Canada to avoid paying the 40% corporate tax rate in the US for their 26%

D)  None of the above
Correct..   D

But certainly you've heard of Dillon Taylor right?   You'd think he'd have made front page news over the last couple weeks and been topic du jour on the cable news networks..

Hmm.. let's try multiple choice again..

Was he:

A)  The second NFL player to come 'out' as gay

B)  President Obama's personal golf caddie over the last month

C)  The officer who allegedly shot that criminal thug Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO?

Any guesses?

OK, you got us.. once again, its none of the above..
So just Who is this Dillon Taylor and why does he matter?

Dillon Taylor, was a 20-year-old White man who was shot to death by a black police officer on August 11 outside a 7-Eleven store in South Salt Lake City, Utah..

And the media like the black community couldn't give a Fuck.

The Desert Utah News reported on August 19 about the shooting of Taylor, showing that the incident was similar in some ways to that of Brown’s: “South Salt Lake Police Sgt. Darin Sweeten said three officers gave Taylor verbal commands to reveal his hands, but Taylor failed to comply and was ‘visibly upset. Taylor was subsequently shot and died at the scene.”

Who would believe in this nation there would be a time where if a black murdered a white, everyone would shrug and yawn yet when a white kills a black, we're all supposed to mourn, grieve and go through a process of spiritual reflection..
There is a horrible double standard going on in this country and one that whites are permitting where now their lives and specifically loss of life is not to matter as much as the death of someone black..

Remember about ten years ago..  The DC snipers who turned out to be two blacks of different age who indiscriminately shot and killed whites over the span of a month..

How many protests occurred?  How much looting?

Zero & None..
Now what if it was two whites randomly shooting and killing blacks out of racial hate like the snipers admitted when apprehended?

And remember that Australian born minor league baseball player who was killed last year by two blacks who admitted they did it because "we were bored"?

How do you think the black community would have responded if tables were turned?
~ Chris Lane, killed by two blacks for no reason in Oklahoma

And remember last year when that 'punching game' became a brief national epidemic especially in urban areas where people would just sucker punch strangers as hard as they could simply to see if they could knock the victim out?

How many whites sucker punched blacks?   Yes.. Not a single one..

Because we know what would have happened had it occurred..  Those same cities would have been burnt to the ground as supposed black community 'leaders' competed with each other for media face time

The rules are simple.. We'll say it again..
When blacks kill blacks, the black community pretty much keeps quiet out of concern of admitting publicly there's an epidemic and conscious how inferior it makes them look to others..

When blacks kill whites, especially white collar individuals and people of authority, there's mostly silence in their community with many thinking 'Good' and some fighting for justice for the killer

And when a white kills a black, there is the hunger for Blood and retribution and willingness to destroy anything and anyone as the victimization card is played to the hilt.

This is simply the facts..
They represent 15% of the population yet over half the violent crimes committed annually and over 50% of the incarceration rate is black...

And you'd think that would be a wake-up call to change?  It isn't..

Those basic stats aren't just applicable today but show a generational pattern..

We are not a race-hate blog.. We're not stupid Klansmen or worthless neo-Nazis and we don't subscribe to any of that 'superior/inferior' master-race bullshit..

But we are a very bluntly honest blog..
And we see a politically correct white corporate media putting Caucasians into an inferior social status so as to not offend the sensibilities of any other race, ethnicity, religion or other group historically perceived as picked on..

The death of a young white man at the hand of a black officer means absolutely nothing to them yet they cover that black Missouri teen's killing non-stop..

We are not advocating people demean themselves and their dignity like others tend to do, by protesting, rioting and looting in the name and memory of Dillon..

But you better be conscious of what's going on in this nation..  On the news..  In your favorite entertainment mediums i.e. television, movies, etc..
From Saturday Night Live going out of its way last season to purposely hire token black female cast members and writers to fill quotas demanded by PC Gestapo to many newspapers including the Washington Post refusing to use the name 'Redskins' when covering their own local sports team...

Its a truly messed up world where new definitions of 'hero' and 'villain' are being created and if you dare to speak up and have anything to lose which can be taken or destroyed by others, chances are it will be..