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Friday, September 12, 2014

5 Questions on Ray Rice/NFL Situation No One Has Ever Asked

The big topic du jour of the week in the US, at least in the sports world if not beyond, has been all the controversy swirling around the release courtesy of TMZ of the video of former Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice close-fisting his wife in the casino elevator, his ultimate league suspension and release from the team and this Watergate-esque "What did the Commissioner know and when/if did he ever see the tape "..

And quite frankly we're not going to make any comments one way or another because everyone has talked this situation to death, particularly the sports media who get to play poor-man armchair detective or some paltry variance of Woodward & Bernstein..
Instead we pose some questions on this topic which we will not provide any answers to..   

These are Q's to think about and mull in your own mind

And the more one sincerely thinks about these Q's and comes to their own conclusions, they will see the whole hypocrisy and utter joke which this last week has been for the NFL, the sports media, and the importance & seriousness the population truly puts upon combatting domestic abuse
1)  If Michael Sam, the first openly gay NFL player was caught on video savagely close fisting his boyfriend i.e. male lover then dragging his unconscious body out of a casino elevator, how do you think the NFL and media would have handled the situation?

Would the term 'domestic abuse' be uttered because it was a man knocked out even though the two were as sincere a couple as any two heterosexuals?

Would the media cover it as relentless as Rice hitting his then fiance or would they have been scared shitless to express anything perceived even slightly homophobic?
Would America have been outraged and incensed. or would most people have laughed with late-night talk shows leading the way ('Gays being Gays' or other ignorance...) ?

For bonus points, you can also ask yourself the question how do you think the whole Ray Rice situation would have been covered if he was white and his fiance now wife was black?

2)  What if Ray Rice was not on the downside of his career and coming off injures, but instead at this moment among the top RBs a la Adrian Peterson of the Vikings and LeSean McCoy of the Eagles; someone capable of 1500+ yds and 12+ TDs...     

Do the Baltimore Ravens still outright release him?
3)  Which is worse:  Viciously punching a woman in the face to which she ultimately survives or viciously maiming and sadistically taking the life of living breathing animals i.e. dogs?

And if you say taking non-human life is worse than a strike to the face of a person, and the NFL allowed the dog-killer to resume his career, how would you feel if a year from now the woman-beater was allowed to resume his?

Are people who purchased "Vick" jerseys after his release from prison when he signed with Philadelphia bigger, lesser or similar idiots to those Baltimore fans who wore their "Rice" jersey to the game last night?
~ Former Phillies pitcher Brett Myers w. wife - 2008 (he punched her in 2007)

4)  If a sports franchise you passionately supported ultimately wins its league's Championship i.e. Super Bowl or World Series, etc and among the prominent members of that team who made it possible was someone who had physically assaulted his girlfriend or wife..

Would that taint or tarnish your celebration and remembrance of that team?

Or would it not matter one iota?
5)  Millions upon Millions upon Millions of people say they are against domestic abuse and expressed repulsion by the video, the weak suspension and the way the NFL dropped the ball with many wanting the Commissioner Roger Goodell to be fired by the owners or voluntarily resign..

How many of these Millions upon Millions upon Millions of people do you think will alter their lives and personal happiness by not watching the NFL anymore or stop buying its merchandise as even a temporary protest or statement?

How many in the media have had the guts and/or courage amid their soapbox ramblings to advocate such a stance?