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Thursday, September 11, 2014

A&G Supports Obama in his 'Make It or Break It' Moment

The last 1,550 days or so i.e. the Obama President has been overall one giant 'Blehh..'

That's that nicest and kindest way to put it.

Even very liberal die-hard Democrats are expressing sentiments of the sort publicly including filmmaker Michael Moore who called the Obama Presidency so far a great disappointment

He also expressed that at this moment the only thing he'll be remembered for was being the first black President, unless something changes between now and he leaving office in Jan. 2017.
It is our belief and has been so since the election of 2008 that had not Obama been black, the President right now for better or worse would be Hillary

John McCain is a disingenuous cadaver and Mitt Romney never hid the fact he didn't give two shits about the lower middle class and the poor, so even George W Bush could have beaten both men in head to head general elections..

And we know how people felt about Bush by the end of 2008..
~ "Well I still think you're bunny-rific Sir.."

That said, this moment is last opportunity for the President to salvage both his Presidency and turn a current grade of a D- into something that people and historians will look back fondly upon for generations..

Specifically, the war with ISIS

Obama spoke last night..  He used tough words..  Called them a cancer..

Expressed determination to eradicate them.
Good!!  To quote the tag line of a corporation we despise and loathe more than any on the face of the earth...

"Just Do It!!"

Do it..  Be successful!  Fight the fight to the very end and obtain a clear victory like we did versus the Nazis and the Japanese Empire in WW2 and all else about this otherwise mediocre Presidency will not matter.

No one will care or remember how he wasted all his political chits during his first year or so in office on 'Obamacare' while completely ignoring the economy and joblessness situation of millions while putting all the responsibility on the deplorable Federal Reserve's greedy lap..
Or all the needless saber rattling with Russia causing two nations that should be friends and allies in the global war on terror to see each other as combatants..

And no one will care how he used race-divisive politics at every turn to turn loyal Americans against each other and whip black voters in a lather to get them out to the voting booth every election cycle..

*  Little side note..  Remember when after the thug Trayvon Martin's death, he expressed "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon"?    That was not even an original expression of thought..

Back at some point in time during the Harry Truman Presidency, he was asked who he most admired and his response was "If Bess and I had a son we'd want him to be just like Jimmy Stewart."  --source: Wikipedia
~ Colonel James Stewart receiving the Croix-de-Guerre-with-Palm

But back to the topic of the moment..

If Obama is truly successful in defeating this enemy like FDR was, no one will give two cruds about the million-billion-zillion golf outings or all the travel days to Hawaii or any other nit-picky nonsense..

If those fine words spoken last night end up being just that.. More wonderful speech making..

And the politicians engage with the enemy as half-assed as they did in Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War and the recent Iraqi & Afghanistan conflicts with no will to do what is necessary to eliminate the threat and actually Win..


Not only will this President go down as possibly among the bottom five worst Presidencies in our history..

But much, much more importantly, our world will be dramatically unsafe and we and future generations will feel the devastating effects..
We as a society have never had to experience day to day terror like the Israelis do..

We take for granted (and blessedly so) that we can go into the supermarket or a department store or pump gas in the car, and not worry some mentally sick zealot is not beyond the corner of our eye ready to do something unthinkable..

We are not a metal detector society..  We give up certain personal freedoms for the sake of public safety but we're not prepared to give up all of our basic daily outdoor habits either

9/11 was horrible but the attack was done on a large scale and meant to be noticed.
New York City was hit, not Brunswick, Ga, or Emporia, Va.  

An extremely tall, economically (and patriotically) significant group of structures were targeted, and not some dental office in Louisville or a Dairy Queen out in Spokane..

And that is the real concern; the real fear..

That is why Obama must mean what he said last night..  He Must win

And if so, let him receive all the plaudits and back pats and let history gush praise as it will..
But if not, there's more at stake than historical acknowledgement this man was unprepared and undeserving to hold such a high office at the time he ran and was elected..

So we at A&G openly support and root for the President in this global fight vs ISIS..

His victory will be all America's and without exaggeration, the civilized world's victory..

And his defeat or personal/political lack of will to see things through will be to our great global, national and individual detriment.