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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Last Friday we raised some open-ended questions and topics not being discussed concerning former NFL'r Ray Rice, with Q #2 being:

"What if Ray Rice was not on the downside of his career and coming off injures, but instead at this moment among the top RBs a la Adrian Peterson of the Vikings...  Do the Baltimore Ravens still outright release him?

Being quite prophetic, it turned out Adrian Peterson ended up making the weekend news for beating his child with a tree branch or 'switch' and then further came out he also physically punished another of his kids (with different mother) last year which police were looking into..
And so what was the punishment the Minnesota Vikings, Peterson's team handed him?

Was he fined?  Or suspended?  Was he kicked off the team?

Nope..  He was made inactive for last Sunday while receiving his full pay of $734,375 (based on his $11.5 mil salary)

And then Vikings ownership reinstated him so he could play this coming weekend.

~ Mug shot..  Smiling n' Relaxed

Beyond the fact that Vikings' owners Zygi and Mark Wilf care more about making profit and winning football games than issues of child abuse and endangerment, there is a clear double standard in this as well as any action taken by the NFL or any sports league or really any corporation..

The more money you generate, the more the boss will overlook unethical or illegal activities and the more lenient the discipline.

Last year, Rice ran for 660 yds with 4 TDs, half the production the Ravens got out of him two years prior and this year Rice was to have made $4 mil, so releasing him outright didn't create any salary cap hit or financial ripples..
~ Wonder if that was the face A.P. used when swatting his child?

Peterson ran for 1266 yds last year with 10 TDs.. The previous year, he rushed for over 2000 yds and 12 TDs..  Also, as of late August, Peterson was ranked 8th in NFL jersey sales according to their website..

Different strokes for different folks..

No one even talks about the fact each child he swatted is with a different mother, and a little child, a son who died last year was also Peterson's through a third woman whom Peterson didn't even know was his till a couple months prior..

No one cares.. Dan Marino did it..  Larry Bird did it..  Dr J. did it..
Hundreds of other athletes past and present practice the 3'F's

Find em', Fuck em' and Flee then simply pay the child support checks as they move on to the next conquest..  The perks of being wealthy and famous we suppose

So will the NFL get involved and do the right thing which is to suspend Peterson?

Don't count on it..

Piece of excrement Roger Goodell works for the owners..
He's made them a lot of yummy greed-soaked money for their coffins um.. we mean coffers and they've rewarded their minion in kind..

$44 million annually which works out to $21,153 per hour (yes 60 minutes) based on a standard 40hr work week to rein supreme and play God over the league and those who participate in it.

That's why barring a massive sponsor pull out, the kind that pushed Donald Sterling to be excommunicated from his basketball franchise, you won't see Peterson suspended or cash cow Goodell removed by ownership

Last night, Radisson Hotels suspended its sponsorship of Peterson..

A good first step..  We hope others follow suit
~  This unique-looking Radisson is in Frankfurt, Germany

Wonder if the deeply soulless and evil corporation known as Nike will pull its sponsorship of Peterson as quickly as they did Rice?

All depends on how much money they think their running buck um.. back will make them by staying attached vs cutting loose..

Nike never has a problem attaching endorsement deals to alcoholics, druggies, gambling addicts, dog-killers, rapists, wife beaters, child abusers or murderers
Nike waited till the very last second (just two days ago) to terminate the contract of Olympian Oscar Pretorius after being found guilty in a court of law of culpable homicide of his girlfriend

Nike is such a Scum corporation starting at the very top with their CEO Phil Knight, they make the NFL's owners and Goodell look like heavenly angels..

Did we forget to mention Nike uses child labor in third-world sweatshops to make its products?

But back to football..
It should be clear by now that pretty much the NFL is teflon.  Its players and/or coaches could engage in child molestation, bestiality, financially supporting terror or something akin to Hannibal Lecter and no one will stop watching on Sunday

We honestly wonder if Rosa Parks was alive today and was forcibly pulled from a segregated bus in 2014, if people would have the will to boycott and take a stand for what was right as they did in 1955..

Or go 'Ehh.. too much of a hardship..'?
There's really only one thing we believe that cause a real dent in the NFL machine and knock it down a couple pegs even if briefly..

A point fixing or shaving scandal, especially at a playoff or Super Bowl level..

To fans, a player can do anything they want from sodomy to scat to Jeffrey Dahmer-like killing spree but it is unforgivable to fans to try to lose on purpose or manipulate the final score to cover (or not) the spread

Then again, in 1920 the good simple minded people of Chicago supported and cheered on their 1919 Black Sox to the very end and couldn't have cared less what their local boys did..
~ Sox fans shaking players' hands after their acquittal and before they were ultimately banned from baseball (1920)

The NFL is a gambler's league..  They pretend they don't endorse it but they do..

That's why its mandatory that coaches release their injury reports and be so accessible to the media.

Its certainly not done so those who play fantasy football for free can get a heads-up among their friends..

All this nonsense is really the sports leagues' fault..  They decided about 20-30 yrs ago to make their product less about sport and more about family-friendly Disney-fied entertainment..
The origin was the NHL's inclusion of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks (now just called 'Ducks') when Disney first owned the franchise..

From there, they influenced how hockey was to be presented on TV and worked real hard to change the rules to minimize excessive fighting and anything else which would turn off women, especially mothers of young children

And the other leagues followed suit in their own ways..
~ Go to an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game and have a swim

Harsher penalties for fisticuffs... Fines and suspensions for off the field behaviors..  Arenas and stadiums with plenty of carnival-like diversions to entertain the kiddies..

Except in truth, few fans really give a bleep..

If you are productive for the home team (or fantasy team), no one cares what skeletons are in an athlete's closet even if there are literal skulls n' bones kept..

Just don't cheat..

Or be anti-black.