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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

For Once, the Corporations Did Good...

It was nice this morning to wake up to some good news for a change..

Seems the Minnesota Vikings changed course and is now banning Adrian Peterson from all team activities including playing until his child abuse trial..

This is the proper and correct course of action..

Yay to the power of the people..

And um.. lots and lots of corporate sponsor pressure such as McDonalds & Budweiser which alone pays the NFL over $50mil annually in sponsorship rights..
Overall the money companies pay each year to be official sponsors -not including advertising and promotions- is worth about $1.07 billion for the league and all of its teams, according to sponsorship consultancy IEG.

And corporate pullouts i.e. Radisson Hotels, Castrol Motor Oil, Special Olympics Minnesota and Mylan Inc. all severed ties with Peterson, and Twin Cities Nike stores pulled Peterson's jerseys from its shelves..

And the NFL itself which intervened yesterday even though the Wilf Brothers, owners of the team want to take the credit that they acted alone in making this decision..
~ That's one hard working fudge-packer.. Grin~

So we're pleased with the reversal because personally, there are few things worse to us than cruelty and endangerment to a child, especially a very young one, and watching Adrian Peterson play would not have sat well with us and how we look at the NFL

But there is a bigger issue which is pretty obvious yet still will be stated or re-stated..

The power and significance of the corporation compared to that of the public, much less the individual.

We came down very hard on the NFL yesterday on this matter and yet we are clear-eyed to know we can take zero credit for what transpired..  None..

Even though our readership is large, its not That large to affect the reversal which occurred today..

And even if we as individuals who work at A&G wrote mountains of e-mails and snail mail while galvanizing readers to do the same and organized petitions and all the standard peaceful civil means of protest, it wouldn't have mattered a hill of beans

Then again, if the New York Times and Sports Illustrated, etc did so, that in itself wouldn't have altered things..

Corporations run the country and the world; they are the entities that carry the clout.
As we said, this may fall under the category of 'Duh!' but we never assume what our readers know or no..  That mindset tends to be too smug for our taste.

So the one-liner about the 'Golden Rule' is very true; 'He (or She or One) who owns the gold, makes (and alters) the rules..

And while this sad reality became a momentary positive today, it is also why this recession-depression keeps going on and on, and little to nothing in the lives of everyday people is ever changed

Unless its for the worse.