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Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Guns n' Butter" or Buying Guns to Control the Butter

Monday's posting is a little earlier than normal..

Here's a trivia question...

In May of this year, a government agency put out a written request for the commercial acquisition of the following:

“Submachine guns, .40 Cal. S&W, ambidextrous safety, semi-automatic or 2 shot burst trigger group, Tritium night sights for front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope (top rear), stock-collapsible or folding, magazine - 30 rd. capacity.”
Which agency made the request for the guns with night visibility and 30 round magazine clips at .40 caliber?

Was it...

A)  The FBI

B)  The CIA

C)  The NSA (National Security)

D)  The USPS (Postal Service)

E)  The DHS  (Department of Homeland Security)

F)  The USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture)

G)  The US Coast Guard

Answer is....

According to the USDA's Office of Inspector General (OIG), in the written request, the weapons are needed for self-defense:

"OIG Special Agents regularly conduct undercover operations and surveillance...

The types of investigations conducted by OIG Special Agents include criminal activities such as fraud in farm programs; significant thefts of Government property or funds; bribery and extortion; smuggling; and assaults and threats of violence against USDA employees engaged in their official duties,”
One must imagine the USDA is threatened and harassed repeatedly to need such a massive stockpile of weapons at their disposal to counter threats...

OIG’s Investigation Development bulletins show in the last year, there have been only three incidents in the last year that involved firearms and two in which USDA agents were verbally threatened.

That's it..

Most of their enforcement operations surround white-collar fraud of government programs, often involving SNAP programs (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs).

Always funny how individuals are not allowed to possess these weapons but the government can..  Wonder if it has anything to do with government not wanting its citizenry to put up a fight when such weapons are aimed at them and their children?
Are semi-automatic weapons now needed to instill agriculture fines?

And who are usually the target of such heavy-handed tactics?

Certainly not the Big-Boys..  Usually its the small, locally owned farm that's just barely surviving and whom the USDA feel can be bullied the easiest to conform and heel..

Or is it kneel?

So if everything is honky-dory with the economy and all is going peachy-keen with this lovely little recession, why is it so many government agencies and sheriff's departments are seeking to arm themselves to the hilt with advanced weaponry?
Remember, no government fears its populace when times are good..

Just like few seek to just spontaneously buy a gun for self-defense without something occurring in one's personal life or neighborhood to spark the concern

If you personify government and its agencies, they're like an incessant bully with a deep inferiority complex, a small cock n' balls and enough weapons or strength to compensate who will never allow anyone else one-up him...

He has to be King Bean and will go to his maker if need be while doing all he can to hurt you in the process..
~ In this photo, the role of the US Govt (and its agencies) will be played by Ray Rice; the role of 'we' is played by Rice's wife

The bully Must be #1..   The bully must instill fear and pain..

You must be afraid and respectful at all times; humble and demure.

This is your government and its agencies; this is your police and military

This is America.