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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The American Family- 1914 v 2014

Most people, even those who may economically not be too well off look at the present with fondness and positivity.

And even if 2014 isn't one's cup of tea, there's the belief that 2015 is only a few months away and that will surely be a better year..

We see life through a different prism; one where 'new' i.e the future doesn't in itself mean anything will be 'better'
And with certain exceptions, the past is better than the present.

The biggest reason we feel this way has to do with family, both on a personal level and in the greater abstract.

We know today here and now at this moment who is alive and those same people were here in the past, albeit a little bit younger..
Tomorrow or Next Week or Next Month?  Who's to say..

Cold but its true.

And the family itself..  Today it is more overall fractured and incohesive than ever before with adult children at great distances from their parents; brothers/sisters detached from each others' lives except for the yearly phone call..

All the photos in this posting will be from 1914..  They're not famous people..  Just family portraits we located on the internet which we felt demonstrated what life was life for people 100 years ago and we will make comments as necessary..
In this portrait you have three generations represented..

We will go out on a limb and say the furthest thing on their minds is going shopping and buying the latest styles to keep up with the Joneses while accruing massive personal debt for vanity

Also we will make the deduction that they all live in close proximity and thus are an emotional and economic support system to help one another and rally round in times of need vs the modern family that is scattered about like autumn leaves off a tree
We are going to deduce the mother in this photo does not work but the positive being she does not Have To do so because he father like most men back then were able to generate enough income to raise a family of 5 or 7 without the Need of a second breadwinner..

If a woman wants to work, that's great but we believe in real women's Choice as opposed to the political game of reproductive 'Choice.'  Since the 1970's. married woman have been Forced to work along side their husbands..

For most of US history prior to the 1970s, the only married women who worked outside the home were immigrants and the poor..

In today's society even among the upper middle class and well-to-do, married women go to work simply to help keep the economic plates spinning and not illusions or delusions of feeling independent.
One can easily tell this is a rural family and probably accustomed to much financial struggle..

There also is a hierarchy in the photo that is very evident and lacking in most modern families..

We live in an age where there's little to no respect between children and their elders; where teens seek to rebel every which way possible from illegal things they ingest or inject into their bodies to silly, superficial nonsense like tattoos and piercings..

Now look at the photo..  Who is the leader?   Can you honestly imagine any of the kids telling their parents to 'Shut up', or act up or rebel in any way many immature youth of the past few generations do..?
Here we have another family with five children where the woman is the homemaker as the man is fully able to support his family on his one salary..

Do they look like the kind of family that constantly curses and seeks to identify and mimic the base gutteral aspects of society or make political correct statements by socializing with peoples they have zero in common with?

Does this look like the kind of family that couldn't care less how their kids did in school or completely oblivious to where their children are during the day or what time they come home at night as they stay home and milk the system?
Notice how they are dressed.. They may not be wealthy but there's dignity in themselves and how they dress.. No backward baseball caps.. No hoodies or "wife-beater" T-shirts and pants draped down to their hips so you can purposely see their underwear..

The women may be a little bit on the plus side but they are not gargantuan rotund with thick fat asses from sitting all day doing little but watching TV and eating processed crap..

You can tell they all want a better life and are focused on working as hard as possible to obtain that goal...
This is a photo of a Jewish-American family..

How many of them can you imagine selling much less using recreational drugs or becoming addicted to alcohol or other vices to escape reality?

How many of the women in this portrait can you imagine taking nude 'selfies' of themselves, or engaging in lewd or deviant acts that would degrade themselves and their families, all for the sake of a little hedonistic fun?

Some may say we're unfairly stereotyping..
Sorry but, we're not..

Life nor families were not perfect 100 years ago but the 'Great War' aside, both were far better than life today..

Yes we have technological innovations that allow us to talk to people 5,000 miles away and machines that cook whole dinners in seconds, etc..

But back then you didn't have loved ones needlessly 5,000 miles away and more families actually sat and ate dinner together without distractions like radio, TV and texting at the table..
We are trained to poo-poo traditional families by secularists and those who try to politicize it which is moronic because Democrats seek happy, loving homes as much as Republicans

Truth is most people live out alternate variations of 'family' which we understand is better than no family at all

But also inexcusable to suggest everyone rushing home from work at 6p with someone placing a bucket of to-go fried chicken or other fast-food bag of burgers on the table for all to engorge upon, is the same as family circa 1914..
Its not..

And its the fault of this System we live under which makes everything more expensive than it needs to be while consciously depressing the wages to squeeze more 'juice' out of every worker 'grape' at the expense of family cohesion

And our fault for embracing the changes instead of fighting them.