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Friday, September 5, 2014

While the World Burns, Obama Golfs

On September 4, a NATO summit began in Wales to discuss and coordinate the western response to ongoing "Russian intervention" in Ukraine

For those unfamiliar, Wales is part of the UK on its west coast

One person so far has been 'noticably absent' from attendance..

His name begins with an 'O' as in "O Lordy..."
We want you to try and guess why:

A)  He had a tummy ache from jet-lag

B)  He wanted to sight-see Cardiff, the capital of Wales since it was on his 'bucket list'


C)  The NATO summit is taking place at the magnificent Celtic Manor Resort, the location of the 2010 Ryder Cup.
We can empathize..  

It would be like yours truly having to attend a very important and serious meeting right next to a Dollar Tree Mega Store..

"Meeting or shop?  What to do?  What to do?"

Honestly we don't think there isn't a black man alive who plays more golf..  Even moreso than Tiger and he does it as his profession..
According to CBS News correspondent Mark Knoller who has meticulously chronicled presidential data since 1996 and has kept tabs on everything from the number of trips overseas to the number of foreign leaders who visit the White House to how often presidents flee Washington for what he calls "vacations":

So far midway through in year 6 of Obama's Presidency, he has gone on 20 different 'vacations' (between 2-15 days) and has taken off in total 129 days

The President has also made 33 visits to the official Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland, totaling all or part of 84 days, which Knoller does not count as official 'vacations' to be included in the total..

Obama has also played 192 rounds of golf between 2009 and today's date Sept 5th, 2014
~ Obama practicing his swing or his bow.. 

We're sure that number will be increasing during the NATO meeting.

Why not..  An American beheaded by ISIS on Aug 20th didn't stop a round of golf from being played mere minutes after at the Vineyard Golf Club

And Aug 14th, a week prior, the President calls for calm in Ferguson, MO then skips the funeral of General Greene to play a round at the same locale

If you want to see the entire list, go to

The site also shows how many US soldiers died in Afghanistan each day the President golfed.
~ August 20, 2014

The New York Post expressed it most accurately after the post-beheading golf outing with friends:

"Sometimes a round of golf is just a round of golf. And sometimes it reveals the ­essence of a man.

President Obama’s decision to hit the links and yuk it up with pals immediately after speaking about the beheading of James ­Foley was no ordinary mistake. Nor was it a simple gaffe...

With even his media praetorian guard appalled, the golf outing is sparking a wider understanding that Obama is hollow, empty of the routine qualities Americans expect from their president.
Simple decency and respect for Foley’s horrified parents should have been enough to sober him. 

If that didn’t do it, the realization that the Islamic State had declared war on America in the most gruesome fashion imaginable should have sounded a call of duty in his head.

Instead, Obama continued with his vacation and was photographed looking as if he didn’t have a care in the world. 

Suddenly, that megawatt smile that often charmed voters wasn’t so charming. 

It was vacuous.
He looked like an empty-headed frat boy, numb to the world.

Maybe that’s not just an appearance. Maybe it’s the truth. 

Maybe that’s all there is.  It is a bitter idea to consider...

But what if it’s worse than that? What if, after six years of frustration and failure, he’s just not into being president anymore?

Bill Clinton told Americans, “I feel your pain.” What if Obama doesn’t give a whit what Americans feel?"
Now we know what the Obama defenders will say..

"President Bush played more golf!!"

This isn't true but even if it was, the comparison is merely meant to deflect blame and justify the President's zeal for the recreational past time

It is true Bush went on more vacation days in his Presidency, mostly to his ranch in Crawford Tx, but played only 24 rounds of golf as President.
He later explained his decision to stop in the fall of 2003 by saying he felt it was not appropriate to be seen golfing while American troops fought in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It didn't help perception that W. drew liberal scorn in August 2002 when he began a round of golf in Kennebunkport with a somber denunciation of a bus bombing in Israel (famously shown in Michael Moore's film 'Fareinheit 9/11'.

"I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers,"
Bush said,

That was followed by "Now watch this drive."
Obama plays far more golf than his predecessor..  So much the media has gone out of their way to write stories justifying it as a positive.

People are still dying in Afghanistan and Iraq and the nation needs a true leader desperately

And 'O' still keeps on a swingin' and a puttin'

When Rome burned, Nero had his fiddle

Obama has his driver, 7-iron & sand wedge.