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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chris Christie, the Cowardly Cur

Politicians are cowards..

No matter how much tough talk and bluster, ultimately they all succumb to something..

In some cases its money as in Wall Street donors threatening not to support re-election and in rare cases. its a rarity called a woken-up populace who makes it known they want a policy decision reversed..

And then there's what happened in NY and NJ
Seems both are afraid of the White House and have changed their policy involving the quarantine of people coming from West Africa as quick as an impotent lion turns into a pussy.. cat.

We understand why New York capitulated to the will of Obama..  Democrat Governor.. Democrat President..  etc..etc..   We get it..

"The Obama administration has been privately attempting to convince the governors to reverse the mandatory quarantine policy decision" -NY Times

As for the fat fudge packer from New Jersey.. Chris Christie..  the one who dares to call himself 'Republican', cowering to the Administration is mind-boggling
Perhaps Christie needs one of those posters that reads "Keep Calm and Always Ignore the President"

Here's what Christie's spokesman said 24-36 hours ago:

"New Jersey is not changing its quarantine protocol..    A New Jersey resident with no symptoms but who has come into contact with someone with Ebola such as a health care provider would be subject to a mandatory quarantine order..."

Then Christie himself directly said on Sunday: "I don't think when you're dealing with something as serious as this you can count on a voluntary system."This is the government's job...  The government's job is to protect safety and health of our citizens...  I have no second thoughts about it."

Then after some behind the scenes White House manipulation..
~ Remember there is no vaccine and no cure for Ebola..

"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Monday that the state will release the quarantined American nurse who had been confined in a hospital isolation tent upon arrival from West Africa despite showing no signs of Ebola."  -- USA Today

Nice going tubby..

Even though two state governors have allowed themselves to become politically impotent by the will of the Great 'O', the Pentagon is still going through with their quarantine

They are just smart enough to not use the Q word and instead call it a "controlled monitoring"
~ Liberia.. October 10, 2014

From CNN:

"Army Major General Darryl A. Williams, commander of U.S. Army Africa, and approximately 10 other personnel are now in "controlled monitoring" in Italy after returning there from West Africa over the weekend, according to multiple U.S. military officials.

The American personnel are effectively under quarantine, but Pentagon officials declined to use that terminology...

They will be monitored for 21 days at a "separate location" at the U.S. military installation at Vicenza Italy, according to U.S. military officials... 
The troops are being housed in an access controlled location on base, and are not allowed to go home for the 21 day period while they undergo twice daily temperature checks."

There are currently 3,000 US soldiers in West Africa "fighting" the disease

At least some American entity cares about the safety of Americans at home and is taking the prudent step of 'better safe than sorry'

We know some disagree with us on this point but we state it again more emphatically than ever..
You have a black man in power who cares more about not offending black Africans and upsetting black Americans apathetic as it is to vote in the midterms coming up shortly, than making sound judgments and policy into action to protect Americans from being exposed more than one reasonably must..

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced similar 21-day monitoring programs over the weekend.

Wonder if they will be joining the Cower Club

Remember, the Federal Government doesn't really care if you're alive or dead in the grand scheme of things..  Its #1 goal is maintaining control and calm while diminishing panic
When the shit hits the fan as it were, its the local officials.. Governors and Mayors who will be on the policy front lines..

One more thing..

New York City mayor Bill DiBlasio - Democrat, called the quarantined nurse a 'hero'..

Sorry Mayor but a big F-U on your word choice!

Another example of the absolute cheapening of vocabulary and the true meanings of words
~ Now THAT is a hero..  sandwich..

How is this woman a hero?

Because she as a health care worker puts her life at risk to treat people who are sick which incidentally is her job?!!

Because she's angry she was quarantined for public protection after being in a highly infected area among diseased black Africans?
Because she's another sue-happy person who now plans to take the State of NJ to court?

So what about this woman makes her a 'hero'?

Yep, politicians are utterly worthless.