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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Don't Worry..Be Happy"

Its a funny world we live in..  More specific, a contradictory one..

Basic physics of gravity tells us what goes up, ultimately must come down..

And yet when it comes to the economy and stock market, the US and the rest of the world do all they can to middle finger Sir Issac Newton..

And basic behavioral psychology tells us that there is no such reality as the 24 hour 'happy' state; that it is highly Abnormal to be in a constant state of glee especially when to get that way requires among other things a continual detachment from reality
And yet that's what all aspects of government, media and daily culture do..  they shelter and protect and distract and detract from anything truly bothersome..

For example, some people would argue the 6:30p nightly news is depressing and full of fear and tension..

But is it really?

Take the deeply evil ISIS --  those evil scum are scary and horrid but the media depicts them as 'over there' wherever "there" is; some safe distance from our daily every-day world and problems
And the Ebola virus spreading throughout the globe..  Well even though there's a couple documented cases of Americans infected, overall its 'over there'..   in Liberia, wherever that is..

And everyone does everything they can to minimize it like they did AIDS in the 1980s..

"You can't get it simply by being in contact with another..  Its not airborne... You have to share bodily fluids like saliva or semen or share needles.."

See.. Ebola is really nothing to worry about..

Don't Worry..  Be Happy..
~ "There There.. (pat-pat-pat)..  There There.."

There are some people who complain the US is a 'nanny state' and from an economic perspective, we disagree

From an emotional perspective, yes we are one.

We constantly need government as nanny or 'mammy' to pull us to her big ample bosom whenever we're frightened so we can figuratively close our eyes and suckle while told "Shh now.. Everythin' is al' right chil'"
When there's crisis we want confidence restored as badly as the perpetrators who will say any half-convincing lie to convey that illusion..

And we really don't want to ask questions..  Just tell us something, make it believable and sound convincing..

Really no different than someone finding out their spouse was cheating on them..

And the victim speaks through word or action, 'Tell me lies.. Tell me sweet little lies' and any dirty dick-dipping dog responds with a splattering of "I love you's" and now the placebo salve is applied to the wound
People need to be constantly lied to and allowed to live in illusory bliss

They don't want to know or hear that prior to the recession-depression, 63% of all working age Americans held a job and six years later, its 59% and that percentage has been unchanged for 4 years now..

They just want to hear "recovery"

They don't want to know or hear the labor force participation rate has now fallen to a 36 year low (1978), a sign of a very, very sick economy...
They don't want to know or hear that according to the Federal Reserve's very own online calculator, if one spent $1 in 2008 on goods or services, today in 2014 you need $1.10; a 10% dollar devaluation in 6 years!

They just want to hear "recovery"

In 2008, the American people willingly and happily accepted the government spending $700 billion on something called 'TARP' because we were told this would restore confidence in the economy and save this wonderful country from ruin..
And few to none questioned anything..  Where would the money go exactly?  How would the government get re-paid?  Why was it not keeping track of who got what?

Nope.. too scary to ask.. Just close eyes and 'trust'..

Every piece of bullshit that came out of the mouth of Bush and Obama and their Treasury Secretaries on the economy, most everyone embraced because it was positive and the voice was soothing..

Few to none ever heard of the Fed, much less know what it does so 'QE' sounded like some abbreviation among literary nerds..
And the worst part is no one has learned a thing..  We think we're more skeptical and we won't get fooled again, etc..

But we will..

If/when the market crashes for real like it should have years ago, everyone will be in a big tizzy over what will happen to their measly bank accounts and unexceptional investment portfolios..

And they will happily celebrate the government spending more trillions upon trillions to protect their couple hundred dollars in the checking account..
And if need be, people will give up any and every personal liberty and freedom not stripped after 9/11 and the on-going war on 'terror' to ensure their ATM will be accepted at McDonalds for that Egg McMuffin

Its just how people are..

"Don't worry, Be Happy"..

Perhaps that should be stamped on our currency instead of "In God we Trust"
~ You're not that far off grumpy cat..