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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Politically Correct Witchunt: When Native American Sports Logos Matter More than Native American People

Happy late Thursday or Friday..

Earlier this week in the small English town of Clacton located on the southeast coast a little north of Dover, a mural of pigeons holding anti-immigration signs was taken down by city council because it was deemed racist

The mural was by famed graffiti artist Banksy and was meant to be a statement against racism..

But it was taken down nonetheless..  

Because the council had received a complaint.

Not complaint-Ssssss  as in plural or multiple people/groups

No.. only one person.

One Politically Correct piece of shit had the Power and Ability to do that mainly because in England like in America, there is absolute cowardice and fear not to ever offend anyone's sensibilities or sensitivities..
Its all it takes..

For example if one person stated in an op-ed piece that Target's bulls-eye logo or the golden arches of McDonald's was racially, ethnically or religiously insensitive, you would see a movement grow pressuring those companies to remove their corporate symbols..

And do those who demand politically correct "sensitivity" and supposed respect of others really care about the groups and people they claim to fight for?

Of course not..
As good an example of this is the continued fight by a small but extremely vocal number of white pieces of garbage that the Washington Redskins change their nickname and logo because it is 'hurtful and degrading' to Native Americans they so claim..

And they keep on and on and on even though national polls including a Associated Press-GfK poll conducted last year demonstrated 80% support for keeping the 'Redskins' as-is, even among Native Americans polled..

But do these people.. these PC zealots really Really care about the plight of the Native American population?
Let's really delve into this since few to none in the media ever wish to and repeatedly we will ask one question which you should also be asking:

How does the alteration of the Washington Redskins name to something generic positively impact or improve the lives of the Native American people?

Currently the unemployment rate for Native Americans is around 11% and has been over 10% for the last six years..

American Indians had the highest unemployment rates in the Midwest (16.8%), Northern Plains (15.0%), and Southwest (15.0%).
How does changing the name 'Redskins' to the Washington Puppy Dogs or Cookie-Monsters improve those cold hard numbers?

How many jobs for Native Americans will the name change create?

Hint.. It rhymes with 'Hero' and begins with a 'Z'

One-quarter of American Indian children live in poverty (25%), versus 13% for the rest of Americans..
They graduate high school at a rate 17% lower than the national average. , their substance-abuse rates are higher and they’re twice as likely as any other race to die before the age of 24.

Native American children have two times the rate of abuse and neglect as Caucasian kids and it is fair to say their experience with post-traumatic stress disorder rivals the rates of returning veterans from Afghanistan.

Now once again..

How does changing the name 'Redskins' to the Washington Kitty Cats or Fudgy-Wudgies improve in any way, shape or form the plight of those children..
Do you honestly think their depression and high suicide rate stem from an NFL team moniker that's been in existence for 75 years?!!

Do you really Really think the Politically Correct bullies.. these Caucasian pieces of shit really care or know about any of this?!

We say Caucasian because that's the race that is predominantly PC..

White-guilters who think they can fix all social and historical wrongs by pushing forward an artificial periphery glaze of 'tolerance' while never ever addressing any sincere root causes
Think of it this way..  How many car engines do you know that were ever fixed and run better on the highway than previous simply because a new coat of paint was applied?

A little more than 1 in 10 Native American deaths are alcohol related..   12% to be more precise..

In addition, American Indians and Alaska Natives have the highest rates of suicide compared to any other ethnic group in the United States.   The rate of those 17-34 is Double the US average

Do you think they are tragically extinguishing their lives in sorrow over the Redskins logo?
~ "If I had a son and I or my wife was Native American, he would look like you.."

Everyone wants quick solutions so they can move on..

Few people really actually care about Native Americans, especially those east of the Mississippi where most probably have never encountered face to face a full 100% blooded American Indian..

But it sure makes people feel good inside like they are accomplishing something meaningful to bully a privately owned corporation to change its trademark.

This is the same nonsense that goes on with the black population and the fight over the Confederate flag..
We've written on this before..  Statistic after statistic showing blacks economically and academically far behind Caucasians, Asians and Hispanics and their communities in a constant repetitious cycle of poverty, crime and decay..

And instead of addressing real problems like black on black crime, the high percentage of inner city unwed mothers under 18, etc..  they rather focus their passions on eliminating a flag that hasn't been a true threat to the US since Lee's surrender about 150 years ago..

That is how stupid and gullible and naive people can be..
~ Who caused this.. The 'Stars n Bars' or the 'Stars n' Stripes'?

We at A&G have said it before and we say it again..  As dangerous a threat to America ISIS and al Qaeda is, the greatest domestic threat this nation has are the PC police..

They are domestic terrorists.. They bully and threaten and cajole and use every deviant trick possible to get their way to alter the landscape of this nation and its social expression,

And like terror organizations abroad, only need a small handful or mere one individual to be the powder keg..

And Americans, particularly in the corporate world are scared to death of them..
Much like businesses 100 years ago were scared of the local Mafioso and other criminal gangs..

If anyone sincerely gives a damn about the Native American beyond watching 'Dances With Wolves' once every decade, you will focus your attention and energies on strategies and means to actually improve their daily lives..

And not take the lazy way out by thinking a name and logo change cures the multi-generational ills this nation (not Redskins owner Daniel Snyder) as perpetrated upon the indigenous people who were here first...
~ American Indians on a Reservation in Arizona