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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Race-Based Political Cartoon Double Standard

The big 'news' for yesterday, Wednesday October 1st was that the Boston Herald published a political cartoon that seemed racist and offensive towards the President..

And like a good little boy, the person who made the cartoon up, like the cowards who run the Herald newspaper quickly apologized as he grovelled to the ground for forgiveness

The joke was supposed to be that the nut who jumped over the White House fence and sought to invade the premises had gotten so far inside, he was able to take a bath while Obama was brushing his teeth and knew of a new tooth paste flavor on the sink before the Prez..

Problem was instead of saying the toothpaste was bubble gum or cherry flavored, the political cartoonist said it was watermelon flavored..

~Sirens blaring..  "Racism Alert!  Racism Alert!  'Release the Hounds!!..  Repeat, I said Release the Hounds!!'

Its funny.. we don't recall the same public uproar when a political cartoon was released into hundreds of newspapers on July 1, 2004 which referred to Condolezza Rice as a 'House Nigga' who needed to give up her hair straightener and attend a re-education camp to be black again..
Or anyone in the media really giving a shit when a political cartoonist referred to Condi as someone who found success solely due to Affirmative Action then made the conscious decision to not call herself 'black' any more..

The cartoon in Rice's 'voice' as as follows:  "Being a black person in this country is no picnic.. Believe me.. I used to be one!"
Guess that one was OK since it was black people i.e. disparaging its own

And no one in the establishment really concerned themselves two blinks over a racially offensive cartoon where Condi is depicted as a mammy with old south broken English 'nursing' some cylinder tubes, which was a reference to faulty pre-Iraq invasion rationale of finding empty WMD tubes

The cartoon reads in Condi's 'voice' : "I knows all about aluminum tubes... (correction)  I don't know nuthin' about aluminum tubes"
Yep..  Totally OK to disparage Condolezza..  She's a black Republican who was and is very loyal to President Bush..  To the white establishment and many other idiots of color, she is an 'oreo' and thus deserving of mockery

Of course so was Colin Powell before he earned some 'coolness' points for supporting Obama's political campaign in 2008 and 2012..

But when he served under Bush, he was nothing more than a 'Tom' as the following political cartoon illustrated (and which once again the mainstream media never felt even remotely offended by)
In the cartoon Powell, being Bush's "slave" can't come to the 'Racism Conference' because "De Massa In De Big House Says I Aint"

No one ever raised a stink..  Ever!

But god forbid you refer to a black person as liking watermelon or fried chicken
"No.. No.. No.. Lordy!  No No No..!

Seems only whites can eat food that tastes delicious because of perceptions and stereotypes originated over 100yrs ago..

Yep.. makes total sense

And you just can't make fun of blacks or demean them in satire

Well unless its to make fun of certain kind of blacks
Remember the comedy film "Undercover Brother" starring Eddie Griffin and Dave Chappelle?  It was released in 2002

The plot is long (and stupid) but at one point, the "General", a reference to Colin Powell played by Billy Ray Williams was 'brainwashed' to open a chain of fried chicken restaurants

Yep.. Nothing wrong with that then.. Powell was Republican at the time
For all the advancements in the last 150 years from emancipation from slavery to full Civil Rights granted in 1964 to the present, it seems no black person is allowed to hold a conservative or Republican thought or value without being ridiculed in the most harsh terms possible

'House Nigger'





'Uncle Tom'

'Uncle Remus'
~ Cartoon depicting an Obama supporter (notice her t-Shirt) being the bastion of Political Correctness..  Oh, those poor ink blots..

But if you're Obama, no one is allowed to make even slightest reference to his race in any political or social commentary parody?
Nope..  We at A&G will never ever accept double standards.. Ever

People like Condi, Powell and Justice Clarence Thomas are people to be respected and admired; not degraded and spit upon..

They've accomplished more in their lives then the vast majority of us ever will and deserved to be treated with the same dignity particularly by political satirists that so many demand we treat the President

What's good for the goose is good for the gander..
Angel:  "I guess this makes you an Obama Supporter.."
King:  "Not necessarily..  I judge people by their character.  Not their color.  Remember?