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Thursday, October 16, 2014

This Week in Apologies - Oct 11-17

Its Friday so its time once again for 'This Week in Apologies'

Last week we found 15 news items where a person or entity apologized to someone for something..

Were they sincere?   Who knows..  Doubt it..

The point is that a full week can not go by in this cowardly society without someone being forced to say their sorry to save their neck or hides..
Last week we found 15 examples..    Let's see what we discover this week...

--  "The hospital in Dallas where Thomas Eric Duncan died and two nurses contracted the Ebola virus is apologizing for mistakes it made in the handling of the disease."  NY Post, Oct 16

~ We're sure that apology meant a lot to their next of kin..
--  "NBC medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman issued a statement tonight apologizing for reported violations of the quarantine she and her NBC News team were placed in after freelancer photographer Ashoka Mukpo, who was working with the NBC team in Liberia, was diagnosed with Ebola.",  Oct 13

~ Is she apologizing to all those she put at risk or to NBC?

--  "John Grisham, the popular writer of crime thrillers issued an apology Thursday for saying that men who look at child pornography featuring 16-year-old girls are not pedophiles in an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph."  NY Daily News, Oct 17

~ Of course Grisham is 100% Correct but that doesn't matter..  

There is a world of difference between looking at a topless photo of a fully developed 16/17 yr old female who for many thousands upon thousands of years of societal evolution was old enough to get married, raise children and run a household vs someone prepubescent i.e. 6/7 yrs old..

But society goes nuts at the mere attempt at discussion of this topic so Grisham begged for mercy
--  "U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron ordered his welfare-reform minister to apologize today after he was recorded saying that some disabled people are “not worth the full wage.”  Bloomberg, Oct 15

~ Complete Idiot!

--  "Pizza Hut has been forced to apologize after staff in Singapore described a customer as a "Pink Fat Lady" on a receipt."  NY Daily News, Oct 15

--  "US Airways has apologized after one of its flight attendants refused to hang a soldier’s uniform in the plane’s coat closet because he was not seated in first class."  ABC News, Oct 13
--  "Keith Olbermann once apologized to then-President Bill Clinton in 1998 for his part in MSNBC's "ceaseless coverage" of the scandal over the president's affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky."  Huffington Post, Oct 11

~ Gawd. What an Asshole..   Oops.. We know we've peeved some with that retort..  We''ll be hiding under our desk in case our Editor in Chief makes us say that other 'A' word

--  "Sears has apologized and removed a men’s swastika ring that was briefly for sale on its Marketplace website.  The “.925 Thai silver Swastika ring” was listed under the “men’s punk rock style” jewelry category."  Washington Times, Oct 13
--  "Dick's Sporting Goods has apologized for excluding female athletes from its basketball catalog after a 12-year-old girl complained that she didn’t feel represented."  Washington Times, Oct 13

~  That is one Powerful little 12 yr old Girl...  Too Powerful..

--  "Royals Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie apologizes for wearing 'These O's Ain't Royal' T-shirt"  KC Star, Oct 15

~ Yes, Seriously he was told to apologize because a few Orioles fans' feelings were hurt..
--  "Bono, U2 Apologize for Forcing 'Songs of Innocence' on Apple Users with Free Download"  MTV News,  Oct 14

~ Yes, Seriously..  An apology was given for giving something for FREE!

So lets' see..  That's 11 instances within the last 7 days of people or entities apologizing with most really having no reason to..

Add last week's total and that's 26 people or entities cowering within a span of a fortnight
Sorry to cuss but..

Gawd, what a truly Fucked Up world we live in..

Anyways, Happy Weekend.. See everyone on Monday..