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Thursday, October 9, 2014

When Bad Entities Avoid Getting Just Desserts

There's so much suffering and tragedy out there in the world today..

And it just never ever directly affects the people who deserve it.

You see disgusting snuff videos of journalists or other every-day normal people on their knees about to have their throats cut by ISIS..

Yet you never see a banker, corporate CEO or professional Investor in that position where he or she only has mere moments to rectify their sinful, evil lives to God before the backward animals commit the murder..
You see and hear about an Ebola virus that is quickly spreading to the four corners of the world, and goodness knows how dramatically our daily lives could be altered, much less the suffering we may perhaps be visibly exposed to..

Yet no one at the Federal Reserve or other central banks around the world that manipulate the markets, currencies, gold values, interest rates, etc has yet to suffer the excruciating pain that man in Texas did who died of Ebola the other day; the first on US soil..

All these long, continuing endless wars that drain national treasury, extinguish the lives of the young and divert money that could go to help the people recover from this on-going recession-depression instead go to the military contractors and mercenaries.
~ 'I'm dark and eating watermelon.. Soo?! Meoww' ~

And yet how many sons and daughters of the powerful politicians have gone off to voluntarily enlist and fight and serve in the last twelve years?

We know former VP candidate Sarah Palin's son served overseas at one point in time.  Also Prince Harry of the UK was quite brave in Afghanistan actually serving in the front vs in the rear as a symbolic token

So that's two people globally..  Who else??!
~ 'Yes I am black & about to eat fried chicken.. you racist!.. Meowrrrr!' ~

Did Chelsea Clinton ever enlist?   How about the two Bush daughters?

Why not?  This isn't 1804...    In 2014, women enlist and and fight and serve with distinction and sometimes die..

Think in a million-billion-zillion-quadrillion years President Obama would ever allow either of his precious daughters to one day enlist and fight in our endless wars?

If he had a son (like Trayvon) would he be allowed to enlist?
The powerful and wealthy and well-to-do are always spared the repercussions of the suffering they cause their nation and the planet at large..

In a perfect world it would be They and not you and we that lose their nest eggs when a Market crashes and loses their mind along with their assets..

It is They and not you and we who should struggle and starve and get sicker and weaker as our society devolves itself into a true 3rd world Banana Republic state..
And when viruses or bacteria or other invisible predatory killers invade the human body, it should be they who suffer first, not those who live impoverished in dirt and desolation in third-world countries around the globe..

They should be the ones drinking unsafe, unsanitary drinking water and living the life of a refugee with no where to go and no one to turn...

Harsh?  Cruel?  Oh, you betcha..

But don't worry..  the most evil, soulless, selfish, egocentric money and power hungry people in America and by extension the world, are well insulated..

Like cockroaches, they will survive anything.
We tolerate quite a bit as a society..  

Allow us the freedom to make $10 - 40 an hour and we will not begrudge someone at the top of the food chain making $400 - $4,000 for those same 60 minutes

Give us a job so we can have 20-40% of our annual salary siphoned back to the Federal, state and local governments as a nice middle-finger 'thank you' for working and we don't complain about the tax credits and other financial loopholes our boss received to build that factory or office.
Steal as much as you want from us and our children and as long as you do it covertly from the back and there's no weapons involved putting us at physical risk, we'll grumble but chalk things up to 'Whatcha goin' to do..'

Don't beat yourself too much over it..

Its how you and we were conditioned to think.

Take the game Chess which has been around probably for over a thousand years..
From a defensive perspective, what is the goal?

To protect...   The pawn?   The Knight?   The Queen?

Nope..  The entire defensive strategy of Chess is essentially to protect the King..  Everything else is secondary and in the case of those eight pawns, very expendable..

And that's how our society is today, even with all the illusions of 'freedom' and 'democracy' and 'liberty'
~ 'Don't eat me!  Mooo..  Umm, I mean Meowww.. '

President Obama gets the massive Secret Service detail with the armor-plated cars, the high tech weaponry, 007-like gadgets and whatever else is needed to protect the First Family.

Not counting former Presidents, when life is threatened, the other 315 million people get to make a 911 call..

That's just how things are and how we're conditioned to want it.