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Sunday, October 12, 2014

When it Rains, It Pours (We Hope)

It was a very nice week in stocks last week..

Well.. Very nice in our opinion.

Monday 10/6 the opening bell dinged at 17,080 and by Friday 10/10's afternoon dong, it closed at 16,544

So using our trusty calculator, that came to a one week drop of 536pts, which really isn't that significant but the fact the finance whore media made a big to-do of it, shows how spoiled they've gotten
To them, the market is only to go one direction, whether it be natural or through the Fed supplying the economic Viagra.

Read an article over the weekend and the author was scaring its readers how 'terrible' and 'horrible' it would be if the market crashed and the Fed couldn't save it again..

And Dow 8,000 was expressed as if that was the epitome of financial calamity.

But really, is it?
Do you know what year was the first time in US history the Dow crossed above 8,000?

Late 1997 (Gas was $1.27 gallon & milk cost $3.21)

Do you know what year the stock market first opened for business?


So that means this nation has prospered and grown and traders bought and sold stocks for  more for 205 years before the 8,000 'line' was crossed

And yet the audacity of these finance media corporate whores to imply Dow 8,000 is to be dreaded..

Here's more factoids..

On March 2, 2009,  the lowest point in the Dow post-Lehman and stock crash, etc, the market closed that day at 6,763.

The world survived..  The sun rose the the morning..  The birds chirped and hundreds of millions of people went about their typical unexceptional day..

So in a span of 66 months and a few days, the Evil, Evil Federal Reserve has done everything humanly possible and beyond to help banks, corporations, and investors big & small..
And as we said, this past Friday's close was at 16,544.

So even with that 500+ point drop, at the cost of tens of trillions, the Dow has risen 9,781 points or 244%

And no one in any position of power has done anything to curb or outright stop it 

Why?  Take your pick..
--  Strong markets help party re-election bids

--  The 1%-ers who most benefit end up spending the most in political donations

--  Many in positions of governmental and financial power are heavily invested in market; its growth helps their portfolio

--  Blowing balloons is easier than getting hands dirty fixing problems

We've been hoping for the foot to drop for over five years..  Hoping for that sincere crash that decimates the 1% and everyone who obeys the System and does what their told..
Many write about it.. Many have predicted it..     They're still wrong..

For the time being..

Of course many are professional doom n' gloomers who profit from fear and fall to predictable patterns of historical religious scapegoating to seek to unite their simple followers

Gotta watch out for those..
Anyone who tries to explain the last 6 years of the recession-depression using meaningless code-words like "Illuminati", and "banking-cartels" and "Rothschilds" and that special "Z" word that rhymes with 'Lion'..

Well.. Get away from those loons as quick as you can..

Things are the way they are not because of 

They are as they are because of We..
We don't bother to truly understand what happened to cause the 2008 Crash..

We don't read..We don't self-educate

And every single election, we vote in the same people and parties..

There are honestly millions upon millions of people who seriously believe their political party does and cares more about people than the 'other'...

We've said it before..  Here's the difference between Democrats and Republicans..
A Democrat will come up to you, small talk a little, then slap your face as hard as possible and say "Sorry, there was a mosquito there" or such..

A Republican will come up to you, stare quietly a moment, then slap your face as hard as possible and not say anything...

And the people who need those empty words of reassurance after the slap tend to vote Dem..

And the people who think its "refreshing" to be slapped so harshly, as if it represented 'truth', tend to vote Rep..

And either way, your face was still whacked..
In a perfect, just world, the stock market would crash again and fall to a natural, un-manipulated bottom and instead of quick fixes, the people collectively would start to make demands upon its leaders for real economic and political change..

And the truly well-to-do would have their economic lives go topsy turvy much like the ending in the 1982 Eddie Murphy film 'Trading Places' involving the 'Duke Brothers'

And we'd wake up to a Dow 8,000 world..

Which really wouldn't be such a terrible thing.