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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Very Brief Thoughts on Ferguson, Mo

Because its Thanksgiving week, this will be our last posting until next Monday, December 1st

But before we depart for a few days, a brief comment or two on Ferguson, Missouri and the jury verdict..

So what have we learned from all this?

Mainly that blacks don't seem to like it very much when one of their own is killed by 'whitey'.
They sure don't seem to mind much when blacks kill other blacks; they're quite deafeningly silent on that subject for fear that speaking up and protesting will put their own kind in a negative light.

A study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics found in reported crimes from 2005, 93 percent of black murder victims were killed by someone black.

And some ignorant blacks in some quarters celebrate when a black kills a white then cries 'racism' then their own actually is found guilty for it..

So..  yep, blacks will not quietly accept other blacks being killed by white or Hispanics..
We also learn that whenever blacks do not like a verdict of a high-profile case, they often resort to violence and destruction of others' private property

When whites are unhappy such as the OJ verdict, they tend to just bitch and moan a little bit, then go on with their lives..

With Ferguson, like with Rodney King and other verdicts not going their way, they prefer to go the primal, mindless-animal route of rioting.

And really we learned that overall as a nation we're no closer to truly being one people today than we were at the close of the Civil War when the black slave was being liberated.

Too many differences..  Too much bitterness and playing the slavery card by some..  
Not enough of a true, honest dialogue because quite bluntly, for two sides to ever come together to find common ground, culpability and blame for the built-up mistrust must be accepted by both parties..

And the black community refuses to take any responsibility for the negative way many see them, so race discussion is always ultimately a one-way street that ends in the cul-de-sac of 'white guilt'

Lastly, a very interesting lesson to take from all this nonsense..

If a white hurts in any way a black teen hoodlum who is committing a crime, the black community will come immediately to his/her defense..
However, if a black comedian who has dared to criticize the black community for not stepping up to the plate to be better parents and citizens is media lynched by a group of repugnant, lying white women, they will stay silent and shrug.

And on that note, a Gobble Gobble to you all...

See you bright n' cheery next Monday..

Monday, November 24, 2014

Condoned Cheating in Professional NBA Baskeball

On this day in history, November 24, 1906, the Massillon Tigers defeated their rivals the Canton Bulldogs 13–6 for the "Ohio League" Championship, which leads to accusations that the championship series was fixed and results in the first major scandal in professional American football.

And this made us think about the cheating going on in the NBA by the Philadelphia 76ers organization

And how really no one from the Commissioner to the other owners to fans really give two damns or seek to make any attempt to stop it from occurring every time their team of developmental talent takes the court.
~ Mavericks fans enjoying their newspaper while paying good money to see their team defeating Philly by 38pts with more than 3min to go in the 2nd quarter...

Do you remember the baseball film 'Major League' starring Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger?

What was the basic plot of that film.. do you recall?

The owner, a former stripper who inherited the team from her dead old hubby didn't want to be in Cleveland anymore so there was a secret proviso in the city contract that if the ball club finished dead last and kept under a specific figure in attendance, she legally could re-locate the team

So via her General Manager, they locate every stiff, retread, minor-league caliber talent they can find to fill the roster...

And movie audiences thought it was funny..
Of course in the movies, the lovable losers end up winning the 'big game' which propels them into the playoffs and cue credits as on-field crowd cheers..

No film writer would dare have the courage to devise a movie plot where a basketball team of utter crap is assembled which finish the 2013-14 season 19-63, then at the 2014 Draft while holding two top-10 picks, acquire players they know beforehand will never play a second of NBA basketball (one due to injury, one who is playing in Europe)

And then to spend the off-season acquiring even worse talent and actually starting the 2014-15 season Under the minimum salary cap and playing to a thus far 0-13 record...

That is a combined record of 19-76 (.197 winning percentage) since the tanking project began last year.
~ "Its not your fault.. Its Ownership.. just do the best you can.."

What you are seeing is cheating at its worst, though not by any of the players or the coaches..

The blood is on management's hands with this..

The Sixers owner is Josh Harris.. a Wall Street Venture (Vulture) capitalist billionaire piece of Shit.

Remember the last election between Obama and Romney and how everyone was attacking Mitt for something called 'Bain Capital'?    Well that's the type of business the Sixers' owner is in..
~ Sixers owner Joshua Harris.. its easy not to care about Philadelphia and all the mess left behind when you live in New York City..

What vulture capitalists do is buy distressed businesses on the cheap under the guise their goal is to improve them and in reality, they gut from within like cancer and force that business to close stores, lay-off workers and ultimately force them into bankruptcy..

And in bankruptcy court, it is the Josh Harrises of the world that collect from the dead carcass before any other creditor is allowed to..

Remember in 'Wall Street' what Gordon Gekko did to 'Blue Star' airlines.. i.e. buy it under illusion of resuscitating the company then deciding it was more profitable to break it up into little pieces because as he screamed "it was wreckable"?
That's who Sixers owner Josh Harris is except without the good looks or charisma and that is his mindset of how you run businesses.. He owns not only the Sixers but the NHL's NJ Devils..

Right now there's zero incentive for ownership to run the franchise different..

You take TV and overall revenue sharing, the money from local sponsorship, merchandising and remember he is paying out a base minimum payroll and Harris made a profit of $35 million last year off a 19 win team,

He is projected to make the same amount this coming year..  Even if no one attended a single game.

Perhaps the ultimate goal is to infuriate a fan base and cause them to emotionally detach to make a re-location of the Sixers to another city easier.. (Its been done before-- the Golden State Warriors used to play in Philly before they moved)
~ "Me.. Try.. to Win..  Shoot..  Basket..  Ball Go in..."

Or maybe just reap the profits while doing the most minimal of effort and then when finally called to the carpet, sell the team to another..  

Shockingly, Forbes lists the Sixers franchise at $700 million, and in case you're curious, Harris bought the franchise a few years ago for $250 million.    So you do the math..

But what is so amazing about all this is the NBA's commissioner is silent..

He was so gung-ho to to kick Donald Sterling out of the league just because he said private thoughts recorded illegally by his mulatto girlfriend about blacks
And what the Sixers are doing is 1,000 worse than any racial epithets uttered..

They are night in and night out middle fingering sportsmanship and fair play while partaking in a confidence game on the spectators.

They are also easily susceptible to outside influences rigging games and shaving points..

For example, whenever there's a fix, the focus is on the better team and why did X only win by say 6 when favored by 12, etc..

But what if you have a utterly terrible team of guys not even making $1mil salary who are expected to lose by 20-25 a night?
~ Final Score:  Sacramento 115, Sixers 98

Would anyone even notice or care if a loss was by 30 if gamblers wanted that outcome?

Really the entire integrity of the NBA is in question with what the Sixers are doing..   And the Commish couldn't seem to give a shit..

We wish the Sixers owner would say 'nigger' once publicly so it would put into motion what should be occurring based on bad play on the court.

Like with the Sterling situation, the NBA should be taking day to day control of the team away from ownership and the GM and in the process ban them forever from the league.   Then the NBA runs the franchise until new ownership is found.
~ Score:  Golden State 66, Sixers 33; 1 minute into the 3rd quarter

And the amazing/frustrating part is No one who covers professional basketball or even the local Philly pretend-reporters have the guts to tell it like it is like we are at present..

Cowards all of them..  Corporate synergy and Editors to bow down to..

But really this is a microcosm of life isn't it?
~ Coach Brett Brown..  

Pure unadulterated corruption and deceit with those on the top saying nothing as long as it benefits their wallets n' purses

And those of the Fourth Estate afraid to really report the truth because in mainstream news gathering, there's always someone higher up with the power to fire another at a finger snap if disagreeing on the coverage or spin.

Thank God there's us at 'A&G'

Besides our bosses are too cheap to fire us..  

Just kidding.. Gulp~

Friday, November 21, 2014

This Week in Apololgies.. And Bill Cosby Deserves Them All

We were going to do another 'This Week in Apologies' but that just felt tired and stale..

So instead of regurgitating who apologized and for what, we're going to make this post about who Should be apologizing instead..

The whom in question; the deserved receiver of all apologies mentioned herein:

Bill Cosby.
So we start with every single repugnant, lying Bitch female who've been crawling out of the woodwork, their rat hole or from the slime & muck of the black lagoon within the last couple weeks to accuse Bill Cosby of some genuinely horrible acts with the goal of forever tarnishing his image and reputation

Every one of these vile cretons should apologize to Cosby..

Not a single wretched woman has ever been able to bring about an arrest of Cosby, much less a finding of guilty in a court room or a judgment in civil court for damages...   Nothing!

All accusations..  No different than everyone in Salem calling each other a 'witch' or 1950s McCarthyism..   The accuser can say anything and if people want to believe it, the target is forever damaged.
And while we're at it, the black community should be profusely apologizing to Cosby as well..

All the man did was dedicate his life to being a positive role model for his community and tell others to stop playing the victimization card; that blacks themselves need to take responsibility for their lives and make the right choices-- to get educated, stop talking Ebonics, to take pride and seek something better than playing basketball

This whole bullshit controversy began when a nobody-nothing black comedian no one's ever heard of attacked Cosby for daring to be critical of his own kind and the rape accusations were just tossed bombastically out there

If it wasn't for ground breakers like Cosby and Richard Pryor, this worthless donkey would not have had the opportunity to stand on a stage and make a living telling jokes..
Cosby apparently took his unofficial title of “America’s dad” seriously, and he dared to do something whites don't have the guts to do nor blacks the will or desire:  He began to scold segments of the black population for what he deemed self-defeating, counterproductive behavior.

At a 2004 dinner commemorating the 50th anniversary of the law desegregating American schools, Cosby delivered what some have called “The Ghettoesburg Address.”

After acknowledging the sacrifices made by people of all colors to ensure equal access to education for blacks, he condemned those who didn’t take advantage of them. He cited the 50 percent school dropout rate, the rise of fatherless children, the misplaced priorities and violence.
He lambasted parents who spend $500 for a pair of basketball sneakers, yet won’t spend $250 on Hooked on Phonics or teach their children to speak properly.

Cosby never eased up on attacking “No-Grows” – presumably, Negroes who have no desire to grow – and this has engendered a lot of hostility and opposition from some segments of the black community.

They accuse him of blaming the victim or of exposing the race’s dirty laundry to public scrutiny.

And blacks don't like it when you show off their failings and flaws for all to see

Blacks hold grudges especially against their own..  The culmination of which you're seeing now..
~ Cosby playing for the Globetrotters in 1972

NBC should also apologize to Cosby for cancelling a TV show in development with the Coz based on these meritless accusations as should Netflix for cancelling a comedy special which was supposed to air next Friday the 28th, and any TV network pulling reruns of the Cosby Show off air

And all the talk shows like Late Night with David Letterman who cancelled Cosby's TV appearance..

Guess if you have a long sexual affair with one of your staffers while married with a child (proven). you get to keep your talk show and stay on air and yet if spiteful lying Bitches slander a brilliant man and great entertainer with foundless allegations (unproven), that person is not allowed to appear on TV..
All of Cosby's friends and colleagues over the years should also be deeply apologetic for not publicly standing up for their friend and refuting the attacks.

Are we supposed to believe not a single person who worked with the Coz over his 50yr career can not know he's a decent honorable man and express outwardly to others??

Must all his so-called 'friends' hide in the shadows in fear of reprisal?

The whole thing is repulsive; the need to sadistically tear down what's taken an individual a lifetime to build like wolves to a lamb
There are a lot of people who should be standing in line to apologize to Cosby if they had the decency or possessed a soul..

The parasites will not stop until Coz has a stroke or dies or some other news item of the week develops which is more sensationalistic and people's minds turn to some other media contrived triviality

And by then as in the present, a decent, charitable man and entertainer will have a lifetime of good deeds and good will stripped apart like jackals tearing meat from a bone

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Comparing Constitutions: USA vs CSA

Here's a little trivia question to start off the day..

Most.. um.. well.. some know that Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution (Dec. 7th, 1787) thus allowing them to say they were the 'First State'

What was the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights?

A)  Pennsylvania
B)  New Jersey
C)  Virginia
D)  Massachusetts
Answer --   B)  New Jersey (pic is their State flag)

And we mention it of course today because November 20th, is the anniversary which took place in 1789 i.e. 225 years ago

Also today in history, Kentucky feeling their political rights were being infringed upon, passed a secession ordinance in 1861, eleven months after South Carolina was the first (Dec 20, 1860)

History is a funny thing..

But did you know the Confederacy had a Constitution of their own?
~ Ratified March 21, 1861

We thought we'd spend a little time looking at what could have been, since the CSA has been so successfully demonized by mass culture as something akin to Fascism or Nazism..  But was that really how their government was to be set up?

The reality is that the Confederate government had it successfully won its independence would have been so alike the US model in terms of governance that the millions who supported, fought and served the Stars n Bars then had they really understood what was ratified, would be turning over in their graves

The entire government structure was copied from the original Constitution:  Three branches of government, the Legislative branch being a Senate (6 year term) & House of Rep (2 year terms), their President being Commander in Chief, etc..
The biggest difference in their Constitution besides giving a little bit more power to individual states is that a President was to serve one 6 year term in office and that was all...

Their Constitution like our started with a preamble:

"We, the people of the Confederate States, each State acting in its sovereign and independent character, in order to form a permanent federal government, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity — invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God — do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Confederate States of America."

Sound familiar?  It should..
That is pretty much word for word our Constitution preamble with the difference being a little more emphasis on states..  

Interesting though, it would seek to form 'a permanent federal government' when millions back then who rallied, supported and fought for the cause back then probably had no clue they were supporting anything 'Federal'

If one reads Article I of the Confederate Constitution which deals with the Legislative Branch, its amazing how much its like the nation they sought to break from.  Put both documents side by side and the USA & CSA Constitutions are 95% similar in wording and intent

Even preventing expansion of the slave trade...
From CSA Article I, Section 9 (Limits on Congress, Bill of Rights):

1. The importation of negroes of the African race from any foreign country other than the slaveholding States or Territories of the United States of America, is hereby forbidden; and Congress is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the same.

2. Congress shall also have power to prohibit the introduction of slaves from any State not a member of, or Territory not belonging to, this Confederacy.

A nation seeing slavery as part of its long term future, would not have ever put such laws into their Constitution.

And notice above, the Confederacy had a 'Bill of Rights' too..   In fact their the Exact ten Bill of Rights which Congress back in 1789 ratified with exact same wording...
For those interested in reading, it starts at Article I, Section 9, #12..

Also interesting about the Confederate Constitution is they put limits themselves on state powers which is under their Article I, Section 10 (Powers Prohibited by States) including states negotiating separate treaties with other nation, taxing imports and what we found most fascinating..

"Nor shall any State keep troops or ships of war in time of peace"

How in the world were any of these seceding states ever to maintain their autonomy and distinctiveness when they were basically jumping from one permanent union to another??

Also interesting, nowhere in the CSA Constitution does it grant the power or legal right of a state to secede for purposes of leaving the CSA
This is very important and quite amazing..   Every state that left the Union to form the Confederacy was to be going from one shotgun marriage to another!

We did find another fascinating difference between the two Constitutions..

Ours allows for right of succession meaning if a President dies in office, or is removed, the VP simply steps in and takes over as 'President' for the rest of that other's original term in office..

In the CSA Constitution, if a President dies or resigns, etc, the VP is gone as well and its the role of Congress to choose both seats for that original term's duration..

This goes back to 1841 when William Henry Harrison died one month into office and his VP John Tyler became President and fought to establish the line of ascendancy where before no one thought what to do if a VP took over
The last big difference in the two Constitutions is the CSA's Article 4 dealing with States' rights..

One of the big reasons things got so tense between North and South is that many northerners did not respect the Fugitive Slave law which said if a slave escapes into a non-state territory, he/she was to be returned forthwith, and if a slave owner brought a slave into a 'free' state, the slave remained the owner's property (Dred Scott case)

The CSA Constitution protected chattel rights of property owners who crossed state borders and dealt with other matters of extradition, both of slave and free whites who may have committed crimes in one state and try to flee the law by entering another

So what to take from all this?
Sometimes its fun to fantasize 'what if?' and imagine things much better had the South been free to peaceably go their way, as if their newly formed government would have been a better nation..

But truth is, the CSA Constitution was so closely modeled after ours that had they won the war, the Confederacy would have been as corrupt, decadent, elitist and non-representative as the nation we live in today..

Almost assuredly there would have been a foreign debt to other nations and international bankers, and a southern 'Wall St' run by banks and elite Investors.. Who knows.. maybe one day there would have been a CSA version of a Federal Reserve.
And once slavery ceased to be, what would the fundamental difference really be in both countries besides weather?

And thus ultimately what would be the point of 'self governance' when as we said before, you're going from one federal Union to another and the same non-right to secession is in the new Constitution as the old?

Sometimes the fantasy is more appealing than the reality.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Words of the Candidate vs the Actions of the Elected

If there is one advantage a Presidential candidate has vs someone actually who is elected or  a person working in an administrative capacity for another (Sec. of State, Defense Sec., etc..) is he or she can say anything they wish..  whatever will stick in order to get elected and not ever be accountable in a meaningful way..

If the campaigning liar loses the election, no one ever will care or remember what promises and pledges were made

If the campaigning liar wins election and everyone wakes up quickly to realize he is a fraud, then he is voted out after having 48 uninterrupted months to alter the course of America economically, politically, militarily and socially...
~ "When I am President, one of the first things I am going to do is call in my Attorney General and say to him, 'I want you to review every executive order that's been issued by George Bush; whether it relates to warantless wiretaps, or detaining people, or reading emails, or whatever it is- I want you to go through every single one of them.  And if they are un-Constitutional; if they're encroaching on civil liberties unnecessarily, we are going to overturn them"

And if the campaigning liar wins both election and re-election and people take the time to look what was said and promised vs what was done, the excuses will rain down from apologists in torrents..

"It's a different world now vs then.."..  "The other party are obstructionists.."..  "No one ever achieves all that they campaign to do.."  etc..

So let's compare Presidential Candidate Obama with the current sitting President and lame-duck Obama..   The words vs the deeds..
"John McCain once opposed these (Bush) tax cuts - he rightly called them unfair and fiscally irresponsible. But now he has done an about face and wants to make them permanent, just like he wants a permanent occupation in Iraq.  

No matter what the costs, no matter what the consequences, John McCain seems determined to carry out a third Bush-term. That's an outcome America can't afford. Because of the Bush-McCain policies, our debt has ballooned."   March 20, 2008

Everything the President as 'candidate' Obama said in these two paragraphs turned out to be bullshit..

The Bush tax cuts Were made permanent but not by McCain,  Instead it was agreed to by Obama because he wanted to lower taxes for some in an economy where the treasury needed (and still needs) every tax dollar possible to repay debts, and enriching the rich was the only way it was getting done.

Our occupation in Iraq is also permanent..  Doesn't matter if troop size diminishes, our national 'feet' will be on their ground for a very long time to come, or until our vehicles start running on salt water instead of gasoline

As for a third Bush term, we had that & now is term #4.  Obama is black Bush especially every financial decision he's made to allow the 1% to become wealthier, the market to keep growing artificially based on Fed created QE fictional currency and investor-friendly economic policy..

And you thought our debt ballooned with Bush?  Goodness..
~ Is this how a person looks at a sincere friend & ally??

"If I sit down with the leader of Iran, I will send him a strong message that Israel is our friend, that we will assist in their security and that we don't find nuclear weapons acceptable.... That's not going to be a propaganda coup for the president of Iran."

That quote was from a CNN/You Tube debate on July 23, 2007

Would candidate Obama send the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei a secret letter emphasizing what concerns both nations share?   Would candidate Obama secretly sabotage Israel's secrecy every time they were about to attack and blow up Iran's nuclear missile capabilities?
"I intend to close Guantanamo, and I will follow through on that. I have said repeatedly that America doesn't torture. And I'm gonna make sure that we don't torture. Those are part and parcel of an effort to regain America's moral stature in the world."

This was uttered on CBS 60 Minutes on November 16, 2008 when Obama was President-Elect.

Well, Guantanamo is still open,..  Not that we mind but..  Just saying..


The day before Independence Day, 2008 Barack Obama said on CNN that adding $4 trillion in debt was irresponsible and "unpatriotic.
"The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents.

#43 (W Bush) added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back -- $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That's irresponsible. It's unpatriotic."

So candidate Obama was saying Bush was irresponsible for allowing the National Debt to reach $9 trillion by 2008...  Ah..   And what is it now in 2014?

$17.934 trillion and climbing based on figures from the US debt clock; an increase of just under $9 trillion in Only six years..  That's more than double what Bush did in a full eight year term..
~ No disrespect meant to Urkel

With the passage of Obamacare, the President promised back in 2008,  "If you have health care, my plan will lower your premiums." 

So far, premiums for those who already have health insurance have gone up during Obama's presidency.

The nonpartisan, nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation reported in September 2011, "After several years of relatively modest premium increases, annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage increased to $15,073 this year, up 9 percent from last year."

Candidate Obama also said in 2008 regarding Wall Street:
"We didn't become the most prosperous country in the world just by rewarding greed and recklessness. We didn't come this far by letting the special interests run wild. We didn't do it just by gambling and chasing paper profits on Wall Street. We built this country by making things, by producing goods we could sell."

All feel-good tall-tales and lies..

Obama has practically bent over backward to enrich the special interests, the wealthy, well-to-do and the rats who make their living on Wall Street.

No one of any real importance has been arrested or tried for their crimes and/or involvement in the 2008 crash..  The 'too big to fail' banks are stronger than ever,

Everyone's chasing the next big 'thing'; the next financial bubble without any regulations or protections for the everyday investor and those middle class jobs.. the ones that make and produce things to sell..  They're still overseas.
And when it comes to foreign policy, 2008 Obama uttered, "I will also renew the tough, direct diplomacy that can prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and curb Russian aggression." 

Not that we agree with the term 'aggression' since the Crimea has always been part of Russia historically and the people overwhelmingly wished to leave the Ukraine but..

Since Obama does believe it was Russian aggression, what did he do to stop it?  Some financial penalties?   Meanwhile the US - Russian relations are more needlessly strained today than any time prior to the Soviet breakup in 1991.

Has been Obama been a complete total liar and failure as President?

No.. Some things which he campaigned on, he kept his word and pushed through..
~ President "McObama" enjoying some frosty Guinness

But issues that really matter in the daily lives of everyday people to improve their financial situation and chance to get a good paying job to replace what was lost in the recession?

He's been a failure...

And few to none remember or are interested in what Candidate Obama uttered, which is a shame..

Because in another year or so, a brand new crop of bullshitters representing both Reps and Dems are going to devote all their energies figuring out which lies resonate and how to market them to appeal to the largest voting contingent..
And people in 2022 will forget what was uttered in 2016 just as we forget what was promised in 2008..

And then wonder with naive surprise why things keep progressively getting worse for everyone.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Ebola death and the 1918-19 Influenza lesson

~ RIP..

Warning:  This is a lengthy post..  But important nonetheless

A month or so ago there was non-stop news-flow surrounding any Ebola-case transfer from West Africa to the US.    People were scared.. Rightfully so..

Now some people think the media wishes to push 'fear' as if that's how it sells its papers and gets people's eyeballs tuned to the commercials..    Nope..

Whether it be the economy, finance, political strife or genuine health scare, they push the narrative that 'All is Well.. Keep Calm & Move Along.'

And even if some wanted to sound trumpets, ultimately the 'free' press is controlled by government and like lapdogs, always does what it says especially under the guise of National Security or avoiding necessary panic
~ 1918 sign..

The newly appointed Ebola czar Ron Klain has so far shown a stunning ability to mute media reports of any ongoing developments surrounding the deadly disease.

Even more stunning to us is there's people who really don't wish to know and support the government & media's mutual decision to censor information to keep Americans in the dark

This is why virtually nobody was aware that on Saturday 11/15, a surgeon named Dr Martin Salia who contracted Ebola while treating patients in Sierra Leone but lives in the US, had been transferred to the Nebraska Medical Center which had previously successfully treated two other Ebola patients this fall.

But sadly, this time they failed, and earlier today it was reported that Salia passed away from the deadly disease.
~ 1918 Chicago sign

What is interesting according to CBS is Dr. Salia first showed Ebola symptoms on Nov. 6 (11 days ago) but tested negative for the virus.

Just like the first Ebola casuality on US soil, he eventually tested positive on Monday 11/10 only after his symptoms had escalated dramatically, leading many to wonder just what is the incidence of false negatives when testing for Ebola.

Salia is the sixth doctor working in Sierra Leone to contract Ebola and die.

We don't trust the government on really anything..
~ Philadelphia police, Dec 1918

Its not an Obama thing..  Yes we despise the man but it goes beyond the last 6 years..

History has shown when government says to keep calm, you better be concerned...

During the great 1918-19 Influenza Epidemic, it is estimated that over 21 million people globally died with an estimated 675,000 Americans among the dead.

To give some perspective, World War I which lasted four years and had just ended around the time it took hold, stole the lives of over 16 million people with 117,000 US serviceman fatalities

It took 8-10 days from first sign of symptoms to die.
~ Influenza victims, Ft. Riley, KS - 1918

In three weeks, it killed more people than AIDS has in 24 years

It was also called Spanish Flu' because unlike the US and Europe, Spain had a free press and honestly reported the initial outbreak

In 1917 - 18, the Deeply Evil US President Woodrow Wilson used threat of sedition and a very tight control of the press i.e. heavy propaganda to get the nation united to fight his war to save the banks who wouldn't get repaid their loans had Germany won.

Anyone who dared speak out against the war was jailed or sent back to their birth nation if they were an immigrant.  A US Congressman who spoke out actually received a 15 year prison sentence.
~ Seattle Daily Times- 1918

During this time at least 25% of doctors and nurses were in the military. Additionally, national, local, and state officials all operated in the same way.    At best, they communicated half-truths, or even out-right lies.

As terrifying as the disease was, the officials made it more terrifying by making little of it, and they often underplayed it. Local officials said things like “If normal precautions are taken, there is nothing to fear” but then they would close all businesses.

“Worry kills more people than the disease itself,” a Chicago public health official was quoted as saying.  Other quotes were: “Don’t get scared,” and “The so-called Spanish influenza is nothing more or less than old fashioned grippe (flu).”

And if newspapers did report it, they would cover outbreaks in distant cities then completely ignore coverage when people in their own city got ill for fear of hurting morale.

Whatever it took for people to be docile and calm and resume their daily lives without fear or concern..
~ "Crowded extemporized sleeping area in Drill Hall at Naval Training Station, San Francisco"

Communication was rarely honest, because honesty would hurt morale.

One of the first newspapers that started telling the truth in Milwaukee saw its editor jailed, so they stopped telling reporting it honestly.

There was a lot of contradiction between what people were being told vs what they were seeing with their own eyes..  They heard from authorities and newspapers that everything was going fine, but at the same time, bodies were piling up. Imagine your spouse lying dead in bed for six to eight days.

There were also coffin shortages. The dead were piled up where they died and police going around asking people to “bring out their dead.”
In San Antonio, 90% of all families had at least one member who contracted the flu though fortunately not all who did, ended up dead..

The fear was so great that people were afraid to leave home or talk to one another. Everyone was holding their breath, almost afraid to breathe, for fear of getting sick.

Army camps were shut down.  People didn’t want to let soldiers return home. People were afraid to have any intimacy with their community and loved ones. Nobody would bring food in or come to visit.

In Phoenix, a rumor started that dogs carried influenza, and people were shooting their pets. Some would give their pets to the police to kill them, because they couldn’t do them themselves.
~ Makeshift hospital in Oakland, Ca.

An internal American Red Cross report at the time concluded, “A fear and panic of the influenza, akin to the terror of the Middle Ages regarding the Black Plague, [has] been prevalent in many parts of the country.”

One report noted that not a single automobile was moving on the street in Manhattan.  In Philadelphia, a medical student was able to count cars on the way in and said the city was dead.

Would a more open and honest discourse with the people at the time saved more lives?

Possibly..  who really know..
The main lesson for government to take from 100 years ago is false reassurance is the worst thing you can do.

Don’t withhold information because people will think you know more.  Tell the truth— don’t manage the truth.   If you don’t know something, say why you don’t know, and say what you need to do to know.

When government says all is OK or downplays something, it shouldn't mean you do so..

Government has its own agendas... To keep control.. To keep the economy moving along..  To keep people blissfully ignorant to any real problems outside themselves so they can live happy little lives
We believe Ebola is a big deal; a serious threat that if not contained and/or an antidote found, could sweep across the world and cause horror for millions of people globally..

Some would say we're completely wrong and 5,000 deaths in Africa is mere raindrops in the ocean and we will happily have academic arguments with anyone who wishes over a cup of Oolong tea

But just don't think us rude if we greet you wearing a mask and you shaking our glove-covered hand