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Monday, November 10, 2014

All Veterans Deserve Honor.. Just Not on Veteran's Day

Today is November 10th which means tomorrow is the 11th..

Pretty brainy... You'd think we went to Yale.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day which really is Armistice Day in the US (Rememberence Day elsewhere) which means this day is to honor those who fought and served during World War I

Not WWII.. Not Korea.. Not Vietnam.. Not Desert Storm..

Not Afghanistan or Iraq and Not any other war in the future where cold, callous Presidents (male or one day female) in designer business suits send poor ignorant voluntary enlistees to their graves.
~ 1918 parade

Just like Memorial Day is really 'Decoration Day' meant to honor the fallen dead of specifically the Civil War and no war prior or beyond..

But can you imagine how many holidays this nation would have if we dedicated a single day of somber reflection for every Congressionally approved war or President authorized armed conflict..

We'd have to set aside days to honor the Patriots who fought under Washington, and those who fought the Brits to a stalemate (not counting the decisive US victory in New Orleans) in the War of 1812

And we'd have to set aside specific days to honor the soldiers who defeated Mexico and annexed all that land from Oklahoma to California
And pay honor to all those who wore Union blue as they killed off the American Indian population east of the Mississippi between 1790s-1830s then later went west after forcing the South back into the shotgun marriage called 'nation' to finish off the tribal decimation

And we'd have to honor those soldiers, especially the Marines who at one time or another occupied Cuba, Philippines, Nicaragua, Honduras, etc,,etc,, during the 1890s through early 1910's..

Off the top of our heads, that would be at minimum 14 separate and distinct holidays..

Guess its more important to set aside a specific day to honor one person like Martin Luther King, Jr because it makes blacks feel good than a distinct day honoring the Vietnam Veteran (58k dead, 303k wounded) and forcing a nation to annually look within

During that war, the veteran was literally spit on by drug-addicted, soul-empty hippies and other American born, privileged scum under the supposition that 'they killed babies'

Of course General Sherman did more than kill babies during his infamous march through Atlanta and to the sea in 1864 setting fire to every home and farm within reach while letting his men pillage and rape and kill civilians with a blind eye

And that man is revered in US history textbooks and has statues and high schools named in his honor
But the Vietnam Vet who was drafted against his will was treated like garbage..

Now its a total 180..

The modern army is 100% volunteer and everyone, particularly the corporate community drools over every male and female wearing fatigues has if simply making it past boot camp is grounds to call a service person a 'hero'

Such a disgusting spectacle to see the NFL yesterday and how they go so overboard to fawn over the enlistee and treat what they do as brave and worthy of honor..

Those who are in harms way are brave..  Those who sacrifice for others are heroes..
~ Remember kids, all this shit is on sale on their website for a profit..

But simply wearing the uniform as one sits in a desk and pushes papers...


So tomorrow we will remember the World War I vet, who in America's case didn't see combat until spring of 1918

And we will be more than happy to respectfully pay honor to those of other US wars and conflicts..

As soon as the US Government also respects their sacrifice by giving specific honor rather than a lazy lumping together as if all wars and veterans are the same.
~ Not sure when this pic was taken but this man is deceased at present since no US soldier from WWI is alive today -- the last US vet died at 110yrs old in 2011.