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Friday, November 7, 2014

Apologies of the Week: Nov 1-7, 2014

~ "An apology and $3 buys you a box of popsicles"  -  Unknown

Yes.. very prophetic and most truthful words uttered above..

Its Friday.. its been a long week overall so let's end it with some fun..

And without further ado..

"Jon Stewart (host of the 'Daily Show') apologized profusely to viewers for having told CNN this afternoon that he had not voted, after word of that comment to Christiane Amanpour became a “thing” in social media. He says he’d made it up. He did not say why.", 11/5

--  Stewart apologized profusely??  Over THAT?!!
"The principal of an elite public school in Brooklyn who infuriated parents this week by making what some considered an insensitive remark about learning Spanish has apologized, officials said on Wednesday...  (She had said) “If you don’t speak Spanish, you’re going to clean your own house.”"  NY Times, 11/6

--  Yes, because its the norm in the US that Hispanic people hire low-educated Caucasians to clean their homes

"Maine Nurse Who Treated Ebola Patients Apologizes And Promises To Stay Out Of Town Center" -- Business Insider headline, 11/2
"Former Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole said he has received an apology from Greg Orman, the Independent Senate candidate in Kansas, after the latter made a wisecrack that appeared to liken Dole, a war hero and revered figure in Kansas politics and beyond, to a clown."   Fox News, 11/3

"US Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday phoned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and apologized to him in the name of the Obama administration for the comments made by an anonymous US official who called the prime minister “a chickenshit.”, 11/1

--  US Foreign Policy: Bow to our enemies & spit on our allies
"Golfer Patrick Reed has apologized for an outburst of language that was caught on camera during the first round of the HSBC Champions.  Reed missed a 5-footer for a three-putt bogey on his 10th hole on Thursday when microphones caught him swearing at himself for the bogey by using the F-word twice and a gay slur once.  ABC News, 11/2

--  Wild conduct for someone playing the ultimate conformist game

"During the pregame coin toss of Saturday’s Maryland-Penn State game, Terps players refused to shake hands with the Nittany Lions, which drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. This came after a pregame skirmish.  Following the game, Maryland coach Randy Edsall apologized for his players’ behavior., 11/2

--  Absolutely nothing worse than someone apologizing for another. We'd certainly not shake hands with members of a school that condoned child rape, and if we played for Maryland, we'd tell the coach privately and publicly to Fuck himself and resign from the team
"The former kitchen manager at Pal's Shanty Tavern in northeast Portland apologized to his former employer on Wednesday for setting the fire that destroyed the 90-year-old business., 11/5

-- We're sure the employer responded with something like, "Heyy. No worries..  That's why they put erasers on pencils"..   Yeah, right..

There were also a bunch of apologies from fourth-tier celebs on this and that but it would take too long to explain who these nobodies were..
So lastly..

"An Australian surfer came under fire for a bit of tomfoolery, which could have ended tragically. Harrison Williams apologized for his exploits over the weekend when he indulged in a foolhardy act: the man surfed a floating dead whale carcass...  Reuters, 11/4

His reasoning:  “Out on the boat with the boys and one of my mates thought it’d be pretty funny if I surfed the whale, so I just did it.”

--  Aye, Brilliant mate..