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Monday, November 24, 2014

Condoned Cheating in Professional NBA Baskeball

On this day in history, November 24, 1906, the Massillon Tigers defeated their rivals the Canton Bulldogs 13–6 for the "Ohio League" Championship, which leads to accusations that the championship series was fixed and results in the first major scandal in professional American football.

And this made us think about the cheating going on in the NBA by the Philadelphia 76ers organization

And how really no one from the Commissioner to the other owners to fans really give two damns or seek to make any attempt to stop it from occurring every time their team of developmental talent takes the court.
~ Mavericks fans enjoying their newspaper while paying good money to see their team defeating Philly by 38pts with more than 3min to go in the 2nd quarter...

Do you remember the baseball film 'Major League' starring Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger?

What was the basic plot of that film.. do you recall?

The owner, a former stripper who inherited the team from her dead old hubby didn't want to be in Cleveland anymore so there was a secret proviso in the city contract that if the ball club finished dead last and kept under a specific figure in attendance, she legally could re-locate the team

So via her General Manager, they locate every stiff, retread, minor-league caliber talent they can find to fill the roster...

And movie audiences thought it was funny..
Of course in the movies, the lovable losers end up winning the 'big game' which propels them into the playoffs and cue credits as on-field crowd cheers..

No film writer would dare have the courage to devise a movie plot where a basketball team of utter crap is assembled which finish the 2013-14 season 19-63, then at the 2014 Draft while holding two top-10 picks, acquire players they know beforehand will never play a second of NBA basketball (one due to injury, one who is playing in Europe)

And then to spend the off-season acquiring even worse talent and actually starting the 2014-15 season Under the minimum salary cap and playing to a thus far 0-13 record...

That is a combined record of 19-76 (.197 winning percentage) since the tanking project began last year.
~ "Its not your fault.. Its Ownership.. just do the best you can.."

What you are seeing is cheating at its worst, though not by any of the players or the coaches..

The blood is on management's hands with this..

The Sixers owner is Josh Harris.. a Wall Street Venture (Vulture) capitalist billionaire piece of Shit.

Remember the last election between Obama and Romney and how everyone was attacking Mitt for something called 'Bain Capital'?    Well that's the type of business the Sixers' owner is in..
~ Sixers owner Joshua Harris.. its easy not to care about Philadelphia and all the mess left behind when you live in New York City..

What vulture capitalists do is buy distressed businesses on the cheap under the guise their goal is to improve them and in reality, they gut from within like cancer and force that business to close stores, lay-off workers and ultimately force them into bankruptcy..

And in bankruptcy court, it is the Josh Harrises of the world that collect from the dead carcass before any other creditor is allowed to..

Remember in 'Wall Street' what Gordon Gekko did to 'Blue Star' airlines.. i.e. buy it under illusion of resuscitating the company then deciding it was more profitable to break it up into little pieces because as he screamed "it was wreckable"?
That's who Sixers owner Josh Harris is except without the good looks or charisma and that is his mindset of how you run businesses.. He owns not only the Sixers but the NHL's NJ Devils..

Right now there's zero incentive for ownership to run the franchise different..

You take TV and overall revenue sharing, the money from local sponsorship, merchandising and remember he is paying out a base minimum payroll and Harris made a profit of $35 million last year off a 19 win team,

He is projected to make the same amount this coming year..  Even if no one attended a single game.

Perhaps the ultimate goal is to infuriate a fan base and cause them to emotionally detach to make a re-location of the Sixers to another city easier.. (Its been done before-- the Golden State Warriors used to play in Philly before they moved)
~ "Me.. Try.. to Win..  Shoot..  Basket..  Ball Go in..."

Or maybe just reap the profits while doing the most minimal of effort and then when finally called to the carpet, sell the team to another..  

Shockingly, Forbes lists the Sixers franchise at $700 million, and in case you're curious, Harris bought the franchise a few years ago for $250 million.    So you do the math..

But what is so amazing about all this is the NBA's commissioner is silent..

He was so gung-ho to to kick Donald Sterling out of the league just because he said private thoughts recorded illegally by his mulatto girlfriend about blacks
And what the Sixers are doing is 1,000 worse than any racial epithets uttered..

They are night in and night out middle fingering sportsmanship and fair play while partaking in a confidence game on the spectators.

They are also easily susceptible to outside influences rigging games and shaving points..

For example, whenever there's a fix, the focus is on the better team and why did X only win by say 6 when favored by 12, etc..

But what if you have a utterly terrible team of guys not even making $1mil salary who are expected to lose by 20-25 a night?
~ Final Score:  Sacramento 115, Sixers 98

Would anyone even notice or care if a loss was by 30 if gamblers wanted that outcome?

Really the entire integrity of the NBA is in question with what the Sixers are doing..   And the Commish couldn't seem to give a shit..

We wish the Sixers owner would say 'nigger' once publicly so it would put into motion what should be occurring based on bad play on the court.

Like with the Sterling situation, the NBA should be taking day to day control of the team away from ownership and the GM and in the process ban them forever from the league.   Then the NBA runs the franchise until new ownership is found.
~ Score:  Golden State 66, Sixers 33; 1 minute into the 3rd quarter

And the amazing/frustrating part is No one who covers professional basketball or even the local Philly pretend-reporters have the guts to tell it like it is like we are at present..

Cowards all of them..  Corporate synergy and Editors to bow down to..

But really this is a microcosm of life isn't it?
~ Coach Brett Brown..  

Pure unadulterated corruption and deceit with those on the top saying nothing as long as it benefits their wallets n' purses

And those of the Fourth Estate afraid to really report the truth because in mainstream news gathering, there's always someone higher up with the power to fire another at a finger snap if disagreeing on the coverage or spin.

Thank God there's us at 'A&G'

Besides our bosses are too cheap to fire us..  

Just kidding.. Gulp~