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Monday, November 3, 2014

Dem Mid-Term Doomsday: T-minus one day..

Warning:  Today's posting is political and partisan

Of course that has nothing one way or another to do with the fact what we write is 100% factually accurate and truthful, but we give fair notice for readers who may not like such things to click to something else

Checking to see if everyone's left yet..

Peeking to the left..  Peering over to the right..

Ah good.. everyone else is gone.. Still you and we..

Now we can talk straight and not worry of offending..

Tuesday's national mid-term elections unless there's some last second surprise, is going to be a Democrat disaster..

To summarize how we feel on this in one word -- Good!

To summarize in two words what Democrats should be thinking and feeling with total exasperation -- 'F**King Obama!!'
You Dems should be Angry..  Real ornery Angry!

The kind of anger reserved for referees blowing touchdown calls, the cable going out and that feeling when its 11:01am and the local fast food joint stops selling breakfast..

Yes... That Angry!
That's what happens after year 6 of a total incompetent running the nation who had absolutely no business being elected if not for massive turnout of poor & ignorant inner city black voters and the need for middle-class white-guilt Dems to do something 'historic' back in 2008

Reps should know the feeling..  the year was 2006 and W. Bush had just finished year 6 of his overall Presidency and year 5 of his failed attempt at nation-building.

Its never a good sign when Democrat candidates running for re-election refuse to admit publicly whether or not they voted for Obama in the last two elections..
Or say things like the President is irrelevant and shouldn't matter how one votes since he'll be out of office in two years anyways..

Yep..  Never a good sign.

The New York Times expressed that Democrats over the weekend were hoping and praying they can motivate women to get out and vote to stop what potentially could be a Republican rout resulting in them taking over the Senate as well as the House which they currently hold..

"Yet so great is the uncertainty that even before the returns are in, some are second-guessing the party’s strategy of focusing more on issues like abortion and birth control than on jobs and the economy."

Now how Pathetic was that strategy!
The Dems could have actually made sincere attempts to fix the economy while in power but chose not to, then blamed 'obstructionism' even though they controlled both houses of Congress for the first term..

And as for abortion..

Roe v Wade was decided by the Supreme Court back in 1974.. That's FORTY years ago..  And since that time there has not been one genuine legal threat to overturn or alter the original decision..

And yet they Still throw that shit up and try to scare women as if their reproductive rights can be taken away in a mere finger snap if they dare not to get out and vote Dem
What good is the right to abort a living being inside a womb so not to lose a job or her man when a woman is still getting paid less than what a man earns??

And overall, those college degrees are completely going to waste as both men and women are settling for jobs below their proper education level and pay scale in this rut recession-depression economy

That's what we've never understood..  Why people fall for such shit?!

Why does the right of two people of the same gender to marry or the right to legally get stoned or other social hot-button issues take precedence over economic reality and the ability of millions upon millions to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table...
The Democratic Party was supposed to be the Anti-Wall Street Party!

They were supposed to be the ones to put those CEOs and Investor crooks behind bars and place a ton of laws on the books making it harder and harder for the scum who make their living on the NYSE and NASDAQ to make profit!

They were supposed to be the ones to put down the hammer on the banks and if need be, re-write the banking laws so no bank could ever be 'too big to fail'

They were also supposed to be the party that were job creators when the private sector Refused to provide jobs at fair wages..
They were supposed to be the ones to increase government sector hiring at salaries high enough to Force the corporate world to raise wages to keep their talent from fleeing..

And Failure.. Failure.. Failure!!!

And it all begins with a Fucking Fuck-up of a President who is shown to be nothing more than Wall Street's prison bitch and content to let the Fed destroy this nation while he golfs away the days..

If you are a Democrat you should be Pissed off!!

So much opportunity squandered..  All because you elected a black intellectual who is better suited for teaching law school classes.

And yes, the race must keep being mentioned repeatedly since that is honestly the only way he was able to overcome the incredible political machine of Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries..

The perfect candidate for these cowardly PC times..

A clean cut, soft-spoken non-threatening intellectual black man who had been in the US Senate less than two years before running, who no opponent could genuinely throw punches at or 'take off the gloves' as it were for fear of being perceived as racist..

And after he won, everyone decided to imitate the Hans Christian Andersen story of 'The Emperor with No Clothes' and refuse publicly or evenly privately this man was nothing like he campaigned and had no desire to do anything he promised...

And now Tuesday's going to be a shellacking..

So much so, the major networks aren't even going to spend much time covering it because its a fait accompli as it were...

And what will happen if/when the Reps take over?

Really nothing..

The Fed controls every aspect of the running of this nation and its economic motors, and any political gridlock will be on minor issues
Issues like whether or not to raise the debt ceiling Again will be a lot of bluster but ultimately everyone will concede and/or can-kick

Will the Republicans have the guts and will to go after Obama on Bengazi?

Remains to be seen..

Political parties usually don't have the desire to truly destroy their opponent which is why like a bad soap opera, each party keeps alternately rising and falling..

Remember all the Dems complaining about how terrible the Iraq War was run during Bush's second term in office and constantly harping on no WMDs and how we as a nation were tricked into a war based on a lie?
Remember the Hearings the Dems had planned afterward to get to the bottom of things and see if criminal charges could be filed against the Prez and VP?'

Of course you don't remember that...  Pelosi and Reid and the other Dem cowards decided not to pursue a foot to the throat of the Reps after their boy was elected..

And remember all the talk and hope among some this current shit President would face impeachment charges?

Nice dream but don't hold your breath..
Besides, even if a situation occurred where he did something impeachable beyond a shadow of a doubt with mountains of evidence and bipartisan support, those same ignorant classless inner-city blacks who voted Obama in, would riot if he was disgraced out of office..

Just the truth of things..

So expect the Reps to win big on Tuesday and somehow for Dem strategists to turn it into some kind of positive for 2016

And Obama to act like none of the political carnage of his party was any of his doing...

Oh well.. Two years left to the next big election..

Between most likely another person with the last name 'Bush' and the 'exaulted' Saint Hillary of Clinton, a woman so 'pure' she has not shared a bed with her husband for intimate purposes in realistically 14+ years...

And whoever Wall Street wants more to win, so it will be.