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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ebola in US: The Operative Word is 'Shhh..'

Have you heard much lately in the news on Ebola, especially in the US?

We'd assume you'd respond with 'No I haven't' and you'd be correct though its not because things are under control or getting better..

From Forbes  11/2/14:

"The Associated Press and other press outlets have agreed not to report on suspected cases of Ebola in the United States until a positive viral RNA test is completed."

In other words, the mainstream media has agreed not to report on any suspected Ebola cases.
Guess the operative word right now as far as government and media collusion are concerned is Shhhhh...

Meanwhile in Sierra Leone within the last 12 hours, a fifth doctor has died after treating Ebola patients..

From International Business Times:

"One of Sierra Leone’s leading Ebola doctors has died from the disease, making him the fifth high-profile local doctor killed by the virus. Dr. Godfrey George, medical superintendent of Kambia Government Hospital in northern Sierra Leone, died Monday...
Authorities said his death marked a blow to efforts to keep health workers treating Ebola patients from contracting the deadly infection that has killed nearly 5,000 people across West Africa since March.

Since the outbreak in West Africa began, a total of 523 health care workers have become infected with Ebola, according to the World Health Organization’s latest estimates. Over half of them have died..

There have been a total of 13,567 confirmed or suspected cases of Ebola as of Oct. 31."

And our government and media's response is 'Shhhh...'
Meanwhile, Ebola has wiped out whole villages in Sierra Leone and may have caused many more deaths than the nearly 5,000 official global toll, a senior coordinator of the medical aid group Doctors Without Borders said last Friday.

From AFP (American Foreign Press):

"Rony Zachariah of Doctors Without Borders, known by its French initials MSF, said after visiting Sierra Leone that the Ebola figures were "under-reported"...

"The situation is catastrophic. There are several villages and communities that have been basically wiped out. In one of the villages I went to, there were 40 inhabitants and 39 died," he said.
The World Health Organization (WHO) published revised figures on Friday showing 4,951 people have died of Ebola and there was a total of 13,567 reported cases.

"The WHO says there is a correction factor of 2.5, so maybe it is 2.5 times higher and maybe that is not far from the truth. It could be 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 (deaths)," said Zachariah.

"Whole communities have disappeared but many of them are not in the statistics. The situation on the ground is actually much worse."

And domestically, our response is 'Shhhhh'
But it maybe shouldn't be a surprise.

The average person would rather not be in the know..

Live blissfully ignorant lives..  

Even many of our readers unfortunately..
We write on this topic or really anything serious or jarring, and readership drops..

We write on triviality and post pics of naked women covered in body paint and readership soars..

Just interesting..

For instance there are many who believe , "As long as I don't get a fever, I'm safe..."

Of course in truth, some people with Ebola never have a fever … right up until the time they die
That is medical fact which is being downplayed to prevent hysteria and panic

From Guardian UK:

"Checking body temperature isn’t a sure-fire way to find individuals infected with Ebola. People can carry the virus for up to three weeks before showing symptoms, and are not contagious during that period. 

The patient in the US case, Thomas Eric Duncan, was reportedly asymptomatic when he traveled from Liberia to Dallas.."
And here's the LA Times explaining why checking people's temperature for Ebola is faulty:

"A person could pass body temperature checks performed at the airports by taking ibuprofen or any common analgesic."

It is as equally irresponsible for government and the media to not present and report what's going on as it is for the everyday person to put their head in the sand and refuse to educate themselves..

Or to refuse to tell others and share informative sites like ours with others while hoarding all the knowledge for oneself.
Ebola is not the common cold and we do not do what we do in a vacuum..

We're 100% free..  Fifty months strong and counting

But we desire you spread the word to others..

About what you read here..  and about Us -- 'Ants & Grasshoppers'

Remaining Shhhh.. it is just not a viable option
~  I don't trust Obama, I don't want Ebola and Keep reading 'A&G'!!