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Friday, November 21, 2014

This Week in Apololgies.. And Bill Cosby Deserves Them All

We were going to do another 'This Week in Apologies' but that just felt tired and stale..

So instead of regurgitating who apologized and for what, we're going to make this post about who Should be apologizing instead..

The whom in question; the deserved receiver of all apologies mentioned herein:

Bill Cosby.
So we start with every single repugnant, lying Bitch female who've been crawling out of the woodwork, their rat hole or from the slime & muck of the black lagoon within the last couple weeks to accuse Bill Cosby of some genuinely horrible acts with the goal of forever tarnishing his image and reputation

Every one of these vile cretons should apologize to Cosby..

Not a single wretched woman has ever been able to bring about an arrest of Cosby, much less a finding of guilty in a court room or a judgment in civil court for damages...   Nothing!

All accusations..  No different than everyone in Salem calling each other a 'witch' or 1950s McCarthyism..   The accuser can say anything and if people want to believe it, the target is forever damaged.
And while we're at it, the black community should be profusely apologizing to Cosby as well..

All the man did was dedicate his life to being a positive role model for his community and tell others to stop playing the victimization card; that blacks themselves need to take responsibility for their lives and make the right choices-- to get educated, stop talking Ebonics, to take pride and seek something better than playing basketball

This whole bullshit controversy began when a nobody-nothing black comedian no one's ever heard of attacked Cosby for daring to be critical of his own kind and the rape accusations were just tossed bombastically out there

If it wasn't for ground breakers like Cosby and Richard Pryor, this worthless donkey would not have had the opportunity to stand on a stage and make a living telling jokes..
Cosby apparently took his unofficial title of “America’s dad” seriously, and he dared to do something whites don't have the guts to do nor blacks the will or desire:  He began to scold segments of the black population for what he deemed self-defeating, counterproductive behavior.

At a 2004 dinner commemorating the 50th anniversary of the law desegregating American schools, Cosby delivered what some have called “The Ghettoesburg Address.”

After acknowledging the sacrifices made by people of all colors to ensure equal access to education for blacks, he condemned those who didn’t take advantage of them. He cited the 50 percent school dropout rate, the rise of fatherless children, the misplaced priorities and violence.
He lambasted parents who spend $500 for a pair of basketball sneakers, yet won’t spend $250 on Hooked on Phonics or teach their children to speak properly.

Cosby never eased up on attacking “No-Grows” – presumably, Negroes who have no desire to grow – and this has engendered a lot of hostility and opposition from some segments of the black community.

They accuse him of blaming the victim or of exposing the race’s dirty laundry to public scrutiny.

And blacks don't like it when you show off their failings and flaws for all to see

Blacks hold grudges especially against their own..  The culmination of which you're seeing now..
~ Cosby playing for the Globetrotters in 1972

NBC should also apologize to Cosby for cancelling a TV show in development with the Coz based on these meritless accusations as should Netflix for cancelling a comedy special which was supposed to air next Friday the 28th, and any TV network pulling reruns of the Cosby Show off air

And all the talk shows like Late Night with David Letterman who cancelled Cosby's TV appearance..

Guess if you have a long sexual affair with one of your staffers while married with a child (proven). you get to keep your talk show and stay on air and yet if spiteful lying Bitches slander a brilliant man and great entertainer with foundless allegations (unproven), that person is not allowed to appear on TV..
All of Cosby's friends and colleagues over the years should also be deeply apologetic for not publicly standing up for their friend and refuting the attacks.

Are we supposed to believe not a single person who worked with the Coz over his 50yr career can not know he's a decent honorable man and express outwardly to others??

Must all his so-called 'friends' hide in the shadows in fear of reprisal?

The whole thing is repulsive; the need to sadistically tear down what's taken an individual a lifetime to build like wolves to a lamb
There are a lot of people who should be standing in line to apologize to Cosby if they had the decency or possessed a soul..

The parasites will not stop until Coz has a stroke or dies or some other news item of the week develops which is more sensationalistic and people's minds turn to some other media contrived triviality

And by then as in the present, a decent, charitable man and entertainer will have a lifetime of good deeds and good will stripped apart like jackals tearing meat from a bone