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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Very Brief Thoughts on Ferguson, Mo

Because its Thanksgiving week, this will be our last posting until next Monday, December 1st

But before we depart for a few days, a brief comment or two on Ferguson, Missouri and the jury verdict..

So what have we learned from all this?

Mainly that blacks don't seem to like it very much when one of their own is killed by 'whitey'.
They sure don't seem to mind much when blacks kill other blacks; they're quite deafeningly silent on that subject for fear that speaking up and protesting will put their own kind in a negative light.

A study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics found in reported crimes from 2005, 93 percent of black murder victims were killed by someone black.

And some ignorant blacks in some quarters celebrate when a black kills a white then cries 'racism' then their own actually is found guilty for it..

So..  yep, blacks will not quietly accept other blacks being killed by white or Hispanics..
We also learn that whenever blacks do not like a verdict of a high-profile case, they often resort to violence and destruction of others' private property

When whites are unhappy such as the OJ verdict, they tend to just bitch and moan a little bit, then go on with their lives..

With Ferguson, like with Rodney King and other verdicts not going their way, they prefer to go the primal, mindless-animal route of rioting.

And really we learned that overall as a nation we're no closer to truly being one people today than we were at the close of the Civil War when the black slave was being liberated.

Too many differences..  Too much bitterness and playing the slavery card by some..  
Not enough of a true, honest dialogue because quite bluntly, for two sides to ever come together to find common ground, culpability and blame for the built-up mistrust must be accepted by both parties..

And the black community refuses to take any responsibility for the negative way many see them, so race discussion is always ultimately a one-way street that ends in the cul-de-sac of 'white guilt'

Lastly, a very interesting lesson to take from all this nonsense..

If a white hurts in any way a black teen hoodlum who is committing a crime, the black community will come immediately to his/her defense..
However, if a black comedian who has dared to criticize the black community for not stepping up to the plate to be better parents and citizens is media lynched by a group of repugnant, lying white women, they will stay silent and shrug.

And on that note, a Gobble Gobble to you all...

See you bright n' cheery next Monday..