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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Words of the Candidate vs the Actions of the Elected

If there is one advantage a Presidential candidate has vs someone actually who is elected or  a person working in an administrative capacity for another (Sec. of State, Defense Sec., etc..) is he or she can say anything they wish..  whatever will stick in order to get elected and not ever be accountable in a meaningful way..

If the campaigning liar loses the election, no one ever will care or remember what promises and pledges were made

If the campaigning liar wins election and everyone wakes up quickly to realize he is a fraud, then he is voted out after having 48 uninterrupted months to alter the course of America economically, politically, militarily and socially...
~ "When I am President, one of the first things I am going to do is call in my Attorney General and say to him, 'I want you to review every executive order that's been issued by George Bush; whether it relates to warantless wiretaps, or detaining people, or reading emails, or whatever it is- I want you to go through every single one of them.  And if they are un-Constitutional; if they're encroaching on civil liberties unnecessarily, we are going to overturn them"

And if the campaigning liar wins both election and re-election and people take the time to look what was said and promised vs what was done, the excuses will rain down from apologists in torrents..

"It's a different world now vs then.."..  "The other party are obstructionists.."..  "No one ever achieves all that they campaign to do.."  etc..

So let's compare Presidential Candidate Obama with the current sitting President and lame-duck Obama..   The words vs the deeds..
"John McCain once opposed these (Bush) tax cuts - he rightly called them unfair and fiscally irresponsible. But now he has done an about face and wants to make them permanent, just like he wants a permanent occupation in Iraq.  

No matter what the costs, no matter what the consequences, John McCain seems determined to carry out a third Bush-term. That's an outcome America can't afford. Because of the Bush-McCain policies, our debt has ballooned."   March 20, 2008

Everything the President as 'candidate' Obama said in these two paragraphs turned out to be bullshit..

The Bush tax cuts Were made permanent but not by McCain,  Instead it was agreed to by Obama because he wanted to lower taxes for some in an economy where the treasury needed (and still needs) every tax dollar possible to repay debts, and enriching the rich was the only way it was getting done.

Our occupation in Iraq is also permanent..  Doesn't matter if troop size diminishes, our national 'feet' will be on their ground for a very long time to come, or until our vehicles start running on salt water instead of gasoline

As for a third Bush term, we had that & now is term #4.  Obama is black Bush especially every financial decision he's made to allow the 1% to become wealthier, the market to keep growing artificially based on Fed created QE fictional currency and investor-friendly economic policy..

And you thought our debt ballooned with Bush?  Goodness..
~ Is this how a person looks at a sincere friend & ally??

"If I sit down with the leader of Iran, I will send him a strong message that Israel is our friend, that we will assist in their security and that we don't find nuclear weapons acceptable.... That's not going to be a propaganda coup for the president of Iran."

That quote was from a CNN/You Tube debate on July 23, 2007

Would candidate Obama send the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei a secret letter emphasizing what concerns both nations share?   Would candidate Obama secretly sabotage Israel's secrecy every time they were about to attack and blow up Iran's nuclear missile capabilities?
"I intend to close Guantanamo, and I will follow through on that. I have said repeatedly that America doesn't torture. And I'm gonna make sure that we don't torture. Those are part and parcel of an effort to regain America's moral stature in the world."

This was uttered on CBS 60 Minutes on November 16, 2008 when Obama was President-Elect.

Well, Guantanamo is still open,..  Not that we mind but..  Just saying..


The day before Independence Day, 2008 Barack Obama said on CNN that adding $4 trillion in debt was irresponsible and "unpatriotic.
"The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents.

#43 (W Bush) added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back -- $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That's irresponsible. It's unpatriotic."

So candidate Obama was saying Bush was irresponsible for allowing the National Debt to reach $9 trillion by 2008...  Ah..   And what is it now in 2014?

$17.934 trillion and climbing based on figures from the US debt clock; an increase of just under $9 trillion in Only six years..  That's more than double what Bush did in a full eight year term..
~ No disrespect meant to Urkel

With the passage of Obamacare, the President promised back in 2008,  "If you have health care, my plan will lower your premiums." 

So far, premiums for those who already have health insurance have gone up during Obama's presidency.

The nonpartisan, nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation reported in September 2011, "After several years of relatively modest premium increases, annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage increased to $15,073 this year, up 9 percent from last year."

Candidate Obama also said in 2008 regarding Wall Street:
"We didn't become the most prosperous country in the world just by rewarding greed and recklessness. We didn't come this far by letting the special interests run wild. We didn't do it just by gambling and chasing paper profits on Wall Street. We built this country by making things, by producing goods we could sell."

All feel-good tall-tales and lies..

Obama has practically bent over backward to enrich the special interests, the wealthy, well-to-do and the rats who make their living on Wall Street.

No one of any real importance has been arrested or tried for their crimes and/or involvement in the 2008 crash..  The 'too big to fail' banks are stronger than ever,

Everyone's chasing the next big 'thing'; the next financial bubble without any regulations or protections for the everyday investor and those middle class jobs.. the ones that make and produce things to sell..  They're still overseas.
And when it comes to foreign policy, 2008 Obama uttered, "I will also renew the tough, direct diplomacy that can prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and curb Russian aggression." 

Not that we agree with the term 'aggression' since the Crimea has always been part of Russia historically and the people overwhelmingly wished to leave the Ukraine but..

Since Obama does believe it was Russian aggression, what did he do to stop it?  Some financial penalties?   Meanwhile the US - Russian relations are more needlessly strained today than any time prior to the Soviet breakup in 1991.

Has been Obama been a complete total liar and failure as President?

No.. Some things which he campaigned on, he kept his word and pushed through..
~ President "McObama" enjoying some frosty Guinness

But issues that really matter in the daily lives of everyday people to improve their financial situation and chance to get a good paying job to replace what was lost in the recession?

He's been a failure...

And few to none remember or are interested in what Candidate Obama uttered, which is a shame..

Because in another year or so, a brand new crop of bullshitters representing both Reps and Dems are going to devote all their energies figuring out which lies resonate and how to market them to appeal to the largest voting contingent..
And people in 2022 will forget what was uttered in 2016 just as we forget what was promised in 2008..

And then wonder with naive surprise why things keep progressively getting worse for everyone.