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Thursday, November 6, 2014

You are hired! (If willing to work for free)

When I was younger, 'salad days' as some call it, I like millions upon millions before and since took on menial jobs to survive..

Did everything from work in a supermarket bakery to a music store to putting sport teams' season tix renewal notices in envelopes to send off to the well-to-do while baked in the heat of an enclosed storage facility..

I worked in fast food, did the whole 'temp' thing and dealt with one asshole assistant manager after another berating me for this or that just because they could..

But one thing that commonly binds all my work experiences:

I never Ever EVER worked for someone for Free!
The thought of interning or freelancing and getting paid absolutely nothing for all my time, energy and intelligence in the hope that someone would hire me at a future point was absolutely repugnant.

Time especially committed to another in a business setting has monetary value and is deserving of financial reimbursement

Otherwise, the act of doing work that financially enriches another while getting nothing tangible in return is paramount to slavery.

Now it seems that corporations, economic planners and other government officials are starting to think how keen it would be to all those concerned if young adults would work for free to everyone's supposed benefit.
 Back in January, the Centre of Planning and Economic Research in Greece proposed a measure in order to deal with the problem of increasing unemployment in the country.

It included unpaid work for the young and unemployed up to 24 years old, 'so that companies would have a strong motive to hire young employees'

In other words, what was proposed was the abolition of the basic salary for a year and at the same time the “export” of young unemployed Greek persons was also proposed to other countries abroad

We guess that's one way to assist Greek businesses do not appear willing to hire new personnel it it requires actually providing a wage in return.
Then this week the Bank of Canada's Governor Stephen Poloz expressed how splendid it would be if people just worked for free in exchange for 'valuable' experience

 From Toronto Globe & Mail"

"Adult children stuck in their parents’ basements because they can’t find adequate employment should take unpaid work to bolster résumés as they wait for the recovery to take hold, Poloz said Monday in Toronto.

He said he’s been asked for advice on how young people can find work...  “Having something unpaid on your CV is very worth it, because that’s the one thing you can do to counteract this scarring effect,” Poloz told reporters was his advice to discouraged youth"
Why sure.. if I was an employer, I'd be actively interested in hiring someone willing to work for free...  Oh wait, the person worked free for another but now I had to pay for such services?    Nah..

The minimum wage in the US is $7.25/hr..  Expand that over 40hrs a week x 52 weeks comes to a salary annually of $15,080

Any company seeking people with degrees unwilling to pay $15k to someone as they provide real life job training, is a mickey-mouse operation, and any company unable to afford minimum wage is a business others will not have heard of and thus not mean a a hill of beans on a resume.

You're better off just lying on a resume that you worked for ABCD Inc from 'X' to 'Y', put a phony address and fluff up the rest..

But won't someone who lies on a resume not get hired?

Nope.. in an insidious way, its the opposite.

What often happens in the real world is assuming the lie wasn't something major like saying you possessed a medical or law degree, the company will find out the lie and as long as you're productive and fit in, they will do/say nothing..

Now..   When you ask for that raise or promotion, or if you are in a situation where you're making waves and/or threatening to sue the company, Then the resume lie is used as justification to dismiss you and evidence to attack your credibility.|

That's when they got you by the giblets but then again we all know pretty much all employers are bastards, especially corporations..

But we digress..

We don't believe the best way to grow employment is to create a generation of middle class slaves with stacks of college debt crushing them for decades..

But that's how those at the top think..
In fact, we predict within the next 10 to 20 years as the global economy truly decompresses and college degrees have absolutely no value in any field of study, that employers will start offering jobs to people needing experience..

At a cost.

Want to work for Company X or Y and learn how to fix air conditioners or repair automobiles or practical engineering?  Just pay said business $10 to $20k annually for a couple years and get that college-like experience that will translate to salaried employment

Of course, if you miss too much work and don't stay evenings or weekends, company can fire you and still keep full amount paid by pretend-employee
Do not be surprised at all if this becomes the new wave of the work-world future

In the real world, Dems and Reps and left v right means nothing..

Its all about 'Haves' vs' Have Nots' and how much can the 'Haves' continue to have while exploiting the need of the 'Have Nots' to live and survive with some hope of a future..

Everything else is just distraction & noise.