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Friday, December 5, 2014

A Rant Against the NYPD

Today's posting is about the police in America today..

And while one never want to use words like "all' to make blanket generalizations about them or really any other group of individuals, we will say the following unapologetically:

Generally speaking, the police today are thugs.

More specific, thugs with too much power, too much authority and too many advanced weapons on their side which allow them to always carry out their terror on whomever their desired target is.
If you think its scary living in a world today with a police force who commit horrible violence like in New York City with victim Eric Garner,  murdered by the fatal choke hold the police put upon the man until dead..

Well, just imagine if there was no 2nd Amendment because the blunt truth is the reason it is important for individuals to be free to acquire handguns and other weapons of the sort, isn't to protect against prowlers, but against Authority i.e. Law Enforcement when they step out of line especially at the State's behest..

That's a very difficult concept for many to get their heads around but it is no less the truth.

For instance the Occupy Wall Street movement of a couple years ago didn't simply fizzle out because a leaderless bunch of hippie and peacenik wannabes converged everywhere BUT Wall Street..
It collapsed because when after the Department of Homeland Security secretly pushed and nudged local law enforcement to to use physical force to clear all the Occupiers from the parks, no one brought any guns or other weapons to defend themselves..

Thus they were easy prey..  Like pretty much all of us with fear in our hearts and minds of repercussion like jail or losing our precious possessions; our 'stuff'

Police are pretty much bullies and thugs..  Always have been..  Always will be..

Its the perfect profession for those with small egos, little to no empathy for others and a need to feel bigger than the rest while hiding behind a badge to say and do things to others that otherwise they'd not have the courage to.
People talk of the situation in New York like in Ferguson in racial terms..  white cop vs black victim, etc..

Truth is a black, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian or Eskimo wearing the uniform would not hesitate to use severe violence upon civilians of all stripes if they dare to not comply

Because once a police officer, skin color doesn't mean a damn; your 'skin' like your 'blood' is blue and there is a fraternal bond..

Really no different than a street gang.
You or we or someone we know is killed and good luck getting the authorities motivated to find the culprit.

One of theirs dies and suddenly this life lost is supposed to mean more than the regular population.  All cops drop everything else their doing to find the killer; everything else takes a back seat.

And Justice comes down much harder on a cop killer than a killer of an everyday man, woman or even a child.

The badge protects them; the courts protect them.
Like with money, in order for society to function properly and not dissolve into violence and chaos, there needs to be the belief of trust..

Trust with money being that if i accept $10 in exchange for selling someone a book, I can go to a store and buy things with that business willing to accept that $10 as easily as I did in my sale; a trust that a piece of paper with the word "$10" means something

And trust in police that when you're driving and sirens and lights blast indicating you to pull over, that it doesn't result in bullying, sexual harassment, threat of physical violence upon a person or worse, to be tasered or clubbed or shot for no good reason
There's an epidemic going on..  its not just a white v black situation...

Police are armed to the teeth with the latest technology to kill, the most powerful bullets, the strongest Kevlar vests..

And what do most have to protect themselves?  A pistol.

Good luck..

As we said before, police are thugs and those in NYC are among the worst; they are really despicable..
They played the 9/11 card pretty well for a while, making everyone believe they were 'heroes' because some were first responders while most others ran in the opposite direction.

Good PR always trumps reality.

But people once again see them for who they are which is why you have mass demonstrations and protests in NYC that make Ferguson look like child play...

Of course most if not all are not armed which means they're open fodder to water cannons, batons, gas canisters and of course arrest..

Here are some examples of police brutality by the NYPD within just the past couple months:
"The NYPD is under fire for alleged police brutality stemming from a video that showed officers appearing to slam a pregnant woman to the pavement as scores of witnesses looked on." - The Inquisitor, Sept 24, 2014

"Two NYPD officers are under criminal investigation after punching and bashing a 16-year-old suspect in the face with a gun despite the teen raising his hands to surrender, according to a video obtained by DNAinfo New York"  -- Huffington Post, Oct 7 2014

"Video obtained by The Brooklyn Paper and posted to YouTube on Oct. 8, shows a police officer apparently punching Marcel Hamer, 17, so hard that the boy is knocked unconscious... he was walking home from school on June 4 through Brooklyn's Clinton Hill neighborhood when a plainclothes officer jumped out of his car and accused Hamer of smoking marijuana" --
Huffington Post, Oct 8, 2014
s not forget back in 2008 when a victim named Michael Mineo was sodomized by NYPD by one of the officer's batons..

The police protect the powerful; they are the physical force which allows the banks to foreclose on homes while forcibly removing families from them..

Ultra machismo, high-octane thugs and bullies

And what those officers did to Garner was Disgraceful, Shameful and unfortunately more common than many realize..
Will all the unrest result in real change?

Not really..  The mindset of the thug police did not originate 6mths ago or 6yrs..  not even 60 years ago..

Police have too much power, we the people have too little say, even fewer rights and that's how those in charge want it to stay.