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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Celebrating 2015 by Reminiscing of 1965

Its just upon us..  tick tick tocking' closer.. (or its happened already depending on when you're reading this)...

A new year.. Another new year..

I've never been a big fan of the future.  The present is usually what it is and the past is usually quite better than things are at the moment.

Some might argue that and say the world is a terrific place compared to 10 or 20 years past.. 'Look at all the new technology!..  And all the scientific/medical discoveries and breakthroughs..  And all the political/social change' (That point I will happily debate anyone on)..
All I know is 10-20 years ago there were people in my life as well as yours who were here on earth who aren't today that are collectively missed and that makes 'Then' better than 'Now'

But to those who enjoy seeing the ball drop and think that tomorrow will always be better, brighter and happier than today, Bless You and I hope you enjoy this night..

As for A&G, let's go back in time to see what life was like 50 years ago in pics and captions to see even in a nation 13 months removed from the Kennedy Assassination, how innocent we were and what an exciting time it must have been to live then

Happy New Year's and We will be back on Friday Jan 2nd
~ Issue dated January 1, 1965

~ Issue dated February 5, 1965

~ Wonder if that is in HD? 

~ Teal appliances on a charcoal floor.. Gotta love the '65 color palette

~ 'Who's on first..'..  'Who?'  'Yes!..  'Huh, Who?'  'No, just the Who..'

~ A brand new convertible under $2k.. Gotta love 1965

~  Connery never looked better

~ The biggest film of '65

~ Real August 16, 1965 front page..  Newspapers never change

~ It didn't take long back then to galvanize opposition to war; Today we've been fighting for close to 13 years and still nothing even close to a genuine protest movement
~ Wilt Chamberlain scoring over Boston without breaking a sweat

~ Sports Illustrated's 1965 Baseball Preview issue; former KY Senator and HOF Pitcher Jim Bunning on the left

~ Common facial protection for most NFL players back in 1965

~ Good looking couple; Summer of 1965

~ Still brooding over his 1960 loss one supposes..

~ One drawback to 1965 is the world would have to wait another year for the beginning of one of the greatest TV shows (Star Trek) and one of the top 3 TV Characters ever -- Captain Kirk (the other two being Urkel and Family Guy's Quagmire  ~laughs)

And on that note, a 'Giggety Giggety Goo' & Happy New Year to You~