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Friday, December 19, 2014

Censor or Not to Censor: A Questionaire

Today we're doing something we rarely get to do but on those occasions when necessary:

Write two postings in one day..   So this is post #2 for Friday

Recently we've seemed to have heard actors, directors, politicians, etc all speak up against Sony's decision to pull the film "The Interview" and says among other things it sets a bad precedent for censorship.
In theory, the argument is valid but as we've repeatedly stated, when Hollywood allows practically all their films to be screened by China's Censorship Board to gain approval to show in their country and will make all necessary alterations, then the whole 'Let's fight censorship!' argument is deeply hallow..

But because we're still a free nation (we think), we're going to pose some realistic scenario questions and you answer them based on your beliefs and convictions..

No right or wrong answers..  However if you can say at the end you are still absolutely anti-censorship, you're a rare exception should be proud to call yourself an Individual.
1)  A film comedy is made by a big studio where two black African actors from small 3rd world country (Ghana, Niger, etc) is invited by President Obama to visit him at the White House because he's a fan of a movie they appeared in.  

Before being allowed to leave, that nation's version of our CIA tell the two actors they are to off the Leader of the free world and not be allowed to return home until the job is done...

The film ends with the two actors successful

The movie studio plans a very large domestic film release in the US..

Should this film be allowed to be released?
2)  An alternate-history film is made based on those sci-fi books popular today, depicting a 'what-if' scenario to show what life would be like had the Confederacy won the Civil War at the very first battle of Bull Run (July, 1861) before the slave was ever Emancipated (1863)

The film depicts a 2014 world where life in every facet is better because the South won and broke away as blacks are still in bondage, and many of the word choices and visual depictions in the film most people today would find deeply disturbing..

Should this film be censored?
3)  An action-thriller movie is made but there's once scene in particular where the baddie, a terrorist shows another in the group how to make a small bomb that can detonate without first being prior detected with the goal hurting innocent lives..

In the scene, you see step by step how this bomb is created with 100% realism so pretty much any one could copy the movie baddie and set off their own explosive device.

The producers of the film want the scene to stay in the film because to him/her, it adds to the drama and tension of later scenes in the film..

Should this scene be censored?
4)  Lastly, a historical film is made about what life was like back in England during the 14th century.

Back then it was the norm; the rule, not exception that 12-14 year old girls be married off to men via dowries, sometimes to males double the girl's age who would be the provider and she would be devoted wife and provide children.

The producers of this film feel its important to graphically depict a sex scene between the new husband and his 12-14yr old bride where he teaches her to enjoy sex to show the girl's transformation from fear and uncomfortability to ultimately pure want and need.

Although the actress playing the girl is of legal age, the scene will call for full nudity and explicit expression of sexual passion and climax.  There will be little in the way of subtlety in how this sex scene is filmed and ultimately shown...  It will be rated NC-17..

Nonetheless, it still depicts sex where one of the participants is in character at least, a young minor..

Should this scene be censored?

~ Discuss among yourselves..