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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Knowing Thy Enemy or 'We Support Team GOP!' (We don't mean Republicans)

Maybe we're a bit sadistic, or perhaps we just believe strongly in the concept of fairness, but we at A&G are really enjoying what's going on with Sony Pictures and all that has developed within the past few weeks..

For those who have no clue what we are talking about, let us provide you a short summary and time line..

Sony Pictures made a comedy called "The Interview" starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, the plot basically is about a celebrity reporter and producer who travels to North Korea because their leader Kim Jong-un is a big fan but the CIA want them to secretly carry out an assassination...

Yes.. We can't possibly understand why North Korea would be upset.
~ A Chinese person, not North Korean detained by Chinese soldier

If reversed and a film was made where two North Koreans journalists came to the US at Obama's request and.. you know.. pow-pow, we're sure American audiences would be howling and cheering in the theaters in joyous glee

Right?  Maybe a couple people would..   The rest?  Um, no..

So Sony has this comedy which is prepared to be released nationwide right before Christmas, and suddenly a group calling themselves GOP (Guardians of Peace) hack into Sony's computers causing a lot of havoc

This included releasing many secret email correspondences and other Sony produced movies like the new version of Annie so people could watch for free online.
~ Once again this is China, not N Korea

Speaking very briefly on this, how Idiotic and offensive was it to let a black girl play a part that's forever been a Caucasian redhead!  If the studios thought it would make money, they'd do a remake of Schindler's List and cast blacks to play all the Jewish victims, then mock you for being offended.

Back to the topic..

So far Sony has lost a lot of money from their recent theatrical releases being pirated and completely embarrassed by emails that among other things disparaged Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio simply over disagreement over film role choices
~ Chinese police about to deal with a peaceful protest

It was leaked that Jennifer Lawrence repeatedly gets paid less than her male counterparts even though she's often the star of her films and black comedian Kevin Hart was also called a 'whore' by Sony execs in private emails because he dared to ask for more money in order to promote a film he was in earlier this year via social media.

Recently the GOP has threatened 9/11 type violence for those who movie theaters who will show the film, and while we'd never ever support or condone that, we do find ourselves amazed at the end result..

Some movie theater chains have indicated they will not release the film, others have pulled it from next week's release and the movie's stars being the utter piece of shit cowards that actors Always are, have backed out from promoting the film including public appearances and TV talk-show interviews.
~ Chinese soldiers on their way to break up protest in Xinjiang

And honestly, we are loving it..

Why?    Why is it we care?   Are we former Sony execs or worked on the film and have axes to grind?  Are we North Korea-lovers?

Nope and No.

As we said at the top of the blog, we believe in fairness..

We want you to close your eyes and really, really Think on this question..  Of all the films you may have seen in the last decade or two, who are usually the villains?
~ Ah they found someone..

We're not talking about child-like nonsense like comic book movies, outer space aliens, zombies, vampires or Halloween silliness like ghosts, ghouls and Freddie Kruger...

Seriously think.. who are usually portrayed as villains and what group of people never ever are?

Russian government and/or mobsters?  -- Big time Hollywood villain

North Koreans?  -- Obviously so..

Fictitious wealthy billionaire oligarchs with menacing British accents and a desperate need to rule the world?  --  Check.
The dictatorial, oppressive Communist Chinese government and its leadership that promote censorship, restrict the size of Chinese couple's families (including forced abortions which China still practices) and are far behind when it comes to gender equality and overall civil rights?

How about Zero films that ever expect to be released into the Chinese market, denying studios access to all those extra hundred millions and millions of dollars to be made peddling their unoriginal crap sequels, prequels, remakes and comic book fluff.

Ask yourself this: Why are Russians 'bad' even though they haven't been Soviet Communist in over 20 years and North Koreans are constantly ridiculed & demeaned and 55 years since Castro took control of Cuba, the US still does not have normal trade/travel relations..
and YET...

Communist China is seen and treated as "Good"?!

Could it have anything to do with all the US companies big and small which sell out its own countrymen with the near-traitorous practice of using Chinese 3rd world slave labor to make their goods to sell back to US consumers who often need credit cards, layaway plans and re-payment programs to purchase??

Could it have anything to do with the fact this nation owes China $1.3 Trillion, the US' largest nation creditor ?  (It owes the Federal Reserve far far more..)
Could it have anything to do with China buying up property and businesses all over the USA?

For instance last year, major U.S. pork producer Smithfield Foods was purchased by Chinese holding company Shanghui International Holdings, Ltd for $4.7 billion. The deal represented the largest purchase at the time of a U.S. company by a Chinese entity.

No mention of it on their website.

Want to go see a movie this coming Christmas season and plan to go to AMC Theaters?  --  Chinese owned
~ Chinese prisoners

Looking to buy a new Volvo?  You think its Swedish?  Nope..

In 2010, Chinese carmaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group acquired the vehicle brand for $1.3 billion from Ford which had bought the company in 1999.

Using a Lenovo laptop to read this post?  Nope its not Russian.. Its Hong Kong Chinese.

You see while labor costs are still much higher in the U.S. than in China, tax abatements, free land, government-funded training for employees and use of federally subsidized power have been a lure for other foreign companies, and Chinese businesses are no different.
Land in the U.S. is one-fourth the price it is in an industrialized Chinese city.  Power is cheaper and much more reliable in the U.S.  And the Chinese government have encouraged global expansion of its domestic businesses through financial incentives.  Beijing pays 30% of the initial investment costs of Chinese business opening in a new market.

According to in 2010, Chinese direct investment in the U.S. jumped to $5 billion after averaging roughly $500 million per year for much of the past decade.  Recently, the Chinese have acquired or started 50 companies in the U.S.  In South Carolina alone, the Chinese have invested $280 million.
Currently half the financing for a current $480 million Pennsylvania Turnpike project is coming from Chinese investment which PA politicians openly sought out..

In simplest terms possible: The Chinese are using American money from its trade deficit with us and putting it to use to acquire American brands & real estate

So is every other nation we owe $$ to..
~ The police aren't in control of things here..

As for Sony, don't forget they are a Japanese multinational conglomerate.

Founded in 1946 by man named Masaru Ibuka who served during WWII in Imperial Japan's Navy killing Americans, Brits, Dutch, Australians and whoever else fought in the Pacific theater..

The company now is involved in every aspect of business from financial/banking in Asia to music (bought BMG Music then changed the name to 'Sony') to game consoles (Playstation) to movies/television (Sony Pictures) to telecommunications (they bought Ericcson which made cellphones)

So back to China..
No one wants to make those villains appear 'villainous' in their movies and TV shows..  Too much money to lose..

So as we've written repeatedly before, the studios allow Chinese censorship committees to watch their films beforehand and make all necessary alterations to appease like 1930s movie studios did for the Nazis.

Sometimes a studio will have two versions of their film,... a US/International release and a version specifically that will pass through China's standards which may include hiring token Chinese actors for very bit small parts to grease the wheels as it were to get their movie played.

Its ironic how aligned Hollywood is with China and never makes films realistically depicting its oppressive regime today constantly makes anti-Slavery films from 150yrs ago for blacks and white-guilters to embrace.
~ A Chinese man being tortured by Chinese officials

Now North Korea?  They know US corporations particularly Hollywood are filth and scum.

For instance hey can proudly say they're one of only seven nations that doesn't allow McDonalds (located in 119 countries) to sell their shitty food to its citizens.  (We'll give you the list in another posting soon..)

They want nothing to do with the US and wish to be left alone.  

We of course see North Korea as another locale to push our western ways so until they comply and accept our corporations and loans (North Korea is only 1 of 3 nations on earth not indebted to the US run IMF), American policy is to treat them as an enemy..
And Hollywood feels it can degrade and humiliate North Korea and imply its acceptable to assassinate their leader because we disagree with how the nation is run while openly embracing China and treating them as allies & friends.

So we hope the GOP movement is a success and Sony loses A Ton of money over this..  More important, we hope movie studios stop ignoring who the Real global enemy is just for the sake of sinful profit.

We know..  When piggies fly..