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Monday, December 8, 2014

The Black Problem in a White-Guilt society

Long post today but all written needs to be expressed.. No shortcuts..

At some point over the weekend, I was watching on YouTube, a Bill Cosby appearance on Late Night w/ David Letterman from January of this year where the host and audience treated Mr Cosby with the graciousness and respect that he deserved then and still does today..

And I thought how so much can change in a person's life over a span of 10-11 months..  Wheww..

Then I was curious to listen to find alternate perspectives on the situation so I listened to a radio podcast of a couple American black Muslims, one male and one female for about 45min..

They first talked about Cosby and expressed sympathy which I found a bit refreshing..
Then once they delved into the reasons i.e. white women are all deeply evil and seek to consciously destroy 'the brother' while 'keeping him in a continual slave state', I could only laugh..

I've heard enough of their 'perspective' over the years that nothing they say ever shocks, surprises or upsets..

Then from conversation went to how its important blacks keep to themselves socially and romantically and to interact with white people as little as humanly possible...

When a child is born to a black and white parent, the word 'bi-racial' is used..  Guess its more polite than the real word, 'mulatto' which comes from mule i.e. the sexual outcome between a horse and donkey..
And no one ever says 'quadroon' i.e. 1/4th black or 'octroon' i.e 1/8th black even though you see how 2-3 generations or more removed, the child still possesses black genes

But don't let all that get in the way of "love" and "lust"

Seems only black Muslims have the courage to address this topic head on even though obviously their point of view is skewered..

Then the chat digressed even further to the history of slavery which they both did an excellent job of distorting..

For instance, many blacks love to describe the capture and importation of slaves from West Africa to the US Colonies as if these evil white men went around with nets and traps and picked the blacks up one by one
In truth, more often than not, it was black Africans who sold other black Africans to the white traders...

Two tribes would fight each other.. the losing tribe would have their surrendered warriors and captured villagers -- men, women and children sold to the traders for coins or trinkets..

Yes..  Blacks sold other blacks to their doom... for profit!

Their people were as much responsible as the whites back then... but to the black Muslim and others, their kind are never ever allowed to appear in a negative light so that historical truth like many others (not all slave owners physically mistreated their slaves) is ignored in the conversation..
So after 45 minutes of this drivel, I got bored and used my time toward more creative and fulfilling pursuits..

But funny thing.. if a white person expressed word for word all those sentiments about racial separation and the importance of staying among one's own, no matter how valid the point, he/she would be called "racist" and God protect any person in a public capacity who uttered such beliefs..

But say them as a black person?  ~Shrugss..

Always a double standard.. just like how whites allow blacks to have complete, exclusive control of the word 'Nigger' as if any group has the right in a free, open society to control vocabulary
Reminds me of an old joke:

Q:  'How can you tell when a white man has been discussing race with a black person?'

A:  By the nervous pee stains down his trousers

And blacks they wouldn't have it any other way..  You can not ever have a sincere discussion on race when one party refuses to admit any wrong.
So let's get down to the crux of the matter..

Are blacks and whites equal?

No.  Nope.   And this is because no two whites or blacks are equal; no two blades of grass or leaves off the same tree...  No two living beings can possibly be equal in terms of life, quality of, or experiences from..

Thus no two groups are equal either.
Some things generally speaking blacks are superior to whites in, such as athletics..  We know this to be statistically so since 61% of all NFL players, 82% of all NBA players and high percentages who compete in Olympic sports like track & field and boxing are black

Meanwhile Caucasians are superior academically and intellectually

Oh does that statement bother you?

Here's the statistical facts: Of all Masters Degrees handed out annually, blacks receive about 9% of them.. The rest go to Americans of Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle-Eastern and Asian descent; only 1% of all blacks in US hold a Doctorate
And despite all that bullshit you see on television where every single judge is black, only 7% of law school classes annually are composed of blacks..  the other 93% aren't.

As for doctors, only 2.3% are black, so when you see every surgeon on a TV program portrayed by someone black, that is fiction as well..

Less than 1% of blacks are accountants.. Or engineers..  Or scientists..

Give any reason(s) you wish for this..  Does not matter..  150 years after Emancipation and this is where things are and that's with every special privilege and advantage such as Affirmative Action and hiring quotas in place.
Now sure you find exceptions..  President Obama..  Larry Bird..

Bill Cosby didn't get eviscerated and shunned by the black community because he leveled a few criticisms at their feet..    He became an anathema to them because he laid the blame for their situation right at their doorstep where it belongs

Sincerely think of every racial and ethic group that has come to America before and after the Civil War: the Irish & Scot, the German and Nordic, the Eastern and Southern European and the Jews..

The Chinese and Japanese and Vietnamese..  The Indian and Pakistani..  The native born African..
The South American.. the Central American.. the Mexican..

And generally speaking Every group of people who have come to the US seeking a better life over time has achieved it...

Except blacks

And to many its still Whitey's fault..
Asian people have been discriminated often over this nation's history..  We've called them every racist, mean-spirited name in the book out of jealousy..  We even interned Japanese into our own version of concentration camps during WWII..

Let's see how they've done in this society...  Blacks make up over 40% of the prison population..  Asians.. 1.7%

10.5% of all Asian Americans hold doctorate degrees compared to 1% blacks.  In addition, 26% of those who are doctors are Asians compared to 2.3% black and 9% of Asians are working in Science related fields vs less than 1% black...

Admittedly Asian representation in professional sports is low..
So does this make Asians superior to Blacks?

Well..  Yes..   Yes it does.

Because saving a person's life or inventing new technology is Superior to dribbling/dunking a basketball or singing a song as loud as humanly possible

There is no such thing as an equal society if people of all backgrounds can not succeed and represent in all fields of academic endeavor on their own without crutches..

Asians have succeeded.. Jews have succeeded.. Hispanics have succeeded..  East-Asians and native born Africans have succeeded..

Isn't it time black Americans do too??
~  "Oops, wrong head"

To stop embracing the gutter aspects of their society like Hip-Hop & speaking in jive ebonics; to put down the alcohol and the drugs and the guns; to stay within their own and love their own and create families among their own..

To strive to succeed academically as all others have

And you can never ever have a society where everyone genuinely, sincerely likes and respects each other as long as one group holds grudges and wants to right perceived wrongs that happened long in the past..

"Equality" is not letting the former victim sit at the head seat and be in power over others for a while..
~ "Wakkwakk.. This won't wash out!!  Arghh!!"

True equality is seeing one another as people and not taking any pride or special accomplishment in a skin or eye color.

Overall whites seem to have learned this..

When blacks do as well, there can be a sincere forward progress in race relations and finally get to a point where we judge on content of character and ignore the irrelevant.