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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Inequality of Killing: Cops v Civilians

The big news this weekend was of two NYPD officers, one Hispanic, the other Asian killed by a black man who decided he would "avenge" what really was the justified and necessary shooting of teen thug Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. and the unjustified choking death of Eric Garner in NYC...

And one thought kept popping in our minds..

If we are supposed to live in a society where everyone is equal, then why aren't all killings treated the same by authorities?

Now for minorities, they will nod and say 'Exactly!', as in why is the death of a black person treated as less important a crime to solve or are the authorities more prone to shoot and kill one of their own vs 'whitey'
~ 1960s

But that isn't what we're talking about..   

We are looking at a bigger picture as in why does the death of a police officer matter more than the death of a non-officer?

When you or we, black or white or red are killed, the authorities take their time checking leads, interviewing suspects, etc..  

Many times cases are never solved i.e. 'cold case' as the detective calmly and passively explains to next of kin they've done the best they could and it can't progress further, ending with 'I am sorry'
And YET...

A cop dies and that department or precinct and every other nearby department or precinct is supposed to drop everything else and focus 100% maximum effort to find the killer; no stone unturned.

And if a cop dared to say to his superior that he/she did all possible and just no more to do, the cop would be screamed angrily at from ear to ear then fired on the spot

A cop's life means more to other cops than civilians because to cops, they feel they are superior to the populace, not equal and representative to it...

That is why there is so much friction in so many parts of the country and the tensions/hatred go back many generations.
~ Cop v. Child..  Who will win?

The court system re-affirms this bias by making the punishment for killing a cop greater than killing a civilian.   

Someone could shoot and kill in cold blood a small, innocent child or a fragile, elderly woman and get less of a sentence handed down than a 'precious' cop.

A police officer tells you to sit or stand or walk or talk or bark or moo and they being the authority, get to make anyone they wish comply and quite often even in routine engagements with civilians they hide behind their badge to act mightier and haughtier than they would be without it.

Police officers act as if they are super-charged with testosterone or steriods with female officers often acting more masculine than their male counterparts.
~ Suffragette woman protecting herself from British 'Bobbies' kicks - 1910

This leads to a need for police to act more confrontational and bellicose than the situation often warrants.

Cops act and talk among themselves as vile as any other gang (a gang of blue) and feel invincible thanks to the thick kevlar vests, the over-exaggerated weaponry they possess and the knowledge if harmed, their gang member brothers and sisters have their backs (exactly like Crips and Bloods).

And God help you if you ever go on a date with a cop even once,..  Just something very jarring about one having the power with a few keyboard clicks to see your entire life history good or bad while you know next to nothing about the man or woman sitting across from you at the table..

Plus the fact many officers are mentally unstable to begin with; there isn't another profession short of serving active-duty overseas where you will find so many people with various degrees of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
And all this goes to why we so strongly support the 2nd Amendment..

Its not so much to protect your trinkets from prowlers but to protect your life from the police and governmental authority.

By submitting the paper work application to be legally allowed to purchase a weapon, the government knows exactly who you are and where you are, and its in their permanent data bank.

This means if there ever a situation where a Marshal Law was declared and there was a police raid of "Elm Street" to force citizens to turn over their weapons, they know that 1204 Elm possesses a .22 and .45,  1208 Elm has a lady Derringer, 1212 Elm has no guns but 1216 Elm has a shotgun and two .45 M15 pistols, etc...
Of course enough people were wrongly convinced this information was for their protection and safety so they willingly agreed to give authorities more personal info of themselves than the System should possess in a free & open society.

We know this will sound very cold and insensitive to say and will probably anger some reading this, but that is why when a police officer is killed, we more likely are to shrug than to weep

The blue coats with the non-royal 'blue-blood' have enough of their own to take care of them

For instance, within 24 hours after the death of one of the officers, Rafael Ramos, the late George Steinbrenner' Silver Shield foundation stated they will 100% pay for the education costs of the two kids that Ramos left behind..
There's also a police widow's fund to help Mrs Ramos out including paying for funeral and burial costs..

Yep, always some charity or fund to help out someone wearing a badge.

Now Eric Garner was choked and murdered by the NYPD and he left a wife, six children and three grandkids..

Who's stepping up to pay for his children's education or assist Mrs Garner with paying the bills?

Who would assist in taking care of your kids' education if the police accidentally or purposely killed you?   If your next of kin was to receive compensation it would be through a lengthy wrongful death civil case.
~ Police in US, Britain or here in Canada.. its all the same

And that's why we just can't bring ourselves to give a shit about police being killed as being any sadder or more tragic than any one else's death

Too much inequality in authority and benefits and how one's killing is treated

Frankly our lives are worth More than a police officer..

And so is yours.