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Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Need to Publicly Go After False-Rape Accusers

For those who may be confused by the lateness of today's submission, this is the Thursday posting..And now we begin...

More and more women keep coming out of the woodwork to falsely accuse Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them..  The accusations never end!

And why would it?   There's no repercussions for those who take their turns telling their tall-tales to the tell-all tabloid press

Whoever comes forward is treated instantly as a 'victim'..  Absolutely no desire of anyone to do any fact checking or 3rd degree question these lying liars about what happened 10..20.. 30.. 45 years ago..
Its supposed to be of course you are Innocent of accusations unless they can be Proven in a Court of Law presided by a judge and a jury of 12 fair minded, impartial people

We know.. We know..  Isn't our naivety adorable?!

Here's basically 3 ways you can tell someone accusing another of rape is full of garbage:

1)  Virtually no evidence of a struggle..

Contrary to some who may think otherwise, a woman will never willingly allow someone to put an object (penis or otherwise) into their vagina without some form of struggle, even if momentary.. a scratch, a bite, an effort to kick..

This is where all Cosby's accusers invent the 'spanish fly' that conveniently made them unable to defend themselves
2)  The attacker is invited to the victim’s house OR the victim willingly went to the attacker’s house

If a man wanted to rape a woman, why would he choose to attack someone who knew him and thus could easily identify that person to police??..  "Hello police, I've just been raped by Bob X, my co-worker at ABC industries who lives at 123 Elm St"

Also, now in the digital age – cell phones have GPS tracking systems, cars have GPS chips built in, and if someone so much as accesses the internet at a residence in any way a record is created.

So the risk of being caught for any crime rises dramatically when in a personal residence. It would be impossible to create an alibi of being somewhere else.
Of course conveniently the Cosby accusers say it happened 20-45 years ago, long before such technology was created.

3)  Authorities are alerted days, weeks, or even months after the rape

If your car is robbed, do you wait a few weeks before telling the police? If your house burns down, do you wait a few months before making a claim?

Do you fucking wait Years?  Or Decades?!!

It really takes no effort or skill to falsely accuse:  Just come up with a story, make it graphic and add some tears and dramatic pauses for effect
People can be so G-D stupid and gullible its infuriating..

Remember the Duke Lacrosse rape 'thingy'.. the black low-class stripper who accused three refined white lacrosse players of raping her while the rest of the team laughed and cheered it on?

The empathy for the bitch was so great that the professors at Duke signed a petition to have the 3 boys expelled..

Of course what happened?  She was a liar and the 3 players never did anything to her..

Did they ever get a public apology?  Nope..
Remember that low class black girl Tawana Brawley back in the late 80s accusing whites of raping her and Rev. Al Sharpton jumping up n down like a caffeinated monkey to her defense?

And what happened?  She was proven to be a Liar and those innocent who were accused were free while that disgusting Pig Sharpton never once apologized..

Remember the very recent news story about a woman seeking to remain anonymous claiming that guys on the University of Virginia Campus raped her and Rolling Stone magazine, originally writing an article to crucify the accusers and the school ultimately had to rescind the story and apologize

Why.. because the Bitch was a Liar!  It never happened!
And remember the rape accusation a couple years back against former IMF head Dominique Strauss Kahn that destroyed his career and reputation?

Or by a whore of a woman against college basketball coach Rick Pitino?

And that's what goes on time and time again..
 A woman accuses a man, is found to be making it up and then all these women's groups come out of the woodwork to complain if the liar is ever punished and making excuses that its all necessary to encourage those who really are raped to come forward..

How messed up is That logic?!

Its like saying its perfectly OK for the police to choke hold citizens to the ground because there may be a time when someone is a danger and its necessary, and to punish the police for choking unarmed people may cause them to think twice when encountering someone who is armed..

Arghh!!  Idiots!
~ The ugly woman in the pic is Lena Dunham of the HBO show 'Girls'

Are women raped by men?  Yes!   Should it be tolerated?  No!  Should a woman sincerely assaulted pursue charges against her assailant?  Absolutely!!

And women who are Liars.. what should happen to them?

Simple.. Jail time.. lots of it..   Because it happens a lot..

"Keene (New Hampshire) Police reported in a Nov. 21 press release that Keene State College student Danielle M. Greene, 18, has been charged with a misdemeanor count of False Report to Law Enforcement... (she) visited Cheshire Hospital Emergency Room after allegedly reporting a rape.
Investigators interviewed Greene, as well as the accused “male Keene State College student” and viewed surveillance tapes from the college. KPD concluded, “This information revealed Greene gave false information that a crime had occurred.”, 11/21/14

"A British woman has been told that she faces up to 12 years in an Italian jail for falsely claiming that she was raped in a toilet on a college trip to Florence.   Fashion student Serena Bowes, 21, was on an undergraduate visit to the city when she says she was raped in a nightclub toilet"  Daily Mail UK, 11/13/14

"At least 109 women have been prosecuted by the police for making false rape allegations, over the last five years here in the UK."  Telegraph UK, 12/2/14

"A Michigan woman convicted of filing a false report of rape has been sentenced to at least five years in prison, just days after pleading no contest to a cancer scam in another case" - Huffington Post, 1/17/14
In a perfect world, the police would arrest every single woman who has accused Bill Cosby and send each of them to prison.

What better public example to be made?

The truth is many women who are raped by men are telling the truth, But a lot of them are Liars as well, and only the irresponsible and ignorant automatically reflexively takes empathy for the woman and sees the man as guilty and worthy of a lynching..

And unfortunately we live in a very dumbed-down society with people who really are intellectually incapable or don't seek to make any effort to take the time to learn about or question anything
~ See, even ugly pigs can make false allegations; its not just attractive people

Babies are spoon-fed baby food, when they become students, they want to be spoon-fed test answers, and as adults, they wish to be spoon-fed corporate news spin and bias

And a very good person is getting daily media lynched by vindictive, rotten women

It is just so Sad to watch.