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Monday, December 1, 2014

"To Kill A Joke-Telling Bird"

We've talked often on this topic and really don't wish to belabor it but its still in the news and thus worthy of an analysis & public discussion in light of what's been going on in the past couple weeks.

There used to be a time in America when if a black person was lynched by whites, it would draw the anger and ire of other blacks and ultimately cause protests, demonstrations and possibly retaliatory violence in response

And we can see this expressed by the black community after the Ferguson Grand Jury verdict with many arrests across the nation and an attempt by some to disrupt Black Friday as symbolic protest.

So much passion to defend a young thug with a juvenile criminal record.
But no, the lynching we're talking about is a man once looked upon as 'America's Favorite Dad', beloved by people of all stripes..  Bill Cosby

Here's a very brief timeline of what has happened in just a few short weeks..

*  A black nobody-nothing comedian no one's ever heard of before or since, makes disparaging comments about Cosby in his routine as a means to express anger that Cosby has continually criticized the black community

*  The comedy stand up act is videotaped.. It spreads through YouTube and then some media outlets report it on a very slow news day..
*  From there, one lying bitch after another begins crawling from the woodwork like termites to make accusations that they were drugged and raped..  Some expressing it occurred as far back as the early 70s and one woman accusing Cosby of sexually assaulting her in 1969 which is 45 years ago (nearly half a century!)

*  The media, rather than question the women's stories and investigate the validity decide to take the stance that it must be true if they all expressed they were attacked.   Didn't matter Cosby was never arrested nor brought to trial in criminal or civil court; never found guilty ever.

All that mattered was they said he did it and that sufficed

*  As a result, cowardly CBS cancelled Cosby's appearance on Letterman, gutless Netflix canceled a comedy special that was to air this past Friday and chicken-shit NBC cancelled a sitcom starring Cosby which was in development..
~ 'That will teach you to sexually assault a white woman back when Nixon was President and gasoline was 25cents/gal/ based solely on a woman's mere accusal'

In addition, networks pulled 'The Cosby Show' off the air and venues began cancelling where Cosby was to perform his stand-up act even though just last week in Melbourne, Fl, he received Two standing ovations of support from the audience

And the white media are still tugging at that rope to see how far they can tighten the noose as more and more privileged white women pop out of their slime and muck to get their 15 seconds of fame and add to the accusation list

* And now colleges and charities that Cosby worked to raise money for, are cutting ties left and right and disassociating from knowing him
~ Its much easier to smear Cosby as a monster when he looks as he does now (on the right)

* Meanwhile no one speaks up publicly in Cosby's defense..  50 years in show business and involved in charitable endeavors and not one single unappreciative worthless person has had the courage to speak up and defend Cosby's character and/or call the women out as liars..

This is a perfect example why it really doesn't matter how many 'friends' you think you have in your life..  When you're in a bind or a struggle of some kind and they could get affected in some way, your friends will all flee you..   Better to invest your time in growing sea-monkeys

All this Shit that Bill Cosby is going through.. and 100% of it are Accusals!

No different than the Salem, Mass. or the McCarthyist Communist witch hunts
This used to happen constantly to blacks post-Civil War..  Usually a white girl would accuse a black male of raping them either to hide the shame of the sex being consensual and/or she got pregnant and/or the girl liking all the empathetic attention she received from it

Isn't this the basis of 'To Kill a Mockingbird', among other literary classics of the same theme?!

And its happening now in 2014.. to a very old black man who spent his whole life doing nothing but trying to make people laugh and smile by rotten white women with psychological axes to grind.

And the black community is Hushhhhh...  Shhhhhhhhh...
~ Cosby is 100% correct..  Guess that means he can't count on support from Black Muslims to come to his defense..  They were too busy looting in Ferguson to notice anyways..

Cosby committed the cardinal sin of the forever downtrodden..   He dared to make an effort to improve their lives..

He criticized the ignorant for being ignorant and the lazy for being lazy and didn't accept the #1 rule of the backwards black.  "You do not criticize publicly the backwards black"

And that's why all the black community's passions focused on another despicable young black thug acting out like a gang-banger and dying for it while treating ole' Coz like ole' Uncle Remus, letting him dangle on the twine as he sways from the sour apple tree..