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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What Was This Past Black Friday's Bestest Deal?

The headline is one of those subjective questions that different people will have different answers for..

Some will say the best deal was saving 33% on a 65in HDTV or $100 off a tablet or buying one of those video game consoles like XBox 360 or PlayStation 4 at a discount with bundle game pack...

For yours truly, and what I believe to be the Correct answer, the Bestest deal to be found this past Black Friday was Target selling its gift cards until 1p that day at a 10% discount.

So what makes this deal so special compared to all the others?   After all, its just a measly 10% right?
To appreciate that deal (and No, I do not work for Target and am receiving nothing from them) you have to think outside the narrow prism that Black Friday is about buying needless trinkets, baubles and other shit that is meant for instant gratification.

Where else and how else can one save 10% on their food bill every time they shop for milk, eggs, butter, cereal, baby formula, toothpaste, prescriptions, etc even when some of those items are already discounted?

And Target does not offer a savings on their gift card normally meaning if you snoozed, you lost out 

There was a limit of one discount per customer with a max of $300 meaning that amount cost $270 at time of purchase.  
The deal was so good, after my first purchase, I snuck back into line and bought a second gift card which has no expiration date or monthly fees.

And because I pretty much shop at Target for food and essentials like paper towels, toilet paper, etc, I upfront invested $540 last Friday to get two gift cards valued at $600.

Where else can one get back a 10% return on their investment and do so with no risk?

Certainly not the local bank's savings, money market or CD accounts..
When I look for deals and ways to save money, I am not personally interested in simply what something costs one day vs another..  What good is saving $400 off a new 13.3" PC if  I am not seeking or needing another computer?

I am always thinking for the future and how to stretch my money because I know there are things I will ultimately need to buy at different times of the calendar year, and no matter how wonderful Christmas is, there is always a December 26th followed by 27th.

And as silly and obvious as it is to express, you will still need money to buy the products and services you need post-holiday..  Going gangbusters in preparation for Christmas isn't always the most fiscally sound strategy for living a economic tension-free daily life..
So pretty much that is all I hunt for on Black Friday-- discounted credit cards for reputable chain stores I know are solvent and will be around the following year.

A few weeks ago I went to BJ's wholesale club..  They had a promotion of 20% off a $50 gift card to the restaurant chain Boston Market..

So I spent $80 to acquire gift cards valued at $100

Today on eBay, there was a one-day only special offer of a $200 gift card to Lowes for only $175 which is a 13% discount.   It just happens its not a store I visit all that frequently but for someone who does, that was a super deal.
Currently Olive Garden and Outback Steakhouse are offering bonus cards good for free food if buying a certain amount in cards

That's called forward thinking..

And that is how you survive if you have to budget or make due in your life..  

Yesterday I went to Target to buy food and other essentials..   the bill came to $44.30 and I used one of my Black Friday gift cards..   
That means it really cost me $39.87, a savings of $4.43

And I must say, that savings felt good.. 

Certainly better than buying $6 DVD stocking stuffers and Buy 1, Get 1 50% off on clothing