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Friday, December 19, 2014

Yes, Amazingly there are 7 Countries on Earth without a McDonald's

We mentioned the other day that McDonald's has franchises in 119 different nations around the world; as perfect a symbol as anything else of the complete takeover and spoilage of American culture into all aspects of life on all 6 living Continents (Antarctica not included)

Used to be each nation had its own special identity, richness and uniqueness which displayed itself in its religious tradition, culture, customs, history and unique aspects of every day life such as clothing, music and food.

Now with a few exceptions here and there everyone has been indoctrinated into some facet or another of Americanism.
~ Mini McDonald's in Shanghai

Everyone pretty much now dresses like us (from wearing stupid polo playing horsey shirts to kids trying to look 'gangsta') and listens to our music (everyone around the world knows who Justin Timerberlake and Taylor Swift are, but odds are most Americans have no clue who your top local artists are)

The rest of the world watches the utter crap television and movies we create through Hollywood and everyone from Britain to Bombay (Mumbai) to Bangkok eats our terrible fast food..

 Our secularism; the belief system of making money taking priority above all other values have like a virus, contaminated more cultures over the last 50 years than we can ever begin to know

And it really is a shame.
~ South Africa

So back to McDonalds..  There are actually 7 nations where blessedly you will not find a single one of their fast food restaurants.

Shockingly you will find them in places like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Mongolia and some of the darkest parts of Africa.

We can't say for certain all of following 7 nations are devoid of US fast food chains completely, but at least there are no golden arches...

1)  North Korea

We mentioned this the other day;  Probably the #1 reason the US hates this country-- they do not allow US corporations inside their borders and be profited from.
~ Russia

2)  Bolivia

McDonald's restaurants operated in Bolivia for a period of 14 years, but ultimately shut down following a fairly unorganized political movement to prevent the company from turning a profit.

The Bolivian President Evo Morales stepped up pressure on the fast food chain, citing the company’s desire for global dominance.  “They are not interested in the health of human beings, only in their earnings and corporate profits,” said Morales.

Well said
3)  Ghana

McDonalds was reportedly considering opening up branches in Ghana by early 2011.  But plans were put on hold when it appeared that the citizens of the African nation wouldn’t have enough income to become regular customers.

In other words, No tickee?  No laundry..     No money?  You can go starve for all we care
~ Kenya

4)  Macedonia

Macedonia is located in the Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe surrounded by Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece.

Until May, 2013, McDonald's operated seven fast food restaurants in Macedonia for about 16 years.   But a dispute between McDonald’s European head office and Macedonian company that runs the franchises has apparently led to the termination of their agreement.

No telling is McDonald’s has plans to continue operating in Macedonia.
5)  Bermuda

In 1999, construction of the first McDonald’s stopped due to protest and the subsequent passage of a government law that bans franchised restaurants in the country.

During the fight to pass the law, one person spearheading the drive against McDonald's wrote in the local press: "It is not Bermudian. McDonald's cheapens wherever it goes."

Its food also clogs the arteries.

6)  Zimbabwe

In 2010, there was talk about opening up the first-ever chain in the country that is led by President Robert Mugabe – one of Africa’s longest-serving dictators.   McDonald’s says it’s still looking for the right company to run its franchise –someone of “high integrity, “ and business experience.

That’s good, because the country is enjoying a rebound in its economy from its illegal trade in blood diamonds—among other things.

Plus for a $500 million Zimbabwe dollar bill, that's sure to buy at least a McChicken & small french fries.. Just not sure if it will also cover a soft drink
~ China..

7)   Iceland

McDonald’s closed in Iceland in 2009 due to the collapse of the Icelandic krona.

Within a couple years, Iceland's economy greatly strengthened and they were smart enough to not let McDonalds back into their beautiful country

Enjoy your weekend..